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THE LACK OF HUMANITY AND COMMON SENSE I don’t know if this article is to be started or ended with the fact that we are lost as a human race. The numerous situations proved that very few are humans while majority is just a flock of sheep that is leaded into the chaos. This is […]

AMAZING SYMBIOSIS OF WILDLIFE “Did you know that since wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone, the elk herds are healthier because they have to move. The grasses are growing because the herds are digging up the ground as they move. Did you know that the coyote population has balanced out and from one wolf pack kill […]

THE OPENER IN THE MOROCCAN FOLKLORE I must admit that I enjoy yo read about Islamic mythology and to follow the urban legends in many of those countries with Muslim background. It is always something mystical and enigmatic, far away from typical contemplation what we use to have in western civilization. The recent fascination with […]

DISCOVERING THE HIDDEN GEMS OF SWITZERLAND – LÖTSCHENTAL There is no doubt that the tourist offer of Switzerland is mesmerising and inviting, having in mind the whole beauty of this European land. It is kissed from the mountains, lost in the rich forests and one of a kind. You are never wrong if you pick […]

HOW TO DEAL WITH MONDAY OF MONTHS? Many people use and misuse the word “depression” for anything that is not good but the fact is that depression itself is more serious than frequently practiced expression. The depression has all possible and impossible psychological circumstances and background reasons while bad mood and lack of energy are […]

THE INSECTS WITH THEIR OWN MILITARY DISCIPLINE No matter if you are fan of horror movies or not, you cant deny the popularity of those stories where killer ants are so powerful to fight off humans. That is not about entertainment but about abuse of facts to sell a product or service. Nobody is interested […]

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF GOALS “Create a vision board…pictures of what you want to attract …every day look at it and get into the feeling state of already having acquired these wants.” -Rhonda Byrne I heard for a vision board many times but I didn’t give too much attention since it sounded like a new trend […]

THE MAYAN TALE FROM THE HILLS OF CENTRAL AMERICA There is nothing more attractive than the mysticism of ancient civilizations that have been located around South and Central America. The famous Incas, Mayan and Aztecs gave to us so much treasure that we need to discover yet. Their high intelligence and intuitive approach to the […]

THERE WHERE THE MYTH MEETS REALITY “The law of the Jungle which never orders anything without reason” “The Jungle Book” Did you read that amazing “The Jungle Book” , written by Rudyard Kipling ?If not, do it. There is no age limitations and that is something we all need as the part of our soul […]

THE SILENT FATE OF JUNGLE Preparing my trip on Costa Rica, I ended up learning about one of the most amazing snakes in the world, legendary Bushmaster or genus Lachesis. It is known to be the longest venomous snake in the New World and the guardian of the rain forests in Amazon River basin, north […]