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LOST CITY, ANIMAL CRUELTY AND GOOD FOOD Suddenly, I found myself in Petra. I still have no idea how I did get there and why but I guess I have always wanted to challenge the Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. The Rose City welcomed me with no questions, offered me a shelter for the […]

THE CEPHALOPODS WITH THREE HEARTS AND BRILLIANT MIND “There are many great minds one the Earth and not all are human” -Anonymous    Have you ever wondered which animal is the most intelligent on the Earth? I guess that almost all animals have advantages when we compare them with the ignorance of the people. In […]

TRIPLE E VIRUS : RARE BUT DEADLY      I like the name of the new virus: 3 E. It says everything: effective, emerging and endless in its killing ability. Nevertheless, the meaning of 3 E is more in epidemic background and it defines the Eastern equine encephalitis virus, the member of  the genus Aplhavirus, […]

WHY I LOVE COLORADO?   A crystal clear Colorado sky opens above us, a blue so deep it makes you dizzy. The occasional bright white wispy cloud dances across the firmament, punctuating the deep blue vault of heaven stretching over this paradise.” ― Neil Hanson,Pilgrim Wheels: Refection of a Cyclist Crossing America    I have […]

THE WORLD´S  MOST IMPORTANT ECOSYSTEM IS DYING IN FIRE   “If you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money.” -Guy McPherson In last few years, I have written a lot about the significant role of the rainforest ecosystems for the whole world. I warned about […]