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THE WORLD´S LARGEST CANID AND THE PORTRAY OF ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE “When a dog loves you, you feel flattered. When a wolf befriends you, you will be moved close to the tears.” -Anonymous    My wolves, the elegant predators and the voice of wilderness, the symbol of raw freedom and ultimate survival. They are the most […]

THE LARGEST  SPIDERS IN THE WORLD “No living thing is ugly in this world. Even a tarantula considers itself beautiful. “ -Munia Khan    They are hairy, with eight legs and odd look but they are harmless, at least for humans.  The tarantulas are spiders that are very popular as pets worldwide because their venom […]

THEIR VOICE IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE  “When a lion wants to go somewhere, he doesn’t worry about how many hyenas are in the way.” -John Hawkins   The hyenas. Lucrative, dangerous and with hidden intentions, almost like humans, or at least,  they are so presented in our world full of judging with lack of understanding. […]

THE BELOVED LITTLE MAMMALS   I am not sure I know anyone who wouldn’t make a selfie with quokkas, if that is somehow possible.  They are so irresistible animals that they attract people to try to touch them, pose with them or even cuddle with them. The happy creatures are known to be one of […]

THE COLD DAYS AND WATM HEARTS  “When  snow falls, nature listens:” -Antoinette van Kleef    The winter is slowly coming in our daily life. In the mornings, we can notice the kiss of the night frost and in the evening, the sunset is simply faster as ever. The nature is welcoming winter and the most […]

WHAT COULD BE STILL DONE?   Who can ever forget the thrilling beauty of “Lord of the rings” trilogy with all its amazing and enchanting moments? This book will forever be the part of my spirit, soul and heart and not because of timeless fairy tale but because of so many comparing situations with reality. […]

LETS REFRAME OUR LIFE  “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results.” -Willie Nelson   I wake up this morning with a purpose to share my article about popular psychology and life coaching. It is not about me being any expert of that kind or mental miracle. Simply , […]

ALL KNOWN AND UKNOWN HEALTH BENEFITS OF THIS AMAZING BROWN NUT “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…Help to make the season bright.” -Anonymous   The roasted chestnuts, the golden-brown colors of the Nature that is welcoming Autumn and the piano music from the background, that is how I see my perfect setting in October that […]