THAT AMAZING BEUTY OF TYRANT HAWK-EAGLES I have never seen this beautiful bird in the nature, but my dream is to capture it with the lenses of my camera and to keep that image for eternity within my heart. Maybe one day when everything is not so complicated, I may end up in Brazil, seeking […]

THE BEAUTIFUL GEM IS WAITING TO BE REVEALED “I met lot of great people in Saudi Arabia and I would like to see them again. And I would love to spend more time in the desert and in the mountains. I felt really at home there.” –Dave Eggers The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the pearl […]

OVERTHINKING IS ALWAYS WRONG My friend Richard complained me that he usually cant sleep because he is worried that he wont wake up. In other words, he is afraid of getting sick and die, especially in sleep. He is focused so much on his potential disease that he doesn’t enjoy his good health. His feeling […]

THE POWER OF MENTAL PLAN I am feeling like I am someone else, almost for weeks, maybe months. Like I lost myself somewhere in transit, accidentally. It should be better but it isn’t. They promised the world without pandemic but the fact is that we have the pandemics without the world to take place in. […]

THE BRAVE SPIRIT OF LITTLE MAMMAL “Fear is fictional, courage is a decision.” -Someone When Tom told me, back in 2014, about wolverine and how they are brave and fiery to challenge the wolves, I didn’t really believe. He, Canadian, on a big travel in Europe, has taught me about the new animal, I even […]

LUNG INFECTION WITH NO MERCY Justin Baldoni directed one amazing drama, back in 2019 “Five feet apart” and I must admit I have heard, for the first time, about cystic fibrosis or, at least, I saw the pain behind the scene of those who suffer from this disease. The movie was actually inspired by real […]

THE BEAUTIFUL QUEEN OF THE SNAKES   I cant wait to visit Amazon rain forest,  because all my dreams about nature miracles are there.  That ancient treasure of flora and fauna is one of a kind and I am sure my wild  heart will be in peace, once when I reach that hidden universe of […]

THE ALL RISKS OF CHILD CYBER SAFETY   “Our law enforcement must be given every tool available to protect children from predators and parents need to know who is living in their community.” ~ Robin Hayes   Maria was almost obsessed with posting photos of her son Brian on social media. It is not that […]

HEALTHY AND TASTY WHEN THEY ARENT TOXIC    When I was a child, I think I had phobia from mushrooms. For some reason, I thought they are real monsters that they can’t wait to eliminate humans. I know I was silly but that feeling followed me for almost 20 years. Then, suddenly, my dad convinced […]

THE UNKNOWN BATTLES OF THOSE PRAIRIE WOLVES “Coyote is always out there waiting and coyote is always hungry.” -Navajo Proverb   I know that so many people love wolves, but majority even do not have ideas that coyotes are also fascinating creatures and have very crucial role in our ecosystem. The Native Americans have been […]