I am feeling like I am someone else, almost for weeks, maybe months. Like I lost myself somewhere in transit, accidentally. It should be better but it isn’t. They promised the world without pandemic but the fact is that we have the pandemics without the world to take place in. It’s messy, difficult but not impossible to find way out from the darkness we are all in. I hear you and I know you hear me, we are all the same in this process of repairing of our souls and damaged thoughts.

To be able to develop and hold on hope, we need to recognize causes of our lethargy, sadness or even discomfort. Some people step into depression because they tolerate the rise of negativity, without trying to stop it on time. Depression is not a joke, once when you lose your soul and mind into shadows, it is so challenging to get back on the track, on the sunshine. That’s why we need to act now, when those tiny voices of overthinking and pessimism try to overcome our wellbeing and to cultivate our spirit into the swamp of bad vibes.

I wouldn’t discuss if I didn’t experience myself. The global pandemics has changed our priorities, showing us that nothing is safe and almost everyone is at risk. It’s not about virus and death, it’s about wasting of life joy and colors to wake up with. Many intelligent people know that real problem starts when we dismiss crucial connection with our inner child that is hoping cheerful for each new day. If the adventures are dangerous, the routine is a lethal. It puts you on the road with no end and you are stuck like in the house at the end of the time. You think you know where is the end but you aren’t even sure it has ever started. That’s how it is with the current situation and covid expectations. The whole new dimension of living and thinking. All you have is now and here. The complete pressure created fear that is more lunatic and aggressive than any covid statistics. People don’t die when they are finally dead, they die when something within them give up on life … and I know many of those who are dead inside, for a long time, just performing the life, making a grotesque mimic of being present.

This is not negative, this is real. I know how do you feel because I feel you and I feel like you. No desire, no appetite for life wind, nothing but everything at the same time. Once when we lose hope, we are lost and that’s exactly what we shouldn’t do. We can talk about negativity but we should never give it a chance to role our life, switching it to the field of disappointments and failed plans. That boulevard of broken dreams is something that doesn’t happen to us, to any life warrior but life worrier. I am here to remind you that this is temporary but your all emotions are acceptable, the part of you and they can heal you and be your fuel, once you learn to embrace them, recognize their mission and turn them into your strength.

Surely, it is not easy to shine when you feel low, to do anything when you have desire for nothing but you need to hear yourself before expecting anyone else do that for you. It’s your job to fix yourself. How ? You need to think about all negative things that are bothering you but at the same time to think about parallel positive things that have happened to you. Never forget that both happen at the same time but you focus on darkness more than you see light. Write down your fears and try to see them as your wings. Remember that only fears that are real are those you give them power to control you but you can also give them control to move your success and you on the right zone. They could be your drivers into your own spiritual transformation.

I talked to some woman who told me that we shouldn’t ever be ashamed of our weakness. If we are sad, we should comfort ourselves and cherish like we would cherish someone else we love. The problem is that we don’t have time to cherish ourselves or we don’t want to have time. Your own being also needs attention, care, love and support…. and if you want to be in bed the whole day, watching movies or just sleeping, do it but limit it on some period. Give a time yourself to be ok, the wheel of the world can wait. You will grind again, after you go back to your superpower mode.

What are the solutions for dealing with zero desire for making life great again ? The decision that you need to do that after you let your own soul heals your body and mind. Try to write your thoughts and to follow them from day to day. If you have plans, write them down and modify them. You aren’t tree, you can also move there where the sunshine is warmer and more intense. You can always find your own blue sky, if you don’t give up looking for but you need to stop overthinking and you need to stop feeding your brain and your spirit with negative informations from the society. Make a cleaning of your own mental surroundings. Let the toxic people and relations be a past for you, focus on the blooming environment that is waking up the best in you.

The small steps change the final destiny. Every day is a new beginning for you. Nothing is ended and everything is to be started if you promise yourself that you deserve the best life ever.

I believe in you. I hear you. I am like you. We can do it and we will do it.

Let’s make our life great again.


  1. Sarah’s thought-provoking article reminded me of the lyrics of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’…

    Whenever I am low in spirits, I slip inside Nature (e.g. a forest, an ocean, a meadow), and fell all the weight of the human world fall away…

    Imagine there’s no heaven…
    It’s easy if you try:
    No hell below us,
    Above us only sky…
    Imagine all the people living for today…
    Imagine there’s no countries…
    It isn’t hard to do:
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too…
    Imagine all the people living life in peace…
    You may say I’m a dreamer,
    But I’m not the only one:
    I hope some day you’ll join us,
    And the world will be as one…
    Imagine no possessions…
    I wonder if you can:
    No need for greed or hunger,
    A brotherhood of man…
    Imagine all the people sharing all the world…
    You may say I’m a dreamer,
    But I’m not the only one:
    I hope some day you’ll join us,
    And the world will be as one…


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