HOW WE CAN RECONNECT WITH OURSELVES IN THE BUSY AGE? “The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.” -Native American quote   I remember like it was yesterday, the moment when I met Eagle Wing. He was participating in the same seminar I did and […]

THE ALL CHALLENGES OF BEING STRONG INSIDE AND OUTSIDE “With drive and bit of talent, you can move mountains” -Dwayne Johnson, The Rock   I like watching “The Rock Gym Workout” since I find it very useful for my motivational energy and gym drives. It is not always so easy to be highly motivated and […]

THE SWIFT FLOWING RIVER, BIGFOOT AND HOCKEY “You can’t buy happiness but you can live in Canada and that is pretty much the same thing” -Anonymous    I simply love Canada because it is like a fairytale land in the world full of fake values and hatred among people. The Canadians are friendly, happy and […]

AUSTRALIA AND ITS NATURAL DISASTER – HOW WE CAN SIMPLY HELP? “Once people come in Australia, they join the team. “ -Tony Abbott    I love Australia, its wide continent, beautiful sunsets, wild oceans, breathtaking wildlife and smiling people. It is  a land of million opportunities and one big heart that is always there to […]

ALL HEALTH BENEFITS OF THIS LITTLE FOOD “Health requires healthy food. “ -Roger Williams   I promised that I will write more about nutrition within this year because I find the balanced eating habit being the foundation of good health.  Since we are all boosted with instant trends and fast way of life, seeking for […]

HOW WE CAN PROTECT OUR CHILDREN IN THE AGE OF MONSTERS? Your children need to know they are loved and safe. Everything else is adult business.” ― Jeannine Lee   I still don’t have my own children but I am really concerned about all children around me.  This world is full of malign challenges, difficult […]