THE JOURNEY INTO THE HEART OF AFRICA AND ITS THOUSAND CONTRASTS   “Being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble”  -LION KING I arrived in Mombasa early in the humid morning of July. It was some weird feeling within me, after so many hours of flight from Europe to Africa. That was not […]

HOW TO BE IN HARMONY WITH HORNETS DURING THE SUMMER?   This Planet is given to all of us and the human beings do not have a special right on the Earth. Unfortunately, we live in the age of constant destruction of Mother Nature and its beauty, in the name of profit and greed. The […]

ANANAS – THE NEW IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER Have you ever thought about pineapple being one of the best immune system protectors? I didn’t either but I have researched a lot in the meantime so I can come out with my personal observations on the long road of nutritional benefits and health contributions. It is not […]

MY LUCY: HOW TO COPE WITH GRIEF?   “Pets bring us happiness that lives in our hearts forever” -Anonymous      The Death is ultimate, final and visitor with no baggage. It takes the joy away and brings the eternal sorrow. We are weak when the death is around, because it is a kind of […]

I AM ONLY THE HUMAN IN AFTER-HUMAN WORLD “Science fiction is not just thinking about the world out there. It is also about thinking how that world might be.” -Samuel R. Delaney   Ron has been afraid. It is not the first time that he feels that deep, aggresive  fear but it is definitely the […]