Hard jihad is a military jihad and it covers so many fields where Muslims can prove their faith and fight for Allah’s Sake. But, smart theologians of Islam, as well as religious leaders and politicians with Islamic agenda, have discovered something else and also productive. Love or Romeo jihad. Soft jihad. Stealth jihad is ¬† very effective in achieving the final and highest goals of Islam.

Love jihad is only a new term but the history of this phenomena is a long. It follows the history of Islam’s spread around the world.When it is not spread by swords and force, it is spread by romance between Muslims and non-Muslims. It is very interesting but only Islam requests the total submission so it seems natural that the new partner (husband or wife of Muslim person) accepts Islam as his-her own religious choice. Once for all time. This problem was occurred in India, where so many young Hindu women, fell in love with young Muslims and based on strong emotional connections, left their community’s religion and embraced Islam, by marrying Muslim men. The love jihad isn’t reserved only for India or Pakistan, it has come to the rest of the world,who is colored by religious and cultural diversity. Marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims became reality around the Europe, the US, Canada and Australia. The whole western society faced up with the increasing of “romantic jihad” which also has an ability to change system’s force and to move Islamic ¬†parameters up. The specific element of this ” rose jihad” is that the state and state authorities as well as the religious authorities ¬†can do nothing about young people who convert to Islam, grounding it decision on the love they feel for their partners. That is a private thing, the secret area where government couldn’t ¬†and shouldn’t mess with.


I remember when I was teenager¬†that I was reading so many books about Christian women who madly fall in love with some handsome Muslim man ( usually he was someone from Jordan, Egypt or Iraq) and after ¬† some ¬†“heart without brain” time, they decided to marry them. They believed it was a real love, it was a mystic love, stolen from the ancient ” One thousand and one night” edition, written only for them. Usually, all was good and fine in first month or two and then it started a night mare. Story without end. Tortures, humiliation, insulting and often a physically attack. Those women accepted Islam but they never learnt that total submission to that religion lead them to the total submission to the Husband as a Home God. It was one sentence when ¬†one British ¬†woman writes to her friend in London a letter and she states:” In our house, my husband is everything. He is a God. My God. ” Someone would think this is an expression of deep love and admiration between two lovers, but this shows us the complete slavery in marriage, which is lethal for those who weren’t born in those societies, who became the part of it through the romantic flying feelings. They remained trapped in Islamic darkness for eternity.The hardest part is when the children are born and when the ex-Christian woman is dealing with the growing fear from her Muslim husband and in the same time she is aware of the fact that in any moment if she tries somehow to run away from that “golden cage” , she won’t be able to bring her children. In Muslim societies, children are always staying at ¬†father, no matter what. There are some exceptions of that and it applies mostly to some women who are coming from rich families and their legal background and money as main support, enable them to realize the successful escaping from the hell they got into.


The Love jihad is a theme of many sociologist and psychologists and christian theologians:”Miriam tells her story in a new book by Rosemary Sookhdeo titled Why Christian Women Convert to Islam. What is shocking is how many of these women come from strong, evangelical backgrounds. Many converts, like Miriam, are brought up by Christian parents, accept Christ, and get involved in church activities. But as they grow older, their commitment fades, or they become disillusioned with Christianity. Islam, they think, may offer the answer.Younger women often meet Muslims at college‚ÄĒmen who convince them that there is really not much difference between Islam and Christianity. When their wives discover the truth that Christianity is not the same as Islam, it is often too late. Any children they have will be raised Muslim-and great pressure is put on wives to convert.Sookhdeo believes that some 30,000 Westerners have converted to Islam in the last decade‚ÄĒthe majority of them women. Clearly, our churches need to do something about this.”


It is a normal outcome of mixed society and the internal relationships are easier. It is happening intensively in the UK and there are evidences that so many British girls are ready to convert to Islam just because they met some Ahmed or Mohammed who convinced them that he loves them and that Islam is a religion of peace and a shelter for both of them. The love jihad is not only a problem for parents but for the whole community which must working on informing young generations what does it mean converting into Islam and what are the consequences of it. The encouragement of relationships based on childish feelings is also wrong because we never know when that “love” will become the ONE AND RIGHT for young people and when they will choose to say yes to each others. It is not about forbidding young people the choice to love whoever they want ¬†but to inform them what is Islam and what is the circle they will be vacuumed in. ¬†It is not only that they will be married with Muslim, it is about the fact that they will be married with the whole Muslim community and Islamic religion by itself. The life before Islam and after accepting it will be different. I believe there are so many young men who belong to Muslim community but they are married to Christian women and they never asked their wives to convert to Islam and that is a good proof that after a while, western liberalism hits some Muslims in positive way and with constructive changes.

However, the global abuse of love jihad is massive.Some women who experienced love jihad illusion are enough brave to stand up and to warn others and potential future victims of love ¬†:“In growing numbers, women all over the United States are marrying Muslim men from other countries. Many find themselves trapped in a nightmare of oppression, abuse and control, according to W.L. Cati, founder of White Horse Ministries (formerly¬†Zennah Ministries), an organization that reaches out to women married to Muslims.’I should not be alive,’ says Cati, an American woman who endured an abusive relationship with a Muslim man from the Middle East. After 14 years of horror, she managed to escape. Most women, she says, don’t make it out alive.’I’m not bashing Muslims,’ Cati says. ‘This is a morality issue. We’re talking human rights.’They are allowed to beat their wives and children. They are even allowed to kill. And this is going on right here in the United States.”¬†This is her story, borrowed from one portal:“Cati was born again in 1972. She loved the Lord and was in a full-time singing ministry. But when she met Muhammed, he swept her off her feet.”He talked to me about his principles [and] family values,” she remembers. ‘That a wife doesn’t need to work, how a husband should be supportive of his wife. I thought, This is the man of my dreams. He was flamboyant, romantic, and passionate, and I fell head over heels for him.’Cati’s Christian parents and friends tried to talk her out of it, but her mind was made up.’The way he explained his religion sounded very much like my own,’ she says. ‘He told me Allah meant ‘God’ in Arabic. He said that they believe in Jesus, heaven, hell, the Ten Commandments, angels, the prophets and the Bible.’When Muhammed asked Cati to marry him, she said yes, promising to marry in a mosque and raise their children as Muslims.’


Brutality of life of those who are   ex-Christian and new in Islam starts very soon. It is a variety of things that are changed and the person realizes the facts so late. Usually the submission to Islam opens the door for many other submissions and for many of them, an average Western woman is not ready. Western women are impressed by Muslim men because they sound to them exotic and mystic and the idea of overcoming cultural and religious hops just for love of beloved man ,  turns every woman into heroine of her own life. Behind this is a serious portrait of Islamic society with no mercy for lucid behavior and free will.

Love jihad can not be forbidden or stopped. It could be only reduced through the spread of knowledge about real Islam, ¬†among young generations of western people(women). We shouldn’t tell to our daughters and sisters that they can not marry Muslims. It would attract the opposite reactions because every “forbidden fruit is the sweetest” . The only thing we must do is to talk about these situations, to give all reasons for and against and to come with all recognized consequences.


The ignorance in the age of information, as someone once said, is the matter of choice . At least, we are trying to change something. Anything. The future of all of us.


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