THE ESCAPE ARTISTS AND MEMBERS OF SAVANNA TROOPS If I say that I have always been impressed by baboons, you wont believe me. I love all animals but I am not big fan of monkeys. There is no specific reason for it, it might be only because they are too much human-like but baboons are […]

THE LIONS ARE KINGS OF THE AFRICAN GRASSLANDS “If ever you feel like an animal among men, be a lion.” -Criss Jami I don’t need to tell you once again how much I am in love with lions. These are, with no doubts, my favourite wild animals and the obsession with them lead me to Africa, […]

WHO IS ABLE TO CONQUER THE SAVAGE MOUNTAIN? “Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains” – Jeffrey Rasley Not many mountains are the members of 8000 club but raw and rough K2 is definitely one of them and the second highest peak in the world. Maybe it is not the first king like Mt. […]

THE NEW DOG BREED IS MYSTICAL AND MESMERISING The world and the complete human civilisation develop themselves but parallel also develop and invent some animal breeds. It is almost like a compensation for all mess and terror that we caused to the ecosystem, flora and fauna. In the world of canine biology and psychology, there […]

SUP IS THE ESCAPE FROM STRESS Have you ever wanted to learn surfing ? The eternity of blue ocean, the power of the coming waves and you, in between. What could be better ? Unfortunately, not everyone is born to be surfer and not everyone is enough lucky to leave by the ocean and enjoy […]

UNIQUE WILD LOOK OF THE BELOVED CAT The cats are very specific animals and their authenticity, hyper sensibility and intelligence make them attractive pets and beloved among people. Not everyone is born to understand cats but those who are, almost like cat whisperers are almost intuitive like so admired cats. There is something special between […]

THE RARE WILDLIFE AREA IS UNDER TREAT OF ILLEGAL LOGGING AND MINING What you you imagine when you think of Guyana ? My first thought would be the never ending wildlife setting and the beautiful and thrilling rainforest landscape. It would be like jumping into the survival adventure and hoping to get out of it […]

THE VITAMIN THAT IS A REAL GAME-CHANGER Some months ago, I had an issue with health. It wasn’t anything serious but it made me concerned. Eye twitching started suddenly and I didn’t know how, why and by what is caused. First of all, I thought that stress might be the main trigger and the base […]