“Every worm, every insect, every animal is working for the ecological wellbeing of the planet. Only wen humans, who claim to be the most intelligent species here, are not ding that.”



Tom works as a forest ranger in Vancouver. This 40 years old Canadian is more than aware what is happening in the nature while he is trying to explain to his family that the forest is dying. Everywhere is a sign of destruction, something is simply not right over there. Even the air is strange, according to his words.  But, at the end of the days, who really cares about it? We live in the age of greed, power race or better to say, rat race on the international level. Tom and his forest can wait as everything on this planet can wait to be destroyed by people’s ignorance and lack of will to change the discouraging statistic.

The Earth is dying together with its wildlife and people are producing themselves with no mercy.  It is just a matter of time when the pressure on the available and non-available resources will be so intense that the Planet will fight back, realising many of its secret weapons, invisible microbes that are interested in human cells.  We have taken all, even something that has never belonged to us.

The biological annihilation is actually the expression that shows us the sinister effects of the 6th mass extinction in Earth´s organic history. The billions of regional or local population of animals and planet have been lost due to the human overpopulation and overconsumption. In the former times, those kind of extinctions have been caused by nature but nowadays, the human race is 100% responsible for the terrible  situation in wildlife:“In fact, 99 percent of currently threatened species are at risk from human activities, primarily those driving habitat loss, introduction of exotic species, and global warming. Because the rate of change in our biosphere is increasing, and because every species’ extinction potentially leads to the extinction of others bound to that species in a complex ecological web, numbers of extinctions are likely to snowball in the coming decades as ecosystems unravel. According to  a 2014 study, the current extinction rates are 1,000 times higher than they would be if humans weren’t around. A summary of a United Nations report-released last month put it another way:‘Human actions threaten more species with global extinction now than ever before‘,the authors wrote.”

The scientists all over the world are trying to bring the global interest on this issue but they are fighting the battle with time. The politicians do only think about their own profit while ordinary people have no power and energy to change their useless and psychopathic governments. The show must go on. Nobody is enough strong to lead the movement for the Planet and those who are powerful do not waste their time on green matters.  The recent study has confirmed that 30% of the known animal species are in daily decline. Some species are facing with the total collapse and some are in extinction in the certain areas. This means 40% of the planet‘s amphibians, 25% of the mammals and the 33% of the coral reefs are experiencing the 6th mass extinction currently and what is even worse, almost 500,000 land species have lost their habitat.  In the world of the insects it is extreme difficult since they are dying off at record rate. If so goes on, the Earth may not have any insect by 2119 and that will hit the complete ecosystem and the development of the flora. Without pollution, the nature can not recharge itself and people will definitely lose the possibility to have available food sources and agricultural options. The loss of one species could also activate the domino extinction effect and the collapse could be  like an infection.

It is enough disturbing to think about the koala case.  Their population is so declined ( about 80,000 left) that they do not have any influence on the Australian ecosystem. The destruction of natural habitats is the main reason for extinction of species themselves. In the case of Amazon rain forests, we can note that each year, the serious amount of jungles is destroyed because of the human activity, climate changes or ridiculous political games. On the planetary level, more than 18 million acres of the forests disappear every year, which further means about 27 soccer fields in every minute. Isn’t that terrifying ?

I found really shocking the fact that this mass extinction is so malign that Earth would need 3 million years to recover its diversity.  The humans have disordered the eco balance through the alien species that have migrated, thanks to the people, from one continent to another, even there where they are not native and where they have caused the mass harm and damage.  Some of them are also invented in labs for the benefits of people but they have changed the DNA of the wildlife, causing the animal and plant extinction.  The Zebra mussels and brown marmorated stink bugs are the two examples of the invasive ad aggressive species in the US.

The marine biology is, on the other side, the main victim of the global climate changes and the greenhouse effects. The oceans are heating up 40% faster as anyone ever thought and coral bleaching makes coral reefs and the other ocean residents dying. More than 50% coral reefs have died in the last 30 years and the trend is going to be continued.  Many other species are at the significant risks due to the global warming and the change of global Earth temperature. The hot climate waves are influencing the health of oceans and wildlife but also the health of any single human being. We shall not forget that the majority of very dangerous viruses are activated and efficient in the warm climate zones. The planetary destruction and loss of harmony in ecosystem will indeed cause the rise of new and emerging diseases that will attack the humans and their overpopulation politics.

Somehow, I find the irrational the need of human race to produce itself without control. It seems like a pest. I have nothing against children but in the reasonable way. As we can see, the poor have always more children like their poverty is not enough so they want even poorer to be.  In the animal world, the species that live short and die fast are those who are known to be easily in reproduction. If we compare with majestic animals like wild cats or elephants, we will learn that those creatures are very picky in their reproductive actions. Only humans do not learn, they think that overpopulation talks about philanthropy. Actually, it talks about greed and selfishness and lack of care for the future generations. The sustainable development should also cover the planet parenthood lessons and rational approach to the population questions. The quantity doesn’t mean quality and this has a big impact on the decline of people common sense and rule of ignorance worldwide.

Think and act rationally for your children and the future of our Planet. Stop the 6th mass extinction.


  1. Sarah’s imperative and provocative article reminded me of TNA (i.e. threose nucleic acid); a possible membrane for molecules that evolved into RNA (Ribonucleic acid) and DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid): the origin of life on Earth.

    Throughout the known Universe, the same fundamental chemicals exist which can function as progenitors of organic life on exoplanets. The issue is whether or not Homo sapiens are the norm of the known Universe (i.e. self-destructive organisms via dysfunctional ideological systems [e.g. Capitalism]). Is the same process of massive loss of biodiversity via a lack of logic of a predominating species identical throughout the known Universe?

    I would hope not, but we are only just learning now of the processes associated with protoplanetary discs, etc., through our observations of young exoplanets; some of which reflect Earth’s biogeochemical properties and possess the potential for habitability for primitive organisms.

    Through billions of years of biological evolution across the known Universe, the mathematical probabilities support the theory that higher thinking organisms existing through universal logic on an exoplanet are valid.

    Personally, I would like to know that we humans (i.e. our universal self-destruction and lack of global logic) are not the norm, throughout the known Universe.


  2. An excellent article, Sarah ! Humans are yet to learn not to be so selfish, and not to be so greedy. These two traits are responsible for the majority of the problems on our planet.

    Humans have to love and respect all animals, and have to stop enslaving them for profit. The following are evil practices: hunting, artificially inseminating cows and farm animals, putting pigs in tiny crates where they cannot move and have to sleep in their own feces and urine, forcing chickens to live in tiny cages where they cannot breathe, and forcing chickens to lay more eggs by keeping the light on, thereby depriving them of sleep ! If this isn’t Cruelty, what is ? If this isn’t Evil, what is ?

    I totally concur with your closing argument in that the human population has to slow down, as it has exploded exponentially in recent years, creating thereby a disequilibrium and an unsustainable condition for our planet !

    Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your views and enlightening people !


  3. Almost all of what you assert happens to be supprisingly appropriate and that makes me wonder why I had not looked at this in this light before. Your piece really did turn the light on for me personally as far as this subject goes. But there is actually just one position I am not necessarily too cozy with and while I attempt to reconcile that with the actual main idea of your point, let me see what all the rest of the visitors have to say.Well done.


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