LOST CITY, ANIMAL CRUELTY AND GOOD FOOD Suddenly, I found myself in Petra. I still have no idea how I did get there and why but I guess I have always wanted to challenge the Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. The Rose City welcomed me with no questions, offered me a shelter for the […]

THE CEPHALOPODS WITH THREE HEARTS AND BRILLIANT MIND “There are many great minds one the Earth and not all are human” -Anonymous    Have you ever wondered which animal is the most intelligent on the Earth? I guess that almost all animals have advantages when we compare them with the ignorance of the people. In […]

TRIPLE E VIRUS : RARE BUT DEADLY      I like the name of the new virus: 3 E. It says everything: effective, emerging and endless in its killing ability. Nevertheless, the meaning of 3 E is more in epidemic background and it defines the Eastern equine encephalitis virus, the member of  the genus Aplhavirus, […]

THE WORLD´S  MOST IMPORTANT ECOSYSTEM IS DYING IN FIRE   “If you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money.” -Guy McPherson In last few years, I have written a lot about the significant role of the rainforest ecosystems for the whole world. I warned about […]

THE NUTRITION WONDER   In the industrialized age, when everything is instant and fast, the nutrition and health suffers the most. We are not allowed to have time for cooking, eating in peace or even preparing the healthy lifestyle. Everything must be ready to go or it must not take too much of our free […]