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ERETZ YISRAEL AND ITS THOUSAND MIRACLES “THE old man stood high on the hillside, the Israelites below him hushed and expectant as they waited for him to continue. These were his people, the flock he had shepherded for over 40 years. Moses’ voice rang clear through the desert air: ‘The LORD your God has chosen […]

WHY WE ALL NEED JUST ONE HACHIKO?   “I will follow you, protect you, love you till my last breath. I am the Akita. “ -from the movie “Hachiko Monogatari” I cried like a baby with the both movies about Akita dogs. The newest version “Hachi:A dog’s tale”  from 2009, with Richard Gere is just a […]

GLOBAL WAR ON DRUGS:  FENETHYLLINE STIMULATES THE MIDDLE EAST   “Yet he knew things he would have preferred not to know. Things about men and the evil they do. Things so terrible as to make anyone’s confidence waver, and contaminate anyone’s heart forever. He looked at the people around him, people who lived without that burden […]

GENESIS OF AMERICAN ISLAM   “Jihad is becoming as American as apple pie and as British as afternoon tea” -Anwar al-Awlaki    Ahmad is 30-year-old American , dressed  in fashionable ripped jeans,  casual Military t-shirt, combined with baseball cap and remarkable Converse sneakers.  He looks good while he is checking mails on his new iPhone […]

    IS IT POSSIBLE A LIFE IN THE SATURN SYSTEM ?     “All civilizations become either spacefaring or extinct.” -Carl Sagan  The space is a mysterious book, the door into the unknown dimension. Each time we think we are reaching the point of understanding the dark universe, we end up facing with our […]

  WHAT IS A REAL VOODOO AND WHY WE ARE SCARED OF IT?   “Voodoo very old magic – possibly one of the oldest forms of all time. It’s often referred to as vodou or voudoun…. Voodoo worships the loa, which are literally spirits – like ghosts – but much more powerful”  -Amanda Carlson, Pure Blooded […]

THE SICK HOBBY OF BUTTERFLY COLLECTION IS FINALLY OVER   “Just when the caterpillar thought  the world was over, it became a butterfly. “ -Anonymous  I am fascinated with the butterflies since the childhood. They are born to be changed, after some time, into the beautiful creatures that are showing us the magical influence of […]