“When you are in dark place, sometimes you tend to think you’ve been buried. Perhaps you’ve been planted. Bloom.”


It has never been easy to be positive person in the  negative circumstances. If you are one of those lucky people who manage their moods in spite of all challenges, you are the master of the rare and special virtue that we call it control of the inside harmony. Majority of people fail to learn that skill and even if they achieve it,  that doesn’t remain the part of life since the pressure of surrounding is more persistent.

The mental health is very important, as much as physical wellbeing. In the time of Covid-19 pandemics, we can witness that mental health is being broken before the body is attacked by microbe. Why? Because the people are possessed and obsessed  by negative forces. They are hungry for dark news, bloody stories and apocalyptic scenarios. Everyone talks about the significant roles of positive energy and good vibes but still all are addicted on negative air. It is like a drug, you try it once and you are bought for an eternity. It is pity that good forces don’t have such an influence like bad one, we would build the better world, with no doubt.

The purpose of this writing is not giving a lesson about pandemics or informing how thing are terrible but about showing you how you can make and keep your own sunshine in the Armageddon atmosphere. In the other words, I will show you how you can save your sanity, common sense and soul when everyone else is turning into walking panic maker.

Yes, we have a pandemics of dangerous viral disease that is caused by pretty much unknown virus. Many people are dying all over the globe and that is fact that you and me can’t change and shouldn’t even try to present in other way. Reality is not the great but it is not totally negative either. The science is busy, trying to detect the secret codes of the microbe and solve the puzzle worth of million lives. The governments are implementing the special strategies, trying to obtain the minimal epidemic request of breaking the contagious chain and save the health systems and people themselves. There are some rules we need to follow, to work from home or to stay at home, if our jobs are not nessesary among those who are the first responders. The point of quarantine and isolation is not created to kill people social lives but to save their biological existence. The recommendation for social distancing are given based on the experiences from other lands that didn’t make appropriate approach to the problem. The thousands of death aren’t any joke and applying of those measures is not the step into human rights and freedoms but one single try to stop the global massacre. You need to stay home and to be responsible for yourself, your own family and the whole mankind, that is depending now on individual level of social compassion and understanding of the burning issue. If you follow those rules, you know that is very annoying to switch your old life on the new behaviour and lack of activity. You feel yourself like a prisoner in the own cube of horror. It is not like that. First of all, you aren’t prisoner but you choose your health safety over freedom to be irresponsible and do things that are wrong at the moment. Second but not less important is a fact that you have some kind of new freedom, new given time to do the things that could make you happy or at least, not make you depressed.

What I am talking about ? We have been given some extra time in our life now, when the Planet is healing itself and when the international science is working on the formula of civilisation victory against pandemics. You have been asked to stay at home. Nothing more and nothing less. You have been given a chance to change something in your own life, to add quality to the family relations or to add new skills to the book of your knowledge. You, my friend, have been given an extra portion of time to work on yourself and to  be better version of yourself, once when everything is over. Can you do it ? I believe you can. Remember my words, your mental health is equally important like your physical condition. Take care of the both of them.  I have already written about all options to empower the immune system and now will discuss about the possibility to shape our spirit and our brain at the time when the world is busy with rescue mission. There is no real mental happiness without two significant element: creativity and humour. Why those two? Creativity is the food of soul, the proof that homo ludens or person who plays and creates is actually the one who lives. What is creativity ? Everything you can imagine. For some people, creativity is baking delicious cakes and cookies, for other people is creativity expressed in painting wonderful pieces of art or writing miracles. There are those who are creative in decorating rooms, drawing new fashion styles, dancing, making song texts or simply designing smile of others. All people are creative but not all of them are aware of it. Some don’t have time or reason to search for their hidden talents but they are still creative and full of undiscovered diamonds.

What about humour ? Why is humour one necessary ingredient of mental health ? How can anyone think of humour at this situation ? Yes, we can and we should, not only at this situation but at every single situation. The tragedy starts when we take ourselves too serious. Misery doesn’t like humour but humour is always  stronger as misery:“Mental health professionals say humour is a balm for soothing nerves, not just by tickling funny bones but also by decreasing stress hormones. Clinical evidence shows high levels of stress can weaken immune systems. Jokes at a time of crisis, however, should be rooted in commonalities rather than in differences. Comedy can serve as mental armor to ensure safe passage through tragic times.It’s a really powerful way to manage the unmanageable. Just to make fun of it and to gain control by laughing at it. That’s a really powerful psychological move we can make.”

If you make jokes, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any respect for situation and you aren’t aware of the problems, it means you are trying to get the control and to save your mind from pure lunacy. It is ok to laugh but always to keep on mind that you still need to follow some regulations in order to spare your health and health of your family and community from unwanted disease. The humour will help you to be more opened for your silent voices and talents. If you don’t take yourself too seriously, you will be ready to experiment with your time and potential. I need to remind you that great people from our past, made the perfect success during the biggest outbreaks. This is just a proof that there are many plants that bloom only in the dark. Let’s mention Sir Isaac Newton, who had to work from home during Great Plague of London and who came out with his amazing Theory after Pandemics.  Don’t forget Shakespeare who wrote his best deeds during Plague time. Those people used their time wisely to come out with pearls of their gifts. It could be that when we are all busy and when the whole world is busy, fast and furious, our real talents are afraid to get on the light. Now it is the time for us to hear the secret voice that is telling us: YOU CAN DO IT AND YOU WILL DO IT. When you let your creative energy out, you will be more motivated to keep your physical state safe and also to take care about your surrounding. You will be motivated to spread good vibes and good vibes are invisible but powerful particles of global optimism.  If you accept to bloom in dark at this moment, you will bring light again, you will make sun shine brighter, you will help the world to fight back that darkness. I know it sounds controversial but it works. Try it. Dare to be free even when everything is closed. Dare to give your creative energy for fixing our world because all great things have been born from chaos.






  1. What a jovial and inspiring article, Sarah !

    I totally concur with you as to being positive, during these trying times, and as to creativity and humor ! Over the years, I’ve always found myself laughing in some of the most critical situations ! It is a form of stress relief in the midst of the unknown !

    I, personally, find humor purgative. What better way of cleansing the soul ! As for creativity, it is the vehicle to continue the fight and not surrender to the outside pressure and present circumstances !

    In addition to your precious advice, Sarah, I would also like to urge everyone to use this extra time efficiently by spending it with your beloved cats, or dogs, or whatever pets you may have. Now is the time to give them hugs and kisses and to let them know how much you love them and how much you cherish them ! They are so precious !

    Thank you so much, Sarah, for this lovely article that has filled my heart with hope ! 🙏🙏🙏


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