I don’t know if this article is to be started or ended with the fact that we are lost as a human race. The numerous situations proved that very few are humans while majority is just a flock of sheep that is leaded into the chaos. This is not about the current and ongoing crisis happening in Ukraine but also about the worldwide lunacy and madness that follow it.

Somewhere, it has been written that small wars are being born in the souls of unhappy people and if nothing has been done, they are developing themselves into the local, national and international conflicts with no end. We are witnessing now that greed of world is bigger than ever and it is conquering the common sense, emotions, compassion and everything what is normal. In other words, the twisted minds of all war sides are turning us into the position to think about potential nuclear war and life after, if any is there.

How we reached that point ? The evil is awaken long time ago in every single corner of this planet. It could be almost compared with the Land of Mordor in Tolkien universe of fantasy but, at the same side, it could be illustrated with Eagles song about lovely faces:”We are all just prisoners here, of our own device” Nobody is interested in critical thinking and reconsidering of structural attitude but to judge, follow the mass and don’t let the neutrality in between. When I studied international relations, I have been told that we need to keep on objective approach no matter how difficult is … the world I live in now is adjustable on leader desires, depends on social media dimension and nothing, simply nothing, beside it, could ever matter. Let’s call it simulation life. The modern Matrix that turn the modern wars almost into the computer games. The problem here is that people lose their lives while other don’t know how to stop simulation and decide to think on their own head.

Isn’t that a pathetic ? Homo sapiens invented technology to be able to be its slave. I am amazed how deep we are falling into the trap of non-critical opinion and realistic behavior. Since Covid-19 pandemic terror, people are colored by lethargy, melancholy and in the worst cases, depression. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been started in famous 2020 but many years back, after first serous social media impact on the pattern of behavior among people through the different level of projected life.

How we can now awake those people who live in simulation, in their own perfect Hotel California ? They won’t be capable to collect their courage and change things like our ancestors have moved swords to protect their homeland. This generation is useless, created from empty DNA. Those are brainless living forms that only can follow the formula of the accepted mass opinion and pretending they are super keyboard warriors with no sense of real life, behind the mansion walls, in the master chamber, with lots of lovely faces that can’t kill the beast.

As I mentioned before, I am not sure where and when we lost ourselves but we need to find our heart, souls and brain as soon as possible. The time is running out and we need to save this world and the future. We need to rethink our public psychology and to make the collective change of priority. First of all, we need to make big social media detoxification like we clean the body from the negative nutrients, we need to clean the mind from trash we are exposed on the daily level. The quantity of information is opposed to the quality of information which further means we are taking everything and benefit nothing. Sometimes , we need just more silence so we can hear again ourselves and what we really want and need. It is ok not to be ok, to be worried, annoyed or even angry. Those emotions are healthy if we know how to redirect them and to use them for our own rescue. The simulation we are all forced to live in us too aggressive and doesn’t let place and moment for us to be alone with our own questions and answers. The internal clock we have is never wrong as it is the feeling in our gut never against us. If you feel something is too much for you, cut it. Let yourself to be spoiled, silent or even to cry. Whatever works for you, let it do that for you. We are so much under the media and social pressure that we don’t let ourselves experience the silence that is so needed. The toxic information that are radiating all the time, 24/7 are causing people to be aggressive or suicidal. Do not forget that we still didn’t digest the post-coved depression and we are falling into the war atmosphere. That is definitely too much, even for the mental strongest person.

So, when we know all what we are exposed to, what we could do to save our mental health and wellbeing ? The world is enough wrong without us being decomposed. Thats why you need to work on your emotional acceptance of the reality. It means, you need to reduce your hours on being radiated by bad energy. Control your time on social media or reading news. Even if you read them, don’t accept them as the definite and ultimate but with reserve-objection. Never do such psychological gymnastic before bed time but rather pick up good book, solid meditation and artistic hobby or walk. Remember the following: if you are sick or mentally broken, you wont help the world either being saved. Only matter is if you are healthy, strong and devoted. The problem with our society is that nobody is working on internal problems but everyone is interested to repair external. How you will repair something when you cant fix your own-self ?

The world needs more critical thinkers that are consuming information and products with questions and challenges instead of accepting all without any background check. The critical thinking and education can save the world not the army of broken souls that are biased.

Dont be one of them, work for you and on you. Keep you mental dimension healthy, strong and clean, removing all that doesn’t benefit you.

It is ok not to be ok but it is not ok to accept that. Stand up for your mental health in the universe of fake things. Beat the beast in your own Hotel California. Do not be a prisoner.


  1. What an excellent article, Sarah !

    I totally concur with you, as most people, as I’ve stated over and over again, cannot think for themselves, and like to be told what to do.

    This stems from the lazy nature of most humans who prefer not to think. The results, as we can see, are dire, as autocrats get to make all the decisions that affect other people and their lives.

    One should always and constantly be educating oneself in order to be able to understand, and process information, and to make intelligent decisions !

    Thank you, Sarah, for your invaluable article and thoughts, as always !


  2. Sarah’s poignant and factual article brought to mind several quotes from the English writer and philosopher Aldous Huxley (1894-1963); such as ‘People will come to love their oppression; to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think’ and ‘Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards’.

    Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel ‘Brave New World’ (1931) was written by him as a statement about what he perceived was emerging in the linear, modern world of humans. He conjectured in the novel that future generations would be environmentally-engineered into an IQ-orientated social hierarchy.

    The novel, Brave New World, was triggered by specific utopian novels by fellow English author H.G. Wells (1866-1946); such as ‘A Modern Utopia’ (1905). Adlous Huxley used the optimism of those novels as a background setting for Artificial Intelligence creating, implementing and sustaining absolute control over human physiological and psychological evolution: a dystopian world with the illusion of optimism; much like the human world in reality.

    In 1931, just prior to writing Brave New World, Aldous Huxley visited a geochemical research & development institute in England, and this influenced him significantly, in the context of the technical aspects of the emerging Machine World: the author used the settings and characters in Brave New World to express the very real and widespread human apprehensions; particularly, the anxiety about loss of cultural identity in a rapidly-changing world. Fellow Englishman Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) employed humour to express the same fears in ordinary people across the world (i.e. his film ‘Modern Times’, 1936).

    Aldous Huxley wanted to articulate how and why Science and technology were dehumanising individuals from childhood onwards, in order to maximise material production and efficiency via the least expenditure of energy of human cerebral prowess.


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