I AM ONLY THE HUMAN IN AFTER-HUMAN WORLD “Science fiction is not just thinking about the world out there. It is also about thinking how that world might be.” -Samuel R. Delaney   Ron has been afraid. It is not the first time that he feels that deep, aggresive  fear but it is definitely the […]

FATTY ACIDS WITH LOTS OF HEALTH BENEFITS Have you ever watched the movie “Lorenzo’s oil”? I did and I watched it so many times, always crying. Yes, it is a drama and it is supposed to have some emotional movements, but this movie, directed by George Miller in 1992 is actually all about family love […]

THE ABORTED FETUS CELLS: THE FATAL END OF GLOBAL MORAL I am not here to judge to anyone. I am not here to accuse people for their decisions and the life they chose to have. We are all passengers on this journey and we are all having our own dramas, trying to reach the sun and […]

THE PORTRAY OF TIMELESS ITALIAN BEAUTY OF MIRAGE “The Creator made Italy from design by Michaelangelo.” -Mark Twain   Long time ago, I discovered Venice and took it in my heart for eternity. It was like an oath, I promised I will love this city forever….La Serenissima, the gem among precious stones, the queen of […]

THE ANATOMY OF CRIME MIND   We’ve all got the power in our hands to kill, but most people are afraid to use it. The ones who aren’t afraid, control life itself.” -Richard Ramirez, serial killer     Sophie is  almost 50 years old, devoted wife and great  mother.  We can’t say that she is […]

  THE MAGMA  AND THE VOLCANO HIKE  “Volcanoes are one way Earth gives birth to itself” -Robert Gross   Do you love volcanoes ? I do, so much. They are showing the silent power of our Planet and its marvellous and angry nature.  The volcanoes are special openings in the Earth‘s crust through which magma, […]