The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do. – Steve Jobs

In the recent time, I heard so many successful stories about the life flow and it’s meaning. At the moment, I thought that’s one of the positive psychology hints that will make people crazy purchasing motivation books, but the flow is everything but that. Flow is the life itself, the new strategy of living the best possible life.

The flow as the word is not the modern discovery since it has been the part of psychology for a longer time. It is opposite of control, the art of letting things simply happen and trusting in universe and it’s process. In other words, flow is accepting the life solutions, embracing the challenges and risks and turning them into your victory. The experts believe that person who learnt to accept the flow is the one who will be winner always, in each situation.

If you think about flow, you need to think like about some special life strategy that might help you to find bravery and freedom to let yourself be who you are and above all, to not be afraid of the consequences. Playing tango with flow is like learning to adapt your surfing skills to waves but still enough positive about the intensity of ocean. Whatever happens, will give you more strength and more creativity to take things as they are, believing that they do not work against you but for you.

That is not so easy and the flow philosophy is more than life perspective. It is the way of life, that radiates from one singly activity upon the whole horizon of hopes and dreams.

The flow is always unique and never the common thing. Each of us has own flow, something like path and mission but not everyone is capable to recognize the call of flow and not enough free to take it and accept authenticity.

It is full acceptance of who you are and what are your priorities. You don’t hide or pretend, you are proud for being free and brave human being, for walking your own road, without doubts. That’s harmony, symbiosis of your fears and your dreams. The flow helps to discipline fears and mobilize them into progress rather than to be there for regress. The fears are negative but if they are the part of your own alignment and story, they could be there as your partners in crime, as your fuel. The problem of all of us is that we put so much negative energy into thinking about future that any creative force is enabled to go through and to give us life we deserve. The role of flow is to check on our trust and to kill our doubts, to help us being stronger than we think and braver than we are. The mission of flow is to design life circumstances that we latent hope for. It is all about freedom. Without freedom, there is no that molecule of madness that make earth go round.

So, our flow is the safe home for us. Our NOW, the shelter, the temple, the existence as it is . Raw and not edited but still pleasant for living. There is no time and place for fears unless they are there in some real situations but not mind created weapon against future. Those fears or overthinking caused by not living in flow is the root cause of many problems in the world. The generations are not brave enough and not crazy enough to make the music based on their own accord. It is copy and paste regime, where the institution of flow is used in campaign against vegans, tree huggers and modern hippie children. The society doesn’t need brave people but biased and opinionated, scared of any strategy that is not recommended.

How we can encourage our own flow mechanism and how we can live according the rules of life flow ? First, we need to understand that every attempt to live life against flow is actually try to silent own greater yourself, instead to cooperate with that courageous part of you, that shinning star inside of your soul. Second but not less important is the fact that flow consists of ebb and flow, action ( doing ) and inaction ( being). The both phases are very crucial at the given time and ignoring one or another is producing the stress that attacks the whole personality and life vibes. You are unhappy when you don’t find your flow or you don’t follow the rules of your flow.

Some psychologists say that we punish ourselves when we don’t track our flow energy. Sometimes you are not active but your being is also creating the miracles. The universe has your back and you just need to trust. It is not always time for action but for contemplation and meditation when you find yourself in harmony with inside and outside world. This is not some kind of neobudistic movement but the reality of our human existence.

The Happiness is overrated. You aren’t happy when you managed to have all things that are visible but when you find your flow formula applicable on your life way. Then, you will be able to act for yourself and to find your own line of happiness. It is called authenticity in living and being.

Personally, I am searching for my flow and I know this is not an easy job. I also know that I will feel the peace, once when I find freedom to accept my call and to surf on my flow, with no fear but with pure faith in the moment of NOW.

Dare to find your own flow, you won’t regret.


  1. What an excellent article, Sarah !

    This is in line with “Acceptance” and “living in the present”. The past is gone, and the future is not here and, in fact, when it comes, it’s totally different from what we thought.

    Thank you for this powerful message, Sarah ! As for your writing, it’s excellent, as always !


  2. Sarah’s allusive article reminded me of the epitaph of Νίκος Καζαντζάκης (Nikos Kazantzakis, 1883-1957), which reads ‘Δεν ελπίζω τίποτα. Δε φοβούμαι τίποτα. Είμαι λέφτερος…’ (i.e. I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free…).

    The human concepts of ‘felicity’, ‘belonging’ and ‘fulfillment’ are all down to individual perception of existence. On the atomic and molecular level, these concepts are irrelevant and our organic selves are subject to the interconnectedness of all entities (i.e. everything consists of atoms and molecules).

    Whatever occurs in the human world, I know that the infinite recycling processes of atoms and molecules will continue…


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