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INDEPENDENT COMPANIONS OR WILLFUL DOGS?   There is no an ideal dog but there is no an ideal owner too. The heart of dog is big and warm, ready to protect the chosen one. That is why the harmony between dog and owner is so important because not every dog is for everyone. People have […]

  IF WE DON’T CHANGE US, THE PLANET WILL BE CHANGED FOREVER   “The ocean is full of waste because humans have disposed of it carelessly” -Professor Andrew Holmes   I believe we are touching the last untouchable resorts of this beautiful Planet. This river of distraction, caused by greed of human race, has turned […]

    MOUNT ELGON AND ITS PATIENT ZERO   “This virus just breaks all the rules” -Tom Scott   You cannot fight back the fire of virus. It is the most passionate organism ever because it will never give up to survive and to make progress, jumping from one species to other, offering difficult code […]

  WHY RAGDOLLS ARE CLAIMED TO BE THE RESULT OF CIA EXPERIMENTS AND ALIEN INFLUENCE?       “Cats randomly refuse to follow orders to prove they can.” -Ilona Andrews     There is no ugly cat because all cats are elegant and gracious, gifted by intelligent brain and self-confident nature. In the age of […]

  AMERICANS LOVE MOUNTAIN DOGS   “A dog can’t think that much about what he’s doing, he just does what feels right.” ― Barbara Kingslover   There is almost an urban legend about the way people choose their dogs. The professional dog trainers think that we should think twice before we stand up for some […]

  SURVIVAL SKILLS IN THE AGE OF ELECTRICITY POWER BREAKDOWN    My friend Richard told me that he cant deal anymore with the challenges of modern age. It is not about him or his intelligence; it is simply about the lack of operational skills, necessary to be there when the time is right. Richard is […]