SUP IS THE ESCAPE FROM STRESS Have you ever wanted to learn surfing ? The eternity of blue ocean, the power of the coming waves and you, in between. What could be better ? Unfortunately, not everyone is born to be surfer and not everyone is enough lucky to leave by the ocean and enjoy […]

UNIQUE WILD LOOK OF THE BELOVED CAT The cats are very specific animals and their authenticity, hyper sensibility and intelligence make them attractive pets and beloved among people. Not everyone is born to understand cats but those who are, almost like cat whisperers are almost intuitive like so admired cats. There is something special between […]

THE RARE WILDLIFE AREA IS UNDER TREAT OF ILLEGAL LOGGING AND MINING What you you imagine when you think of Guyana ? My first thought would be the never ending wildlife setting and the beautiful and thrilling rainforest landscape. It would be like jumping into the survival adventure and hoping to get out of it […]

THE VITAMIN THAT IS A REAL GAME-CHANGER Some months ago, I had an issue with health. It wasn’t anything serious but it made me concerned. Eye twitching started suddenly and I didn’t know how, why and by what is caused. First of all, I thought that stress might be the main trigger and the base […]

THE SIXTH SENSE OF PETS AGAINST NATURAL DISASTERS The terrible 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck southern Turkey and northern Syria in early February killed tens of thousands of people, turning the whole unstable region into the mixture of humanitarian crisis and natural disaster. There are so many ruined buildings, villages and numerous dead people and animals. The […]

GENUS CANIS FAMILY WITH VOCAL LANGUAGE AND TERRITORIAL APPROACH Many people have difficulty to make a difference between jackal and coyote. I was one of them but then I put my interest in wildlife, to lead me into the research. It is a fact that those two species are pretty much close to each other […]

THE CLOUD PIERCER WITH ITS NUMEROUS GLACIERS “Kia tuohu kotou, Me he maunga teitei, Ko Aoraki anake. If you must bow your head then let it be to the lofty mountain Aoraki.” The beauty of New Zealand is well known . Whenever I think of the Tolkien creative world of the rings, I use to […]

THE CHANGE OF IDENTITY IN DIGITAL WORLD I wrote many texts about the missing people but those who vanished caused by some crime act( being abducted) or committed suicide. Nevertheless, there is the third category that is called missing on purpose, which means that the certain person makes a decision to disappear and start a […]

HOW WOULD BE THE WORLD WITHOUT PERPETUAL GLOW ? “Sometimes you need darkness to see things better.” -Donato Carrisi Have you ever wondered what would happen if, suddenly, all public lights go off ? The whole network of cities in the darkness without glowing, shinning and inviting to participate in life. That would be completely […]

EXPECTATIONS, RESOLUTIONS REALISTIC AND JANUARY BLUES There is nothing more beautiful that sliding into the Christmas season and the glorification of the December. Everything seems so bright, positive and hopeful, even the cold weather and the warm clothes we have on. It is simply in the air, the great energy, good expectations and optimistic perspective […]