THE CHANGE OF IDENTITY IN DIGITAL WORLD I wrote many texts about the missing people but those who vanished caused by some crime act( being abducted) or committed suicide. Nevertheless, there is the third category that is called missing on purpose, which means that the certain person makes a decision to disappear and start a […]

HOW WOULD BE THE WORLD WITHOUT PERPETUAL GLOW ? “Sometimes you need darkness to see things better.” -Donato Carrisi Have you ever wondered what would happen if, suddenly, all public lights go off ? The whole network of cities in the darkness without glowing, shinning and inviting to participate in life. That would be completely […]

EXPECTATIONS, RESOLUTIONS REALISTIC AND JANUARY BLUES There is nothing more beautiful that sliding into the Christmas season and the glorification of the December. Everything seems so bright, positive and hopeful, even the cold weather and the warm clothes we have on. It is simply in the air, the great energy, good expectations and optimistic perspective […]

BLIZZARD OF THE CENTURY OR FORGOTTEN ARCTIC COLD? “The mankind survived the last Ice Age. We are certainly capable of surviving this one. All depends on whether or not we are able to learn from our mistakes.” -Prof. Jack Hall North American Christmas has been different this year. It was white, cold and with terrible […]

BETWEEN BIBLICAL MOUNTAIN AND THE SLEEPY VOLCANO “It seems to grow not out of the earth, but out of the sky as if it had condensed from its white clouds and deep blue. It is this snowy mountain, this bluish-white sunlit mountain that shone in the eyes of those who wrote the Bible.” – Vassily […]

HOW ICELANDERS CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS WITH SPECIAL TRADITION ? Iceland is almost like nordic fairy tale, with its numerous volcanoes, lava fields, hot springs and awesome geysers. The land has unique landscape and almost an epic fantastic scenery. When I was child, I thought that Iceland is some kind of European New Zealand wonder. I wanted […]

WHAT IS BEHIND THE BURNOUT? PREVENTION OR TREATMENT? “Burnout is nature´s way of telling you, you have been through the motions, your soul has departed” -Sam Keen In recent time, I am getting worried for all people I know and like, for their well being. It is nothing I can impact, change or even make […]

BEHIND THE SCENE OF SPIDER IMMIGRATION During the last few months, it seems that the most interesting topics in Germany is the spider case. Everything else is in the shadow of the eight legged creature that is pretty much harmless. Instead of reading where our taxes are going, how many illegal Ukrainians live on the […]

UGANDA AND ITS FIGHT WITH EBOLA SUDAN “We must act now to prevent further spread of EBOLA VIRUS. If we do not act collectively, EBOLA VIRUS will wipe all whole populations and generations into their grave. The call to action is now.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita There are numerous articles that I wrote about Ebola virus but […]