“Too bored to do Nothing. To lazy to do anything.”



The Covid-19 pandemics and the global lockdown has shown us also  something else, the capability of People to deal with themselves, behind the closed doors. This means,  we have been forced to entertain ourselves the best way we can, as long as it must be. Thanks to the rise of digital technology and social media, the majority of human beings have not been so despair as it could look like, at the first sight.  At the end of the day, we are all Prisoners of cyber Era and being locked or free, doesnt change our Relations with likes, Bytes and Internet miracles of fun. However, there are People who try to find alternative methodes of keeping themseves busy in the challenging time of worldwide quarantine and usually those People are writing me and asking me have I ever thought about tips for preventing boredom and laziness, without reaching out for Internet.

How we can define boredom and how we can define laziness? Those Feelings are not twins but siblings and both of them can beat our creativity, aunthenticity and final happiness.  First of all, we Need to learn that one infleunce another but boredom is more state of being and condition while laziness is a lack of discipline. The both, merged in one person, can cause the never ending story of deep Frustration, Anger and long lasting absence of Motivation.

Some friends of mine complain that they dont know how to spend their free time. During the quarantine, many of them have experienced the dangerous rise of Depression and lethargy that are grounded on the lack of intersests and life focuses. Personally, I think that boredom and laziness dont depend on our character or nature but on the circumstences we Chose to follow and adapt in our life Schema. The theories about lazy and boredom People are not acceptable for me and my Point of view because I firmly believe in super power of every human being, in ability to be funny, creative, the homo ludens, the playful meber of homo sapiens pride. The Society is one that kills our  creativity and , through the fake entertaiment values and forced channells of having fun.  In other words,, People Arent allowed to be weird in positive way and to be free in their expressions of Talents or they are allowed as long as that matches  the global Image.

We are witnessing the trend of gloryfying the same in Serial production and attacking the unique in authentic creation. Instead of encouring auntehnticity, the global world is in love with clones. If we take look on it, we will note that People who arent bored are a Special Kind of breed, usually those who are free thinkers, vagabundas and Warriors and not worriers. What we will do with the others ? I dont say they are not great People but I would suggest them to let their hearts being braver and their minds being more opened for different choices. Everything is possible if you dare starring long enough at stars.

So, even the most active person has a Moment of boredom and laziness and that is completly ok. I understand it since I am Fighting with those feelings once a time. I am not ashamed of them because they are the product of my colorful personality and variety of emotions. Usually, I have many activities and lots of Hobbys. Sometimes, I am on that Zero Point and Nothing really helps. It is not just the boredom or laziness, it is more like lack of interest to be productive, caused by daily strtuggles, tiredness or spring Fatigue.  Maybe I am the expert in finding the excuses but I am sure that some days are better and some are worse and that hits each of us, more or less.

How you can kill the boredom before it kills your super authenticity ? You need to work on yourself, mentally and physically and that is the only road of spiritual pleasure. What does it mean ? You Need to find those Little but big Things that make YOU happy. It could be reading and you should pick up the Right type of book, the one that will Keep you awake and thrilled. Do not read just because the reading is recommended. Ever book is written for someone, you should never give up to search for one written for you. If you are artistic Soul, try to empower your painting skills. Maybe it is your real Talent, still not recognized, waitng to be brought on the light. Nobody is Born as Maestro but all of Maestros refused to be bored and lazy. If you are more into writing, you can try to set up your own blog and write About somethign you would like to read. It is always the best beginning and rememeber my words, there is no bad writer. Not fan of writing for a public? Nothing to worry About, you can make your own book of Feelings Diary of daily emotions or Journal of actvities. It will make you proud to follow your Progress through the emotional stages or daily Projects.

You can adopt the pet and you will have a new reason to be strong and to take care of the innocent creature that will be thankfulf for all.  If pet is a higher demand, try with plants. The compassion has never been wrong. You can decide to learn new language, meet new Friends or start doing new Sport. It is up on you but it must be done by you.

There is no perfect day but there is a bit of perfection in every Imperfect day. We Need to learn to see it and embrace it because the thankful heart is a magnet for many miracles. The boredom and laziness shouldnt been alloowed guests in your home. You can do it better, way better, starting today.

I believe in you, in all of us.


















  1. Sarah’s excellent article brought to mind the documented history of the concepts of ‘idleness’ and ‘disinterest’. Though, we have to be careful when categorizing specific terms, as different cultures and societal systems possess different perceptions of the same concepts.

    In The Victorian Age, idleness was one of many ‘disorderly offences’ instituted across Britain, but this was designed to facilitate the requirement for cheap labour resources (i.e. unemployed and or homeless persons could easily be arrested and forced to work in terrible conditions for meager food and shelter).

    Some Western people might discern meditation as being unproductive for a Capitalist society, but the physiological and psychological benefits supersede commercial interests.

    In any Capitalist society, idleness and disinterest can easily be denounced as being dysfunctional, but one must keep in mind that a Capitalist society is a self-destructive one, and if a person prefers not to contribute to that self destruction, then this is progressive and productive.

    There entities such as civil disobedience, where people (e.g. university students, public servants) refuse to co-operate with a system that is exploiting and harming them. Therefore, they go on strike.

    If a society is worth devoting one’s life to, the concepts of idleness and disinterest would have far fewer participants.

    The English philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote ‘In Praise of Idleness & Other Essays’ (1935): his argument states that if labour were equitably shared out amongst everyone, resulting in shorter work days, unemployment would decrease and human happiness would increase, due to the increase in free time to pursue personal interests (i.e. if that society is designed to encourage individual cultivation and not merely creating workers to facilitate Capitalism’s machines of Commerce).

    I believe humans must slow down the modern pace of life and devote themselves to resolving the most pressing issues as one united species (e.g. climate change and loss of biomes across the planet).


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