“Let us be thankful for every bunny who has touched our heart with kindness.”

-Bunny Budhism


There is nothing sweeter as curious bunny that is starring at us. Those adorable eyes, iconic ears and such a pleasant, alluring look. Those animals are simply special but also the third most abounded animals to the shelters.  How can anyone give up on them even before didnt meet their character and lovely personality ? The answer could be found in  3L : lack of knowledge about them, lack of patience with them and lack of compassion for them. The bunnies are considered to be sweet, ideal gift for Easter and approached  almost like the perfect toys. The People dont understand that we talk here about living animals that have their needs and if we arent able to meet their basic needs, we shouldnt decide to take them and after a while to send  them to the some of local Rescue Centers. It is not Right, actually, it is a crime against emotional inteligence and all rules of empathy.

When I was a child, I wanted to have bunny. My parents didnt share my optimism and ideas and they told me that I am too Young to take care of them and they are too busy to do my Job. I was so sad back in that time, but now I see how my parents did think logically and rationally, for the benefit of the animal and not only for my own sake and childish wish.

Now, when I am able to take care of my own choices and wishes, I opened the doors of my home for bunnies and have learnt  so much about them, still learning and still enjoying every single fact about them. My experience is: you need to know yourself before you decide to have house rabbits. Some of us are capable to have dogs or cats and some are created only to have bunnies. Why? Because the bunnies want balanced devotion of their owners which further means that they need you to be the part of their active life and play but they also request their own time and peace.

They are able to communicate with their people and also to learn small tricks, the pattern of accepted behaviour and daily dynamic. If you dont have enough place for house rabbits and you still want to Keep them, I suggest you to enable them the play time and free walk when you have possibility to check the room and make all nessescary safety checks. The bunnies are used to chew everything so the electric cables and wires are especially sensitive points at Rabbit-friendly home.

Many families who take bunnies as a present for Children do not stay loyal to them bur rather give up on taking care of them and letting the shelters do the dirty Job. That is irresponsible and not correct since those animals didnt want to be picked up as an Easter gift for spoiled Children. If it happens that you think that bunnies are ideal pets for your child, please inform yourself about all what you need to have and to do and also communicate with your child about the coming responsibility and expectations. It is not only about few days of entertaiment but about the commitment that will take 10-12 years of life, of life that will be fullfiled with one little but faithfull friend:”According to current data from the American Pet Products Manufacturers’ Association (APPMA), rabbit ownership has increased dramatically over the past decade. From 1992 to 2000, the percentage of ´small animal Households´ owning rabbits jumped from 24 percent to 40 percent. There are now approximately 5.3 million companion rabbits owned by 2.2 million households in America. And while rabbits unfortunately continue to be bought as pets for children, the number of adults-only households owning rabbits among all households that own rabbits increased from 26 percent in 1996 to 39 percent in 2000. What accounts for this increasing popularity? The single most significant factor is probably widespread access to the Internet, which makes information about rabbits more available to more people than ever before. The word is out on rabbits as house pets, and numerous rabbit-focused organizations maintain websites that attract potential owners and offer profiles of adoptable rabbits. The Internet also makes it easy for new owners to get the information and support they need to care for rabbits as house pets.”

The bond between humans and rabbits has been born very early but only due to the infleunce of the Food chain. The rabbits have been cultivated, at the beginning, as farm animals and during the time, they have conquired the human hearts and homes as beloved pets, starting with 18th century. Nowadays, there is a complete sector in pet Industry that is following the rise of house Rabbit and its new role in families. There are so many options for providing the happy home for a bunny and it is always a nice to adopt or to foster one of those that have been forgotten in the shelters. Before your new friend comes at your home, make sure you have provided all or at least  the majority of required elements for bunny´s comfort and be informed about the healthy diet. It is not enough to buy all expensive Rabbit delicious ingredients  that have good marketing but also to keep in mind that really healthy food for your bunny is actually something totally natural: unlimited grass hay and fresh salad or fruits. What is also very important for your rabbit is to enable the fun,  because the busy bunny is not frustrated bunny. This is not impossible and there are many ideas for DIY toys for your furry friend with long ears. Each rabbit is unique and some could seem playful while others could seem  indifferent but the truth is that each of them is adorable, lovely and creature that needs love and care.

The rabbits are usually ignored and not so glorified as dogs and cats but it is just a matter of time when people will learn about them and learn to recognize the small daily miracles with bunnies. You will never regret giving your time and love to the bunny but you will regret not experiencing such a divine companionship.











  1. Sarah’s delightful and invigorating article put me in mind of the Easter Bunny…

    According to experts of Germanic folklore, the Christian Easter Bunny derived from ancient pagan customs and beliefs of Saxons and Angles of northern Germania (i.e. 2nd century BCE) associated with the vernal equinox and feasts: rabbits and hares were intrinsic to this seasonal occurrence; becoming connected with the Germanic goddess ‘Ostara’ (relating to dawn and sunlight) via culinary history, as opposed to mythical evolution.

    In the 16th century CE, Germanic Lutheran hierarchies (i.e. influenced by ancient pagan folklore) employed the wild hare as a judge of children, during the Easter period: the hare decided which child was good and which child was bad. The good children were presented with gifts (e.g. biscuits, sweets and eggs). The treatise ‘De ovis paschalibus’ (About Easter Eggs, 1682) by Georg Franck von Franckenau articulates this.

    The Christian perception of the ‘sacredness’ of hares and rabbits derived from the ancient Grecian belief that the female hares and rabbits could produce without losing their virginity (purely, folklore). Early-Christians related this to Mary; mother of Y’shua bar Yossef (i.e. Iesus Nazarenus).

    The eggs were used as symbols of rebirth and fertility by ancient pagans of Europe, and early-Christians just adopted this. By Mediaeval times in England, children were going from door to door (i.e. during the end of Lent, when eggs were not be eaten) and presented with eggs as a festive treat. Most likely, adults began decorating the eggs, at this juncture. Orthodox Christians died many eggs red, as the symbolic colour of the Passion of the Christ.

    It was Protestant Germanic immigrants who settled in North America during the 18th century who brought the custom there.

    Like Sarah, I feel rabbits are special; these gentle herbivores roaming the Earth…


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