THE MEXICAN FOLK STORY OR THE SCARY TRUTH? The Latin America itself has so many mystical things and hides a lot of interesting stories, scary tales and urban legends. It seems that you can find inspiration on each corner over there and to keep going enjoying such an amazing mixture of exotic nature, ancient myths […]

THE MAJESTIC CULTURE BETWEEN CONDORS, PUMAS AND SERPENTS “Peru, Peru. My Heart´s Lighthouse.” -Steven Patrick Morrissey I remember I was 10 years old when I first heard the Peruvian traditional music. The group of Peruvians in national and colourful clothes visited Belgrade and made a show during the Book Exhibition. My parents took me to […]

THE MAJESTIC MAMMAL BETWEEN EXTINCTION AND CONSERVATION When I was in Africa, I didn’t manage to see rhino. It was the only one missing in my BIG FIVE collection, during the safari in Kenya. I really hoped that this beautiful animal will cross my road in one of national parks but unfortunately, they have been […]

THE DOGS CAN SAVE OUR MENTAL HEALTH “Dogs have a way of finding people who need them, filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have.” -Thorn Jones Every single animal has a capability to heal our souls, it is just up to us, to let them come close and feel our hidden universe of […]

THE SOCIETY NOWADAYS AND ITS RELATIONS WITH HIV/AIDS ISSUE “Education, awareness and prevention are the key, but stigmatisation and exclusion from family is what makes people suffer the most.” -Ralph Fiennes Kurtis is one of many people that live with the destiny of getting HIV virus, due to the deep trust. He is 42 years […]

ABORIGINAL AUSTRALIANS -THE STORY BEHIND “Traveler, there are no paths. Paths are made by walking” -Aboriginal Australian proverb Have you ever visited Australia ? It is one of the most important goals on my own Bucket List. It means the whole new world for me to meet the land of amazing aboriginal culture, perfect landscape, […]

THE SECRET OF FINDING YOUR LIFE FLOW The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do. – Steve Jobs In the recent time, I heard so many successful stories about the life flow and it’s meaning. At the moment, I thought that’s one of the […]

THE LACK OF HUMANITY AND COMMON SENSE I don’t know if this article is to be started or ended with the fact that we are lost as a human race. The numerous situations proved that very few are humans while majority is just a flock of sheep that is leaded into the chaos. This is […]

THE KINGS OF MARINE BIOLOGY Did you know that February 20th is a global Whale Day? If not, did you ever think of that special day that belongs to the majestic creatures ? Actually, the every day should be their day as they are one of a kind. The whales themselves are categorized in 2 […]

AMAZING SYMBIOSIS OF WILDLIFE “Did you know that since wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone, the elk herds are healthier because they have to move. The grasses are growing because the herds are digging up the ground as they move. Did you know that the coyote population has balanced out and from one wolf pack kill […]