It is not easy to follow the rules you didn’t create or they aren’t made according to your life dynamic. It is everything but not easy but it is one big must in our global society, nowadays when bugs try to get the battle and to win the final war. Those microbes aren’t made by people, in spite of many conspiracy theories, but by the Nature as the revenge for the evil we have done in last decades.

The mankind lost its common sense and embraced greed. This is not about religious justification of the happenings but about need for all of us to learn the lesson, accept the fact that we all did wrong and try to fix that what isn’t broken yet. The nature is not the blind hater but the merciful teacher and we have a chance to change our perspective and go contribute to the planetary recovery.

Covid-19 or SARS-2 is the bill that civilization is forced to pay with innocent victims. Nobody knows what really we are fighting against and what capability IT has to destroy us or to harm us in the long period of time. The virus is still a puzzle with terrible schema of killing. For the first time, the people will note that the family of Homo sapiens is only one and that they should be united in response, no matter what country, religion or education they share. Now, they are all one tribe under umbrella of fear and uncertain future, one legion against invisible enemy and one heart that is trying to survive.

That’s why we need to accept our different approaches and to let them merge in one and only successful attempt to defeat the new and modern plague. There is no time for arguments, political cheap games and hatred … the clock is ticking and reminding that we are reaching the edge of egoism and ignorance that will kill more as Corona virus ever will.

What you can do? Many things. You are the one who can make an impact and help a lot in this biological war for human existence. You need to take care of yourself and to be responsible to accept the current regulations that are thought to be effective against Wuhan germ with planetary influence. You can choose to not let it being spread and to not let it find risk groups that could end up fatally. It’s your destiny to say NO to this bug from your side and you can do it. How? Stay at home. The spring is coming, you can hear the birds and you feel sunshine kissing your cheeks but you still need to keep distance from people not because you are asocial but because you care. If you need to be outside, please chose remote places in the nature and use for outdoor activity. Reconnect with the environment instead of chasing people for your happiness. You may complain about lack of social life but if pandemic is on the rise, social life will never be possible again in the way you want… so try to think positive and to work now on preventive, now when everything seems so light for you and not really dangerous. Remember, some countries are fighting to save the lives … so your social life shouldn’t be a priority, right? You have many options for being occupied at home. If you have family, try to spend some qualitative time with them and invest your soul in them. If you are alone, you can always work on your spiritual and physical development. Try with home workout and reading of books or learning new languages. It is always something to be done now when you have time. The outside world will be there after pandemic, if you keep following the rules of the game. Be thoughtful for yourself and others, especially first risk responders, like hear health staff that is doing a great job globally.

I promise I will provide you more exciting articles and you can promise me you will stay at home . For you, your family, for all of us and for our planet.

The birds are singing, the spring is coming and the sun will shine again, even brighter, after all. Trust.