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THE MOST ABUSED DOGS OF OUR TIME   “The greyhound industry consistently puts profits before animal welfare.” -Dr.Mehreen Faruqi    There are no many dogs that can compete with the running skill of the greyhounds. They are almost like a cheetah  in dog’s universe and that is the main reason that those lovely, intelligent dogs […]

BRAZIL’S FAVELAS, CRIME AND CHALLENGE OF  INDIVIDUAL TOURISM  “They have a joy for life in Brazil unlike any country I have ever seen.” -Morena Baccarin   Brazil is such a beautiful country with lot of mystical faces. The fifth largest country in the world is blessed with white-sand beaches,  hidden tropical islands and picturesque colonial […]

THE CARVED PUMPKINS AND THEIR SPOOKY GRIN “Only the knife knows what goes in the heart of a pumpkin.” -Simone Schwarz-Brat   The Fall is the most beautiful year season, wrapped in magic colors of golden brown, merging with dark red and kissing the whole nature with such an extraordinary sensibility. The whole world is […]

ERETZ YISRAEL AND ITS THOUSAND MIRACLES “THE old man stood high on the hillside, the Israelites below him hushed and expectant as they waited for him to continue. These were his people, the flock he had shepherded for over 40 years. Moses’ voice rang clear through the desert air: ‘The LORD your God has chosen […]

WHY WE ALL NEED JUST ONE HACHIKO?   “I will follow you, protect you, love you till my last breath. I am the Akita. “ -from the movie “Hachiko Monogatari” I cried like a baby with the both movies about Akita dogs. The newest version “Hachi:A dog’s tale”  from 2009, with Richard Gere is just a […]

GLOBAL WAR ON DRUGS:  FENETHYLLINE STIMULATES THE MIDDLE EAST   “Yet he knew things he would have preferred not to know. Things about men and the evil they do. Things so terrible as to make anyone’s confidence waver, and contaminate anyone’s heart forever. He looked at the people around him, people who lived without that burden […]