The tragedy of our world is that we believe that we have enough time for all tomorrows we have ever planned. The fact is that life is even shorter for those who picked up off-road of existence, the shadow of hopes and the flag of death. The drug addiction is maybe something you choose yourself but many families have never wanted that their beloved sons or daughters end up in the darkness of drug kingdom. It has happened and they have to deal with it, some of them with less or more success, Some with pain and death.

The drug issue is not something you put up simply in the article and finish. The story in never-ending and deep, demanding and scary, the truth that has no mercy within our societies. Our daily reality, even if you don’t deal with the monster directly, you are indirectly targeted. Everyone is. The drug is the ruler that follows no rules but set up the rules. It is closer than you think, like it is the demon that never sleeps. That is why is very important for each individual to be informed about drug trends that are levitating around us so we can be able to protect those who we love and who are the most vulnerable members, children and teenagers.

The main advantage of the drug is that is available, or at least, some of the drugs could be reached, if you know the right channels or right people. If we keep in mind how many families are broken and disfigured and how many people are free or rather say, abounded satellites, doesn’t surprise that those hold on drugs or try to get them, as the comfort they lost. The discomposed society offers numerous variety of drugs for cup of dollars, at the beginning and as the addiction is getting higher and worse, the amount and the price is getting up, taking more and more of the values, causing even the criminal activity so the sick need is fed.

What is then the gray death that all people talk about and warn about? It is a serious matter that must be analysed from all sides, so we can be able to discuss the options for fighting it. Unfortunately, nowadays, this fatal drugs cocktail is like a cancer metastasis, that is all over and we are late. The name itself is a typical street name that covers the opioid combination of very powerful and deadly drugs that cause the fatal overdosing, especially in the USA and parts of the Europe. According to some research studies, the synthetic combo drugs is more times potent than heroin and many victims of this gray death are reported in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) wrote that this drug is not some single drug but the hazard mixture of very destructive opioids, that may contain heroin, fentanyl and U-47700, one of the most dangerous narcotics. There are also the combinations that even include the carfentanil. From one street case to another or to illegal ways of getting the drug cocktail, is also the different development of the addiction and fatal destiny. The consumers usually don’t know what kind of opioids are in the gray death they are purchasing so naturally they cant guess what is the outcome, if ever they could. The most dangerous is definitely U-47700 and furanyl fentanyl that are lethal at very low doses. The law enforcement, health care providers and the public that is included in the drug battle have been warned to avoid contact with bare skin and to be very careful while handling the drug addicted patient . The Georgia Bureau of Investigations(GBI) reported that gray death powder can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin and could be extremely toxic and could cause the severe and also fatal respiratory problems and inconveniences. The American police officers, those who are in drug departments, are asked to wear personal protective equipment and to carefully confiscate any unknown synthetic opioid, because of the risk that could be gray death. There are scientists that believe that all over known protective gloves don’t have effect on gray death that is stronger than any available equipment. The media has also brought up the story about police officer in Ohio that has been overdosed on the gray death after he touched the drug during an arrest. If that is truth or just an urban myth, I cant really confirm at this point.

The another furious drug us also carfentanil that has been used to anesthetize the elephants but when it is the part of the drug fellowship, it could add the portion of deadly effects since it is 100 times more potent than fentanyl and even 10000 times more potent than morphine itself. The people who desire to consume drugs are usually unaware that mostly of those drug mixture has been designed in some cheap drug laboratory abroad and transported all over through the organised crime routes and undergrounds. Nobody really knows what is there and what is the portion of each drug. The big issue in the USA is that, on average, 130 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose, but some also include the prescription of oral painkillers and there are also those prescribed opioids that have been used without limitations. If we know that gray death could be distributed and sold in powder or tablet form, it is easy to imagine that you could consume it through injection, smoking, snorting or taking it orally. The post-consumption symptoms are difficult breathing, dizziness, vomiting or nausea, lethargy, cold skin, heart problems and many other consequences that are coming when people think that gray death is bringing them super mood or escape dimension.

This drug is worse than any virus because it is made, designed by human and far away from nature and its solutions. It is a greedy proof of our civilisation and its priority. Everything is turned to be good for profit and abused for profit, no matter of life or death. The drug addiction is the worst pandemics ever and nobody is talking about strategy against it and possible way out of magic circle of drug designing and drug consuming. The states could close this shameful drug highway but they don’t want, they don’t have really interest. All what we can is to take care of the time that is given to us and about those we love, so they cant jump into this terrible drug trap.


  1. Sarah’s poignant article reminded me of the protracted history of clandestine US-government involvement in global drug trafficking (e.g. for geopolitical purposes to facilitate US-corporate agendas)…

    During The Korean War (1950-53), The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, est. 1947) trafficked narcotics to fund weapons purchases for anti-Communist forces in China, from 1949 onwards. This would be expanded in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, from the early-1960s until the end of The Vietnam War in 1975.

    Within the USA itself, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) worked closely with both representatives of the CIA and regional mafia powers in order to neutralize the growing influences of The Black Panther Party, and this was done by saturating black neighbourhoods with heroin and other addictive narcotics. This was intrinsic to the illegal COINTELPRO (i.e. counter intelligence programme) of successive US-government, from 1956-71.

    During the Nicaraguan Contra War (1980s), US-President Reagan supported the local drug lords (i.e. shipments of narcotics into the USA) in Central America, in return for assistance given to anti-Communist forces. This resulted in a rapid and extensive lethal drug trade within the USA: violent crimes rates increased significantly as a direct result of Reagan’s illegal and clandestine policy.

    The CIA had been assisting General Noriega in Panama since the 1960s (i.e. his drug trafficking empire), in exchange for his suppression of Socialism and Communism in Panama.

    However, when a CIA piloted-plane was shot down over Nicaragua by the Sandinistas, documents aboard the plane revealed many of the CIA’s activities in Latin America, and the CIA’s connections with General Noriega became a public relations liability for the US-government. US-President Bush Snr (former CIA Director) ordered The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to indict Noriega for drug trafficking (the DEA had been trying to indict him since the 1970s, but was silenced by successive US-governments). The US-military invaded Panama (an illegal action under International Law) and arrested Noriega to recreate ‘history’ (i.e. morality of US-government).

    During the war in Afghanistan (2001-2021), successive US-governments invested in illegal activities to perpetuate and expand the drug trade in Afghanistan: this had various purposes; such as neutralizing resistance forces, funding local forces working with the US-military, sustaining illicit neutralizing projects inside the USA itself (e.g. dissident groups of indigenous North Americans) and to facilitate post-war financial potential for other illegal agendas (e.g. proxy wars in Africa).

    In 2007, 93% of illicit opiates on the global market originated from Afghanistan, and by 2019, the area still sustained about 84% of the illegal world markets. In addition, Afghanistan is the world’ number producer of hashish.


      By William Blum – Published February 2013

      [The United States routinely interferes with elections of dozens of other nations and even “installs” political leaders through various CIA operations, including CIA-led coups and assassinations of foreign leaders].

      Instances of the United States overthrowing or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

      •China 1949 to early 1960s

      •Albania 1949-53

      •East Germany 1950s

      •Iran 1953 *

      •Guatemala 1954 *

      •Costa Rica mid-1950s

      •Syria 1956-7

      •Egypt 1957

      •Indonesia 1957-8

      •British Guiana 1953-64 *

      •Iraq 1963 *

      •North Vietnam 1945-73

      •Cambodia 1955-70 *

      •Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *

      •Ecuador 1960-63 *

      •Congo 1960 *

      •France 1965

      •Brazil 1962-64 *

      •Dominican Republic 1963 *

      •Cuba 1959 to present

      •Bolivia 1964 *

      •Indonesia 1965 *

      •Ghana 1966 *

      •Chile 1964-73 *

      •Greece 1967 *

      •Costa Rica 1970-71

      •Bolivia 1971 *

      •Australia 1973-75 *

      •Angola 1975, 1980s

      •Zaire 1975

      •Portugal 1974-76 *

      •Jamaica 1976-80 *

      •Seychelles 1979-81

      •Chad 1981-82 *

      •Grenada 1983 *

      •South Yemen 1982-84

      •Suriname 1982-84

      •Fiji 1987 *

      •Libya 1980s

      •Nicaragua 1981-90 *

      •Panama 1989 *

      •Bulgaria 1990 *

      •Albania 1991 *

      •Iraq 1991

      •Afghanistan 1980s *

      •Somalia 1993

      •Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *

      •Ecuador 2000 *

      •Afghanistan 2001 *

      •Venezuela 2002 *

      •Iraq 2003 *

      •Haiti 2004 *

      •Somalia 2007 to present

      •Honduras 2009

      •Libya 2011 *

      •Syria 2012

      •Ukraine 2014 *
      AFGHANISTAN 2017

      Unless Americans study, THE CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME and THE PHOENIX PROGRAM, by Douglas Valentine, they will continue to live in La La Land!

      Start in chapter 13 of THE CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME! This will show you what the CIA is doing TODAY and then you can go back and start reading the rest of the book.

      The CIA is the greatest Terrorist Organization, in the world!



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