“The immune system will heal itself”

-Rhonda Byrne


There is nothing in this world that we can’t solve if we are devoted and if we focus all energy we have into the positive and constructive outcome. Unfortunately, the majority of people find themselves lost and not only lost but also stuck into the negative dimension of life. It is always easier to develop dark versions than to search for a light one. Why? Because the human brain is naturally programmed to think negative since the early days of the humankind, when our ancestors have tried to survive through the difficult circumstances. The psychology of people is 90% based on survival and 10% on development. The good life is one that is balanced, not grounded on pure survival but on qualitative existence through the constant development. For substantial life, we need to provide the components that will enable. harmony  to  the temples of our souls, our bodies. There, we are coming to the matter of immune system in the age of diseases and stress. The immune system, like our exclusive ticket to the happy living, the top of all blessings what we think that we have.

The importance of immune system is somehow forgotten most of the time and it is considered to be something normal, almost like a standard. Nevertheless, the good immune system nowadays is not per default, not something to be taken for granted and definitely not standard. This is something you get it , cultivate it and take care of it or something you get it and let it faded, being ruined by bad living or eating habits. The immune system is our genetic heritage, the present from nature and our guarantee for a good health and fulfilled life. It makes me really sad that many people don’t see how crucial is our immune response, unless it is too late and damage has been already done.

The immune system is the most important defence of our body, something like army in one land with the high human security level. The army is there to protect the country when the borders are broken and when the safety is endangered. In the molecular way, our immune system is awaken at the moment when bugs are crossing over the no-trespassing zone, with the purpose to overcome the throne. If your army is weak,  your response will be even weaker. The army must be cherished at the time of peace and not only celebrated at the time of war. This means that we need to think of our immune system every day and not only at the time of challenge, when we are sick or under risk to be sick. The immune system and its perfect networking could be enhanced through the essential nutrition, controlled stress opportunities and effective sleep. Those three elements are not the only but they are the one of fundaments.

What do we need to do for our immune system? We need to stop punishing ourselves with junk food, lack of sleep and toxic thoughts.  Indeed it is allowed to take some drink or to eat some empty food sometimes but don’t let those things being your only parameters through the life and try to adopt  the self-care and healthy living style. No, it is not expensive and no, it is not impossible.  Everything is possible if you are willed to do, if you need it and if you want it. The only excuse you may want to find is laziness or absence of responsibility for your own well being.

The first level of effective and hard working immune system is your skin. This tissue keep the 99% of parasites away from your blood, bones and flesh.  The second is mouth, like the gate. The inside of the mouth consists of positive bacteria that are paying their rent through the guarding the entrance from harmful agents. If one of them makes through the border control, it could be stopped in stomach since there is an acid and microbiomes, known to be deadly for some newcomers.  When the invader manage to solve all those control points and get into the blood, it will meet the white blood cells, that are known like a SWAT team of our body that has 5 sub teams for rescue operations: 1. Neutrophils – 62%; 2.Monocytes – 18%; 3.Lymphocytes – 16%; 4.Basophils – 2%; 5. Eosinophils – the last  2%. Those little organic fighters are highly skilled and trained to defend our body against the enemy and to maintain your health. There where the disease is on progress, those fighters are weak and left alone, forgotten and abounded.  Keeping this image in head, we need to learn how to work with our defence system and not against it.

Did you know that alternating between hot and cold shower is the great way of contrast water therapy and something which has  definitely many advantages:.“…uses hot water for 2 to 3 minutes before suddenly switching to cold for 30 seconds and back again. What it does is that the hot water improves oxygen-rich blood flow and the cold water pulls back the blood to collect more oxygen. When done over a 10 or 20 minute period, it naturally boosts the disease-fighting white blood cells.” 

The next chapter is good and balanced nutrition which means including leafy greens, probiotic foods and foods rich in Vitamin D and Vitamin C.  The structure of our blood is almost identical to the molecular structure of green vegetables and that is one reason to keep those ingredients on your daily menu.  The vegetables and fruit are the pure treasures and they deliver to the body all what is needed to be delivered for perfect daily function. Especially important is so called cruciferious vegetables like cabbage, kale and broccoli because they support liver function and the complete detoxification process.  You need to understand that good nutrition could be also delicious, if the spices are healthy and properly used. The malnutrition or the lack of vitamins and minerals in eating is not only the problem of undeveloped countries but also the big black hole in many modern societies. Look at the Standard American Diet (SAD) that is so high in calorie intake and so low in real components. People fail to understand that they need to combine all food in right proportions, holding on vitamin A, B, C, D, E and minerals, zinc on the first place.  This set will give you strong immune system and empower  your body in addressing the inflammation at the beginning. All what is processed and synthetic is empty with powerful units and keep body busy with wrong things. The next important recommendation is to drink plenty of water or tea, because herbal drinks have amino acids and L-theanine, that are loyal weapons against virus attack.

The regularly physical activity is also the desired way for boosting your own army of blood cells. It shouldn’t be too much but it should be part of the life since it keeps body on alert and enables the cleaning of highways within the organism. If you add to it the  controlled enjoying in sun, enough sleep and meditation, you will be there you were heading to.

Actually, it is not difficult to take care of your immune system and the prevention is always better as curing. It is always better safe as sorry and we wont regret if we invest in our health. We do not blink if we need to buy some material things and we complain about the costs of healthy life. There are more costs of unhealthy life in the long period of time. Like it is enough to get few antibiotics and to end up the infection. Some people will never make a difference between bacteria and virus. If you catch up virus, antibiotics wont save you. If you catch up bacteria, antibiotics may save you but they will indeed have an impact on your immune system and will make it weak though the time. If you catch up any bug or if you get any internal or auto-immune problem, your immune system that is strong and worshipped will be able to deal with the temptations and to offer fast and furious solutions, giving you a peace you need. I think that reward is worth of your active and responsible relation with your DNA heritage, that is unique and special gift and if you help it and encourage it, you will be blessed with long and happy life in the age of short term values.








  1. What a galvanizing and educational article, Sarah !

    I totally concur with you in that the immune system requires the ingredients you mentioned herein, namely, good nutrition, exercising, and meditation ! I would like to add that also yoga is a wonderful addition to these ingredients !

    Fruits and vegetables are at the heart of a good and well-balanced diet, as written about and described by the medical field over the years ! Further, all types of beans are an excellent source of proteins and amino acids !

    As for yoga, it is an amazing synchronization between mind and body ! Moreover, yoga helps restore the lost elasticity of our joints and tendons reducing, thereby, the potential for injuries !

    Exercising is crucial, as it helps with oxygenation and sends oxygen to all parts and organs of the body ! Furthermore, exercising helps burn off the unwanted extra fat in our body and strengthens our heart !

    Last, but not least, meditation is the fortress that protects us from destructive negative thoughts, as it helps us focus on the positive !

    Thank you, Sarah, for this excellent and inspiring article ! As for your writing, it is outstanding as always !


  2. Sarah’s excellent, relative and informative article should be part of Public Education efforts of governments across the world.

    In a molecular context, the human immune system may have emerged from the first vertebrates on Earth (c. 525 million years ago). Immunity even appears in bacteria itself, in order to protect themselves from pathogens. Pattern recognition receptors are proteins used by nearly all organisms on Earth to identify molecules associated with pathogens.

    Antimicrobial peptides called ‘defensins’ are an evolutionarily-conserved component of the innate immune response found in all animals and plants, and represent the main form of invertebrate systemic immunity.

    Pathogens can rapidly evolve and adapt, and can avoid detection and neutralisation by the immune system. Yet, multiple defense mechanisms have evolved to recognise and neutralise pathogens.

    Immunology (i.e. the Science that examines the structure and function of the immune system) originated from medicine and early studies on the causes of immunity to disease: the earliest known reference to the human immune system was during the plague of Athens, in 430 BCE: the Athenian historian Thucydides (c. 460-400 BCE) noted that people who had recovered from a previous bout of the disease could nurse the sick without contracting the illness a second time.

    In the 10th century, the Persian physician al-Razi wrote the first recorded theory of acquired immunity; noting that a smallpox bout protected its survivors from future infections; although, he explained the immunity in terms of ‘excess moisture’ being expelled from the blood. Therefore, this prevented the disease to occur for a second time.

    Pathogens are have been an intrinsic part of organic life on Earth for billions of years, but this is the first time that they are mutating and spreading this rapidly (i.e. due to entities such as globalization, climate change and biodiversity loss).

    In essence, the ability to survive a mutating pathogen is time, as well as being in possession of a healthy immune system, as Sarah emphasizes.


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