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THE BEAUTY AMONG RAW ATACAMA DESERT, THE HIGHEST VOLCANO AND WILD PATAGONIA “You can cut all flowers but you can’t keep spring from coming. “ -Pablo Neruda Everyone knows that I love Peru very much but the second favourite land of mine, in South America, is Chile, with no doubt. No, I haven’t been there […]

THE MOST FAMOUS COMET LOVES OUR PLANET I cant forget the year of 1997. It was a summer, hot and humid and I was sitting on the half done roof, with my parents. They enjoyed the glass of old, good iced white wine and I had my orange juice. It was so simple evening but […]

WHY THE REEFS ARE SO VALUABLE FOR THE NATURE? I saw them, for the first time, in Jordan….the beautiful and mesmerising Red Sea and the accordion of thousand of corals. Honestly, I have never thought that coral reef could be so magical but, yes, it is. The humans are not aware of that extraordinary and […]

THE OLD AZTECS AND THEIR LEGENDS OF THE AGAVE The old civilisations of South and Central America had so many mysterious way to express the secrets of nature or to hide them in forever riddle for the modern world. We can witness that all what the pharmacy nowadays is sharing with us has actually origin […]

THE BLACK COMMUNITY OF AMERICA AND ITS PURE PAIN “You say you’re doing a study? What are you gonna study? How we’re bad ? We steal? We gang-bang? We’re all on drugs, right? We ain’t all like them assholes downstairs, you know. I just wanna raise my child good.” -from the movie “CANDYMAN” There are […]

THE MEXICAN FOLK STORY OR THE SCARY TRUTH? The Latin America itself has so many mystical things and hides a lot of interesting stories, scary tales and urban legends. It seems that you can find inspiration on each corner over there and to keep going enjoying such an amazing mixture of exotic nature, ancient myths […]

THE MAJESTIC CULTURE BETWEEN CONDORS, PUMAS AND SERPENTS “Peru, Peru. My Heart´s Lighthouse.” -Steven Patrick Morrissey I remember I was 10 years old when I first heard the Peruvian traditional music. The group of Peruvians in national and colourful clothes visited Belgrade and made a show during the Book Exhibition. My parents took me to […]

THE MAJESTIC MAMMAL BETWEEN EXTINCTION AND CONSERVATION When I was in Africa, I didn’t manage to see rhino. It was the only one missing in my BIG FIVE collection, during the safari in Kenya. I really hoped that this beautiful animal will cross my road in one of national parks but unfortunately, they have been […]

THE DOGS CAN SAVE OUR MENTAL HEALTH “Dogs have a way of finding people who need them, filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have.” -Thorn Jones Every single animal has a capability to heal our souls, it is just up to us, to let them come close and feel our hidden universe of […]

THE SOCIETY NOWADAYS AND ITS RELATIONS WITH HIV/AIDS ISSUE “Education, awareness and prevention are the key, but stigmatisation and exclusion from family is what makes people suffer the most.” -Ralph Fiennes Kurtis is one of many people that live with the destiny of getting HIV virus, due to the deep trust. He is 42 years […]