It is almost the end of this year and I am summarizing it, as everyone else. This was my year but the next one will be even better. We used to believe that calendar year means something, means bad luck or pure happiness but it is actually our tabula rasa, our notebook to write the amazing tales and not to develop tragic chapters. Don’t ever forget that not any book is interesting as one that combines thrilling story with positive outcome and many challenges on the road. It is ok to be sad, to fall down and to be exhausted but it is not ok to accept that as your reality, your final destiny. It is not your story, you don’t belong it there so move it … you aren’t a tree and forced to be on one place. You are a free human being and you can move into the direction of your dreams and doesn’t matter how old are you, your dreams are always young and innocent, so protect then from dragons is aggressive age we live in and embrace them.

If someone told you that you are too old to start something again, tell them to write their own stories and not to worry about your letters. You aren’t old to wake up and to start searching new job, new partner or even new homeland…. it is all in your hands and you are the one who turn stars into the miracles.

The coming year will be your new championship, to prove you are perfect version of yourself, ready to shine and to chase away the demons of darkness. I wish you the health because that is the most precious gift we have and we should be thankful for. Everything else could be reached, sooner or later … stay amused and amazed , curious and kind. Eat well, sleep enough, train hard, learn new things and protect this Planet.

I am already proud of you .

Happy New 202O 🎄⭐️