I must go to Vermont, if not now then immediately after. Since I was a child, I was dreaming about going and staying in Vermont, forever. Why? Because this 14th American state talks the language of my soul, plays the melody of my heart and I cant anything but merging with this beautiful green mountain that has been founded in 1777 as the Vermont Republic, operated as post office and had its own currency known as Vermont coppers.

Some friend of mine brought me the maple syrup from Vermont and then I learnt that this amazing American jewel state is the largest producer of maple syrup in the USA with more than 500,000 gallons in year. It is very interesting to keep in mind that sugar maple needs about 40 years to be able to give something, anything. Furthermore, the production of just one single gallon of maple syrup requires more than 40 gallons of sap. Then, there is your delicious syrup for pancakes but the difficult reality is behind, however.

The mesmerising beauty of Vermont is in landscape settings and breathing scenery if nature that is kissing the sky, with different colour solutions. The Vermont has more of 80% covered with pure wood and just few cities in between. The painters would be lost in that rainbow explosions, especially in the fall season, when the leaf are dying in spiritual ritual of the last wind dance. Those colours are simply screaming at the visitors, showing the never ending spectrum of dark red, sunny yellow, deep orange and forest green. Everything is there and nothing is missing. You would think that autumn paradise is the best season of the Vermont but Vermont is really flourishing in winter, when the snow is embracing the forest colonies, offering the Christmas tale of its own kind.

The Vermont is progressive and interesting state. Just to think that it was one of the first American states that abolished slavery, guaranteed women voting rights and also implemented cool rules about banning billboard advertising, together with Hawaii, Maine and Alaska. On the other side, Vermont is just 22% religious, has the smallest population after Wyoming and just one telephone area code- 802, that they are very proud of.

When you imagine that fantastic place with very few people who are, above all, down to the Earth and mentally healthy, you are simply in love with Vermont. Charlie, the friend of my friend who lives in Vermont, told me that I have to visit every single bakery when I am there. Why ? Because each of them is unique as Vermont itself. I would love to be lost in King Arthur Flour Bakery & Cafe (Norwich), since some old recipes have found the role in the modern times. The bakery itself is running from the late 18th century, combining the classic baking art with modern design in Norwich. The Bohemian Bakery is also must go coffee but I myself would always pick up Birchgrove Baking (Montpelier). It is somehow like taken away from some fairy tale. Small, intimate and not so commercial but still original and dreamy.

Have you ever been to Woodstock for a Christmas ? I heard that nothing could be ever compared with Wassail Weekend in Woodstock and the magic of Christmas times in Vermont. The white perfection is overloaded and never enough shown but it is the remarkable. During those days, the whole town is like the awaken Christmas tale, that is welcoming the whole world. The white Christmas is here the reality that is keeping us sane the whole year long. It is not about the parade, holiday mood and magical events all around with people who are in Christmas and winter mode but about the fantasy that is lurking on every soul, turning us into happy children once again. In winter, Vermont has another face, totally attractive and unforgettable, depending on how we imagine our perfect leisure activities.Some people enjoy outdoor entreatment and winter is offering you plenty of them in Vermont. Thinking of fat mountain biking though the snow, ice skating or skiing, you wont be wrong. For every single person is something in the menu. If you are not some fan of sport and outdoor, the towns like Manchester, Stowe or Burlington can give you the wonderful opportunity to shop, eat well and enjoy your time off in that sparkling season of Vermont.

There are numerous possibilities for staying over there in Vermont, for tourist visit or for the sake of travelling and experiencing the wild beauty of America. If you are more into commercial and industrial offers, you will find many lodges, high values hotels and restaurants but you can also support small local business owners and their place on the tourist market, especially after Civid19 terrible attack on budget and business strategy. Pick up the locals for an unique local experience in the Vermont things and adventures. If you are there, dare to feel local life and offers. Maybe you will see somewhere funny Bernie Sanders or you will be invited for some of the birthday parties from Vermont people, known as very friendly, funny and warm.

The wildlife of Vermont is rich and precious. If you find yourself as friend of long hikes or snow mobiles, you might see wolves, coyotes, mountain lions or other interesting critters, that have found their peace in some of the remote forest labyrinths of Vermont. You have to keep on caution and to respect the natural borders but you can still enjoy the wild portrait of the land of green mountains and blue lakes, captured in eternity. The land is the crown of the natural beauty of the USA and definitely one of the most inspiring corners of the land of the free and home of the brave. The Winter diamond, magic window into the better world, our Vermont.


  1. As a Canadian I can only live in the USA for 6 months a year and immigrating to there for me is very complicated, if not impossible. That said, I grew up in Quebec, which is just north of Vermont across the border and I’m very familiar with that State as I used to go there when I was a child. It is absolutely beautiful and just like you described. As for the production of maple syrup, nothing beats the province of Quebec though. Have a look at the following link to see the volume of maple syrup produced each year in the province.

    That said, most of eastern Canada, all the way to Ontario and the northeastern states in the USA do produce maple syrup and other maple products. You know when you’re in an area where maple syrup is abundant when you go to a restaurant and that’s what they’ll serve you with your pancakes. Everywhere else, expect to be served good old Aunt Jemima, which is a crime if you grew up on the real maple syrup!


  2. Sarah’s invigorating and informative article induced me to ponder the possible ecosystems of pre-colonial periods (e.g. 1400-1500) in the region of what became Vermont…

    Ostensibly, only a small percentage of the biodiversity remains now from the pre-colonial periods, but there are glimpses of what it may have looked like, etc.

    Presently, Vermont has about 41 species of indigenous reptiles and amphibians, 70 species of freshwater fish, 193 native avian species, 58 mammals, over 15,000 insect species and thousands of flora species.

    Fundamentally, wildlife of Vermont has suffered significantly since early-colonial times, because of extensive hunting, development and so on (i.e. destruction of natural habitats). Industrialisation in the 20th century greatly-reduced regional biodiversity and eradicated many of the fragile ecosystems it depended upon.

    For example, the use of DDT as a pesticide resulted in ospreys laying eggs that were too thin to support the embryos, and the species became extinct in Vermont: reintroduction programmes have been successful, fortunately.

    Vermont is in the temperate broadleaf and mixed forests biome, and much of the state is covered by the conifers and northern hardwoods of the New England-Acadian forests. These provide glimpses into pre-colonial forests.


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