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FIRST BORN PARADISE   “Wherever you go, becomes a part of you somehow.” – Anita Desai  I usually think that I really live only when I travel and discover the unknown corners of our beautiful Planet. It started like a hobby and now it is an addiction, something that gives appetite for life. It doesn’t […]

ORDINARY TALK ABOUT ONE EXTRAORDINARY BOOK Long before Andrew Penny published his book based on a true story,  I knew he was a gifted writer with a heart full of compassion for the world. It takes much conviction for one person to leave his comfortable life behind and journey into an unknown world of security risk and potential […]

IS THERE ANY LOGIC BEHIND TAROT READING?   “Tarot is just stories on cards” -Erin Morgenstern Talia is despair for days. Nobody know how to  help her and she even doesn’t let anyone help. Some weeks ago, she visited some psychic for a tarot reading and since then, she doesn’t eat and sleep well. Josh […]

TRSTENIK TOWN: BEAUTIFUL, MYSTICAL AND BREATHTAKING    I am a writer but I am missing words every time when I have to describe the beauty of my motherland, the country where I was born and grown up. My Serbia, the land of so many scars and even double more smiles. During the history, it was […]

DRC AGAINST  EBOLA AND COVID-19 OUTBREAKS   “The Planet has survived everything, in its time. It will certainly survive us.” -Michael Crichton I simply love mystical books, they wake up my curiosity, my feeling for adventure and I live thousand lives through one thrilling novel. One of such books is definitely “Congo” written by Michael […]

THE HEALTH SECRETS BEHIND EARTHING SCIENCE  “If you want to lift your spirit, you have to ground your soul. Thats why your ´sole` is on the bottom of your feet. “ -Alexis Brooks   I am not sure if you are like me, passionate nature lover and  curious mind, but I am sure you will […]

FOREVER ALOHA   “Hawaii is like an isolated jewel set in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. And like facets of a gem, the islands have their own unique qualities. Travelers who take the time to look beyond their obvious beauty will discover a chain of islands that is at once lush and stark, modern […]

HOW WE CAN HELP AFFECTED PEOPLE TO COPE WITH THIS MENTAL LOAD?     Marc was 41 when all has happened. He was successful, charming and great man who had planned his wedding with Anne, looking forward to the day of being her husband. Born in Michigan, grown up in North Caroline and falling in […]

HOW I CAN PICK UP THE RIGHT SUPPLEMENT?   I have never been thrilled with the advertising of beauty or health products. First of all, the Purpose of my writing has never been colored with financial gain. The second but not less important, I am the one who like digging and exporing the world, sharing […]