“Fear is fictional, courage is a decision.”


When Tom told me, back in 2014, about wolverine and how they are brave and fiery to challenge the wolves, I didn’t really believe. He, Canadian, on a big travel in Europe, has taught me about the new animal, I even haven’t had idea it exists. Nevertheless, I remember the moving story about little member of weasel family that doesn’t give up on fighting with great grey wolf. This is a message that the size of enemy means nothing if the heart is made from steel and that’s exactly what we can link to wolverines. Their heart is almost made from steel and shaped into the courage of the century in animal world. The wolverines don’t care about the hierarchy and they are ready to question it. I like to think about them as about mischievous game changers in our environment.

Some scientists call this animal usually a Ghost of the Northern Forest but the fact is that the wolverine is actually the largest member of the Mustelidae or weasel family. The Gulo Gulf, devil bear or skunk bear is some kind of dog sized mammal or gigantic otter that looks like a super hybrid of wolf and bear. The animal has perfect claws and amazing jaws as well as bold character and strong spirit. They are known to be located in remote Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of the world because they adore cold weather and conditions of life so they could be seen in northern Canada, Alaska, Siberia and Scandinavia.

What we should learn about them ? They are versatile predators that could be also scavengers, when needed. For them, it is not a big deal to hunt or prey because they are able to move up to 40 miles per day, to reach the food or to survive. The wolverine could eat all so they are omnivorious. The fascinating thing about them is that they do not lurk only on prey smaller than they are or at least the same size but they are able to attack the animals many times their size, such as caribou or deer, especially if they are injured and fragile. These animals simply know how to use the opportunity and how to provide themselves a meal, even if that means a little bit of intelligent field game with the opponents. Those wolf bears are known to be smart and fast in adapting on the circumstances but they are also very good observers. This means that they develop their hunting skills but they will still try to get free or to steal food, if the chance is there. It is stated that wolverines are really good in hunting poor beavers and jumping into their dens and killing them. Since they do not hibernate, they are active all year long, trying to survive through the not easy daily obstacles in isolated territories, mostly controlled by wolves, the only animals that dare to attack and kill the wolverines:“The use of motion-activated trail cameras has given researchers extensive footage of wolverine behaviour that shows just how intelligent and adaptable these animals are in the wild. Wolverines have learned to take advantage of seldom-used roads and cutlines through industrial areas as easy shortcuts across and around their territory. They’ve also learned how to take advantage of the baited box traps placed in different areas of the forest by researchers who want to track them using satellite collars. Some uncollared wolverines have learned how to nibble at the bait without getting caught, while others who have already been collared don’t mind getting caught repeatedly if it means they can finish a good meal of beaver meat while they wait to be released by the research team. ” 

The wolverines are solitary animals but they do care about their family and they are loyal protectors of their kits. The teens wolverine stay with mothers so they can develop survival skills and learn from parents occasionally. They learn how to dig into the grounds where are hibernating animals and how to attack them but also how to smell dead animal under 20 feet of snow. In spite of fact that they have poor eyesight, the wolverines are more active at night, ready to get into the fight with bears or wolves, for food or territory. I love that they are anti-social and not usually seen in the groups but rather alone. However, that doesn’t mean they are easily afraid. In opposite, they are not such a big friend of fear or they do not show it. The wolverine can walk, run, climb or even swim when it is necessary for survival. Those animals arent endangered and their presence in wildlife is stable and safe but they could be possible endangered by climate changes, human activity and colonial conquering of the remote parts of the nature.

For me, the most exciting part about the wolverine is indeed the one that is explaining their permanent conflict with the wolves. It is even documented how many times there have been a real bloody war between great wolf and wolverine and the wolverine hasn’t been defeated. The one study confirmed that the wolverine killed polar bear so I guess they could be pretty much nasty animals, when they decide to play on the battle ground. If they come to take a food after the wolves are gone, then all is fine and nothing bad will happen but if they come and wolves arent still done and gone, the conflict is a typical way-out and usually the wolf is the one who loses. That is why I am so awed by wolverines. It is not about their physical size but about the size of their burning heart that simply doesn’t give up and doesn’t accept the given order. For the wolverine, the world is to be changed and if they must start the revolution, they do not retreat and they do not see any point in surrender. I guess that their advantage is that they have never ever doubted in themselves and that is also the key of their survival success in unfriendly Earth corners, where each step must be calculated and may be the last one.

I find every single animal important for our ecosystem and I share the opinion that they deserve their own piece of peace, without us to interfere and to decide about their future. The animals among themselves will always find a way to get out of war or to make a temporary peace. They all work together for the Earth benefits and our role is to observe, learn and protect the circumstances for their safe existence in our world. The wolverine has brilliant mind and brave heart that could motivate us to never be afraid of challenges, no matter who or what they are.


  1. Sarah’s insightful and delightful article brought to mind ‘The wolverine pendant of Les Eyzies’ in France: it is a pendant made of animal bone and adorned with an engraving of a wolverine, which dates to c. 10,500 BCE.

    It may have been worn as a necklace or paced on a tribal post. The pendant expresses the reverence for the wolverine of those who created it: the Magdalenian Epoch (c. 15,000-12,000 BCE) encompassed much of Western Europe. The people hunted the wolverine for its frost-resistant fur.

    The Magdalenian peoples used bones, reindeer antlers and animal teeth to display crude pictures carved or etched on them of seals, fish, reindeer, mammoths and other creatures; like the wolverine, each one given deference by the people.

    There was once a universal reverence for Nature by humans…


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