I have never been thrilled with the advertising of beauty or health products. First of all, the Purpose of my writing has never been colored with financial gain. The second but not less important, I am the one who like digging and exporing the world, sharing my experiences on that road. So, how I got into the collagen story at all? Actually, I was reading some scinetific observations about our Body and ist functions and malfunctions.  Suddenly, the meaning of collage peptide seems to be worth of my thoughts because, as I believe, it may address many aspects of our well Рbeing.

The collagen itself is one of the most crucial proteins in our body and definitely responsible for building up the infrastructure of your bones and all other sensitive tissues. In other words, the collagen is one that make our skin glow or grey.¬†¬†According to some studies, collagen is a Guardian of the beautiful skin due to its multidimensional purpose of three polypeptide chains:”These so-called őĪ-chains are wrapped around each other to form triple-helical macromolecules: a unique structure, size and amino acid sequence. In collagenous sequences, glycine (Gly) is present as every third residue. This enables the formation of the three chains into a triple-helical structure. Thus, the common feature for all collagens is a sequence that can be expressed as (Gly-X-Y)*n, where X and Y are frequently represented by proline (Pro) and hydroxyproline (Hyp), respectively. This sequence is necessary for the collagen to assemble the fibrils that subsequently form fibers, providing unmatched structural integrity for the extracellular matrix of conjunctive tissues.”

The collagen ,as the substantial proteine, is one that directs the destiny of our skin.  It doesnt really surprise that some people have forever young look while others are dealing with wrinkles. It is about genetics but also about the consistency of Collagen in our body. The stydy,  that has been lead in the USA, has shown that those women who have consumed collagen Supplements have improved their skin elasticity and reduced and slowed the aging signs. Those positive effects are not the only one because collagen is taking care of joint pain, preventing bone loss, helping boosting the muscle mass and improving the heart health generally. These are  collagens type I, type II and type III.

How could collagen help about the joint pain? The amount of collagen that is produced in our body descreases as we get older,  which causes  potential problem with lack of this valuable proteine.  If we support our body with supplements, we may prevent the struggle and reduce the risk of Inflammation of the Joints because the collagen fixes the hot Zone or, at least, limits the pain and discomfort.


What about bone loss ? Our age determinates the conditions of our health and if we Show the zero interest in cultivating our body and empowering our immune System, we will also experience the Zero success in maintaining or developing good health indicators. One of those negative sides of getting older is losing bone Density and sliding into bone quality  disorder. The collagen peptides give the volume to our bones and if this proteine is missed, the bone themselves cant keep the stability but rather reach deviations like osteoporosis.

The muscle mass progress  and collagen are in interdependance. The  relation between muscle growth and this Proteine is tight and strong due to the fact that about 10% of muscle tissue is composed of collagen. This could be tested by comparing time before consumption of collagen and after, parallel with Fitness and body building. I am sure that some great athletes will gladly confirm this Benefit of collagen proteine.

The Medicine has also researched the adventages of collagen for the heart health. It is stated that collagen provides the structure to the arteries, making them strong and less vulnerable. There are also some advanced studies about the impact of Collagen on the brain health but these are still not confirmed. Nevertheless, the person who has included  the collagen supplements in daily nutrition can note the gamechanger. I am not proposing that each of us should immediately consume this Proteine but it is worth of consideration, especially because the pure collagen is difficult to get out the food and synthesized by  the body. This is known to be an endogenous or natural collagen. The second type is one we provide to our body through the supplements and this is exogenous collagen or synthetic.


The reason why we all risking of losing the collagen is the absence of information about the factors that reduce the level of this proteine in our body.  What are these factors? Lets start with sugar. We all know that consumption of sugar has a lots of negative side-effects but in this case, can weaken the collagen proteins and their actions. The sugar is not the only enemy of collagen. The sun is also not the  collagen friendly because it ruins the Surface of our skin as well as the full potential of collagen to repair from inside. Smoking itself also breaks the chain of collagen orders in the body and causes the delayed engagement or even limited.

You cant start consuming collagen and then stop it. It is a Long-Lasting trust and care about the needs of your body. There is no such a thing like enough Level of collagen Proteine because of the collagenase. Dr. Jaliman in his research explains that our bodies are producing the enzyme that eats away our natural collagen and synthetic collagen doesnt reach so easily the critical places in our body, so we need to keep enabling the collagen as a source of  our skin and bone support.

There is no an ideal product that will replace your organic factory of collagen but there are some that could be found on the market and tested individiually. Our body is our temple and we owe it the respect, care and love. It is not always easy, cheap or simply but it must be done. Its our first home and the proof of self-love.





  1. What a lovely and interesting article, Sarah !

    I read about collagen and its benefits over the last few years. However, for me, as a vegan, it’s a little more challenging to find vegan collagen.

    This definitely reminds all of us to eat well-balanced meals. Beans are an essential part of a vegan diet and are so beneficial to health on so many levels including amino acids.

    Thank you, Sarah, for this educational article ! Excellent writing as always !


  2. Sarah’s interesting and informative article reminded me of the injustice and racism the Indian scientist experienced who was the first to propose a triple helical model for the structure of collagen, in 1954.

    Dr Gopalasamudram Narayanan Ramachandran (1922-2001) was an Indian physicist who was known for his work that led to his creation of ‚ÄėThe Ramachandran Plot‚Äô for understanding peptide structure.

    Dr Ramachandran spent two years (1947-49) at The Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge University, England, where he earned his Ph.D. After completing his PhD, he returned to The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, as an assistant professor of physics. In 1952, he moved to Madras University as professor and head of The Department of Physics where he continued his work on crystal physics.

    However, his interest shifted to the structure of biological macromolecules. Using X-ray diffraction, he proposed and published the triple helical structure of collagen in 1954; drawing worldwide scientific attention. Diffraction was the technique being used to decipher the structures of biomolecules; such as DNA and proteins.

    Several influential Anglo-Saxon scientists in England and North America did not like the fact that an Indian had documented such an intrinsic and important aspect of molecular biology and they engineered it so that the credit was extended to specific Western institutions by criticising Dr Ramachandran’s methods, etc.

    Nevertheless, Dr Ramachandran was not about to give up without a fight: he continued his research and documented the underlying principles which determine what forms polypeptide chains incorporate or reject protein. In 1963, he presented The Ramachandran Plot, which validates protein structures.

    Fortunately, some progressive minds replaced some of the old school racists of the Western institutions, and Dr Ramachandran was awarded a Fellowship to The Royal Society in London, England, in the 1960s.


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