“Science fiction is not just thinking about the world out there. It is also about thinking how that world might be.”

-Samuel R. Delaney


Ron has been afraid. It is not the first time that he feels that deep, aggresive  fear but it is definitely the worst feeling that he has in the last 5 years. The last 5 years of his life in the world that has been changed, that has nothing to do with the world he used to know, he used to live in.  The life story of Ron Frost is almost like a saga. He is a surviver of the nuclear  apocalypse, son of the parents who died due to the radiation, brother of the sister who has been eaten by canibals. The husband of Ellie and father of Benjamin, those beloved names that have been gone into the dust of memory. He is still not sure what has happened with his family but he knows they don’t live anymore.  That terrible truth has shaped him into the fighter, in spite of fact that he has nothing to fight for, he lost everything.  Maybe that is a human pride, that genetic curse that doesn’t let us give up, even when the darkness is all over, we strive to find our own light.

We can say that Ron is in his forties. He is looking very good because he train everyday. His home made gym helps him not to get down, not to be dead before death comes to pick him up. Ron is focused on hard training because he believes that strong body and soul are the only effective weapons against them, against those creatures. They are Hybrids, from  human, post-human and android. They are more machines as  they are organisms but their hybrid nature is dangerous. Those things can survive the radiation, viruses, cancer and wars. Ron has never thought that all those science fiction movies,  that he has watched as a teenager, could turn into the bloody reality. No, they don’t come from the far away space, they come out from us, or from something we used to be. He tried to remember how everything has started….but it seems like an ancient history, like something that has been there but he never seen it. All what he can remember is global political stress, warm war promises and threatens and then it was a Big Bang. It was like a Happening that signed the final chapter of the Planet and the civilisation. The nations have killed each others so are the people. It is not the nuclear bomb that has ripped off all and wiped of the Earth from pathetic humans. The people themselves have failed to survive. That kind of hatred couldn’t have been cured, it was a deadly disease that has killed the world in one moment of time, like it has never been there.


Those years of destruction…..the capture of the demons of chaos, the complete disorder and the failure of the humankind, of the humans that have never been kind. Ron has been always kind so his Ellie and Benjamin but he didn’t save them. He tried but he didn’t make it. They were gone before he could have done anything. His wife believed in the good spirit of the world but she has been taken by darkness. Isn’t that a paradox? You are e vegetarian and you end up being killed by a bull. This world doesn’t owe you anything. It is all your choice. Ron has been always more than an intelligent guy. He is a genius but it is not a reason why he survived. He learn how to adapt to the changes that have attacked the Planet, he has learnt very quick how to be invisible in the world that lives on the digital pulse, among Hybrids that hear and see all, in the new system ruled by Matrix.

The new infrastructure is modified based on the expectations and needs of the Hybrids. They are specific living forms and they don’t need to eat or to sleep like human beings. They even don’t produce themselves like humans. Everything is totally different. The Hybrids live on pills. They take pills that have been fabricated to contain the crucial components for existence, for mechanical functions and organic parts as well. Those pills are 100% effective and they are all what Hybrids need. It is amazing to keep in mind that even Ron can take those pills without being damaged. Actually, they give him super power and energy but human body needs more than  synthetic solutions .Ron has a small garden where he is taking care of vegetables and fruit. He needs food and pills can’t replace his human code. His secret garden is a sanctuary in the big world of Hybrids, their powerful nano technology and drugs that offer the new visions.  Those creations know for Ron but they aren’t bothered.  His presence is not dangerous, he is a minority, one of those in extinction, too weak to start the revolutions and too intelligent to be just killed and forgotten. The Hybrids want him alive, to study him and to see what’s happening in his brain, how strong is his heart full of condemn for them.

Ron still have no idea why he survived. It must be something glorious that he has to do, the part of the God´s plan for him. Even in the age of Matrix, Ron keeps with faith in God. Maybe because it is the only one thing  what he kept from the old world, something familiar, like the jam from granny.  He doesn’t like God but he can’t accept the Matrix. God is better as Matrix. At least, that is what Ron thinks every time he must go to the Hybrids for some kind of registration of the rare species. He doesn’t need to work, the pills are free, like a support card from the Government of Hybrids.  Ron doesn’t need to pay the taxes because the Hybrids arent impressed by money. They organise the cosmic explorations and try to cooperate with another species around the universe, to make a trade. The Earth is too small for their ambitions, not so interesting and not so rich. The humans  destroyed all and only what is still out there are animals. Ron must admit that Hybrids, in spite of their lack of emotions, didn’t want to kill animals. They love them seeing around. Hybrids don’t need to hunt animals and to eat them. They love watching them. They love watching nature that is growing in its own freedom. It is ironic but post-human world is a perfect gateway for nature and wildlife. No more humans, more freedom. Hybrids are reasonable residents, they are more occupied to make a successful space missions on the another planets than to ruin their own home. It might be they don’t want to make the same mistakes as the civilisation before them. They want to be here.

The handsome Ron is alone in the Matrix dimension. Nobody cares if he will be there tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. He is invisible even he is very remarkable. The Hybrids don’t have time to have communications with him or to spend their time with him. Their day and night is the same because after 8 hours of their activity, they are going off. They need recharging. That is that awkward moment when Ron is happy, when the peace is possible and when he still believes that future could be also nice. The Hybrids have some kind of family but this has nothing to do with our values. The two Hybrids find each others through the Register of available forms and then they make a Contract. This Contract is valid and cant be broken without consequences. The couple of Hybrids need a child which means they go to the global womb and apply for an egg. The global womb is a special machine that produces eggs from the two serial numbers of the Hybrids. The produced egg needs one week to be developed into the small and curious Hybrid that will join his new family, learning the basic language and rules of behaviour. The life of Hybrids could be 100 or even 200 years long. It depends on many factors but mostly it depends on the quality of the elements that have been invested in the Hybrids. There are better and there are worse Hybrids. Like humans, they all have chance till all chances are lost.

Ron has one friend among Hybrids. It is funny to call those creatures friends when they are enemies but Ron likes RT3 and his partner, PT3. They are more humans as machines. They know the world Ron comes from….and they don’t blame him.  Friendship happens but love must be found. Ron doesn’t want to be with any Hybrid, living on pills, using special optimised Matrix glasses through the life and hoping that global womb will give him an egg, his new Benjamin.  Ron is a surviver but he lives outside the road, in the province of life, counting days and night till the end is there.  He is not a coward. If he was, he could have killed himself and stopped the suffering in this reality, that is not his reality. Ron Frost is warrior on the front that has been abounded by humans, once upon a time.






  1. What an amazing article, Sarah !

    This is, in so many ways, remindful of one your best articles, even though they are all excellent, “Possible Silent Hill: The world after humans “ ! Humans are destroying everything in sight from Animals to Plants and even other humans !

    The way you have envisioned the world in your fictional story is not that far-fetched ! In fact, humans are getting closer every day to such or similar fate due to their extreme selfishness and incessant greed !

    Your closing argument “Save the world before it’s too late “ is perfect, as it reflects the reality of our world !

    Thank you, Sarah, for this excellent and so-well-thought-out article ! As always, you also choose the perfect illustrations for your articles !


  2. Sarah’s intriguing and speculative article reminded me of three distinct but associated Science Fiction novels by English authors…

    The first is ‘The War of the Worlds’ (1898), by H.G. Wells (1866-1946). The novel has been connected with The Theory of Evolution by Charles Darwin: H.G. Wells thought about the cultural and biological impact of the British upon the indigenous peoples of Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania, Australia). The aboriginals had no pathogens to counter the biological weapons and destruction introduced by the British military, there. He wondered how humanity would react, if aliens invaded the Earth (i.e. if Nature would protect humans from malignant alien invaders).

    In addition to the molecular biology aspects of The War of the Worlds, the novel alludes to a possible future of human evolution and warns against an over-dependency of Artificial Intelligence (AI) while suppressing specific human intellectual abilities.

    In the novel, the narrator suggests that the evolution of the human brain might outstrip the development of the body and attributes (e.g. organs, teeth and hair) would wither; leaving humans as thinking machines, needing mechanical devices much like the Tripod fighting machines of the aliens, to be able to interact with their environments.

    The second Science Fiction novel is ‘The Time Machine’ (1895). Also, by H.G. Wells. It is an example of what is referred to as ‘The Dying Earth Subgenre’, with a setting of eschatology (i.e. the study of the so-called ‘End of Times’).

    Based upon the author’s personal experiences and childhood (his Working-Class family spent most hours underground, in a dark kitchen – in service), he divided future humans into slaves (i.e. food resource) and masters (i.e. hybrid humans living underground), in the novel. He set this period at 30 million years from c. 1900.

    The third Science Fiction novel is ‘Brave New World’ (1932), by Aldous Huxley (1894-1963). The biochemistry techniques employed to control the population in Brave New World do not include genetic engineering: the novel was written before the structure of DNA was known.

    However, the Germanic scientist Gregor Mendel (1822-1894) focused upon inheritance patterns in peas, and the eugenics movement across Europe emerged from such scientific treatises (artificial selection was well established, by 1900).

    In the novel, Aldous Huxley emphasises conditioning over breeding (i.e. nurture versus Nature): human embryos and fetuses are conditioned through a carefully-designed regimen of chemical (e.g. exposure to hormones and toxins), thermal (e.g. exposure to intense heat or cold, as one’s future career would dictate), and other environmental stimuli; although, there is an element of selective breeding, as well.

    All three novels express the fragility and vulnerability of Homo sapiens, as they continue on a path of self-destruction that is paradoxically-accompanied by a deep desire to learn…


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