I am crying and I think I can’t stop! So many photos of innocent animals stuck in the cracks of human ignorance…. they are dying while we are living, without caring for the only one home we all have, the planet Earth. The blue planet is grey, it’s green heart is full of ash and dust. Our beloved planet is sick and nobody is doing something to stop it! We are so powerful as a human kind to create disasters but so weak to stop them!

Last week, the scientists have saved the baby whales that has eaten the plastic … oceans are full of dangerous elements, caused by our Industrial greed and impatience. The forests are loosing battle with aggravation of modern world. The beautiful and rich vegetation is gone because of the corporative madness. It is not a draft of some apocalyptic movie but our tragic reality.

Can you help personally? Yes you do! We all can! Everything starts with the good will of one individual who is capable to move many others. Think about the consequences of your environmental behavior. If you have chance, escape using the plastic materials in your daily life and replace them with organic. Plastic is like a cancer for this poor planet 🌍 it will cause the problems for nature itself and wildlife too. It is never gone, it stays forever, eating the blood and flesh of our Earth.

You can also remove your trash if you go in the nature or make outdoor trip. Do not leave your rest somewhere where it doesn’t belong to. Have a respect for your home, do not make it dirty and do not make the other fellow creatures sick and endangered.

This wonderful planet is our only sanctuary, the alpha and omega of our existence. Please, do all what you can to prevent it’s death.

🙏 thank you 🙏

Our wildlife deserves safety 🙏

Fighting for existence ….

Cruelty against another fellows

Innocent are dying because we don’t care

Plastic has changed this world

Where are the limits of our ignorance ?

Try for a life