America has some of the best colleges and universities in the world but they are infected with the virus of social madness, called Greek Letter Organization. So many movies have described the danger of Greek life culture in American campus and especially the dark side of gathering into the fraternity or sorority. It is not about students being integrated but about students being abused for the purpose of the few leaders that dictate the rhythm of the University. If you have a bad luck, your university time could be a real hell, only because some popular rugby player Mark or beautiful cheerleader Susanne think you are a geek. The Greek order of American universities and colleges is something like institution. Since the moment you are accepted by University, you will have to deal with influences of social groups that exist in that University, particularly with the Greek organizations, known to be without mercy for new students.


The American Greek life has been researched by psychologists and sociologists as an unique phenomena of disordered social gathering, under the cover of sweet unity of students. For years, the fraternity or sorority organizations have been known in public as malicious because of their dangerous hazing rituals or initiation rituals.

The history of those Greek Letter Organizations has started with the College of William & Mary in 1775, through the secret society named Phi Beta Kappa: „This secret society was involved in secret dining clubs and elite literary societies, and, eventually, expanded to other colleges around the U.S. In the decades that followed, other fraternities (and, after a while, sororities) formed that were not as secretive, creating tight-knit groups of students participating in several kinds of outreach programmes, networking opportunities, and team exercises. Keeping with tradition with Phi Betta Kappa, fraternities and sororities around the U.S. continued to name themselves after letters in the Greek alphabet; today, these are nationally-known organisations called Greek Letter Organisations (GLO).”


Those brotherhoods or sisterhoods are not only there to promote student collaboration or education opportunities but also to challenge the loyalty of the members and the ambitions of potential members. They are organizing hazing rituals or initiation practices that often lead to humiliation of the interested students and sometimes results with big violation and even death. The black imagination of some fraternities and sororities go to the point that abusive scenes and rituals end up on the cover page of media, claiming that underground campus life is horror for innocent. Many campuses around the U.S., therefore have banned hazing rituals of any kind, trying to protect the student safety but the shadow of sick fraternity and sorority subculture is still there, attracting the weak to come in inferno.


The problem with those types of student associations is not the violence itself but the secret gathering, without official control, that usually leads to manipulative patterns of actions and reactions. Sometimes the underground organized brotherhoods and sisterhoods are almost like a magic hook for new students that have a desire to be popular, to fit in. That is the root of all incidents because they do not recognize the limits of their membership and they are ready themselves to cross the line and do irrational things to pass the final test and be accepted among the popular pack. The lone wolf at University is always the one that suffers, being condemned as loser and terrorized as the individual. Actually, the fear of being refused by social groups and being labeled as nobody is the main motion for many students to jump into the swamp full of crocodiles and to try to swim. That is the ground for Greek life to exist and to survive through the generations. The unrecognized fraternity and sorority is a way worse due to the lack of possibility to be under monitoring. It simply abuses the cracks in University freedom and students are attracted to everything what is secret or even banned. The gruesome images of students being humiliated, injured or harassed are the part of the university evil folklore. It is almost like an urban legend to be the part of Greek Letter Organizations or to be punished as the outsider.


The malicious ideas for initiation process come from wrong leaders and young sociopaths that hide themselves behind the popularity and fame. They make their own aura and turn the students into the slaves. There is always a tight core of the underground fraternity or sorority that consists of the alpha and their favorite members or at least those who passed all tests of loyalty. The dream of the applicants is not only to be accepted as the ordinary members but also to be close to the leader. For all of those phases, the brutality of hazing rituals directs the road. What does it mean? It means that as the thing is scariest, the initiation process is more interesting. In 2017, the LSU Police Department arrested 10 members of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity on hazing charges. They have been responsible for the death of 18-year-old pledge Maxwell Gruver who has been forced to do terrible ritual known as Bible Study and based on the writing of media:” During the ritual, pledges were covered in hot sauce and mustard, and made to face the wall. They had to answer questions about the fraternity, and if they answered incorrectly, drink 190-proof liquor. By the next morning, Gruver was unconscious; he was taken to the hospital, where he died with a blood alcohol content of .495” The other creepy ceremonies go from eating raw liver, drinking detergent or urine, alcohol poisoning, paddling, eating feces or simply being naked exposed in the front of brotherhood or sisterhood, while they are commenting the parts of the body that need to be fixed. This is all very humiliating and make the serious problems for the young person to accept him or herself just the way he or she is. Beside it, this is dangerous and deadly if the ritual is touching the edges of life and death.

Making Greek life safer at Penn State

According to confessions of some fraternity and sorority members, 77% of them know someone or they have been themselves the victims of hazing rituals. This is alarming for many universities that have proclaimed the fight against hazing rituals and underground gathering of expelled social groups. The statistics has confirmed that in the period from 1961 to 2017, has been at least one death a year, related to hazing games in America.



The American fraternities are especially known to be out of control. Since 2005, the situation is getting worse and there have been more than 59 students who have died during some bizarre rites. Among the most horrible brotherhoods are the following fraternities: Kappa Sigma (Tulane University), Pi Kappa Phi (University of Arizona), Phi Delta Theta (Emory University), Pi Kappa Alpha (Florida International University), Alpha Gamma Rho( Arkansas State University), Sigma Chi ( Willamette University), Beta Theta Pi ( Carnegie Mellon University) Sigma Alpha Epsilon (University of New Mexico), Alpha Delta ( Dartmouth College) and Sigma Alpha Epsilon ( Arizona State University). The sororities share also the destiny of incidents and scandals and the next sororities are the most notorious in the U.S.: Alpha Kappa Delta Phi (University of California), Kappa Alpha Theta (University of Michigan) Alpha Kappa Alpha (Cal State Los Angeles), Delta Gamma (University of Maryland), Phi Mu (University of Alabama).


The brotherhoods are known for horror practice while the sisterhoods are known for abuse of female members and the violation of their rights through the sexual exposing and mental torture. All fellowships that share the passion for misuse of students are dark gatherings with no health social impact and influence. Their role at University must be limited and controlled by the responsible authorities and their hazing attempts must be punished. The first step is to demystify the meaning of Greek Letter Organizations. They exist for the benefits of students and students don’t exists for the benefits of those societies. They are there to promote the quality of student life and not the bestiality and aggression. Every student has to be informed about the potential fraternities and sororities at the University he or she will attend. The real and healthy student organizations stand up for unity and mutual respect while the troublemaking cults try to play on fear and agony and students should be aware of theater that is happening behind the closed doors of prominent University. The Universities must also take care of student mental and physical wellbeing and to empower the individual strength instead of encouraging the wrong worshipping of disfigured and psychopaths collectives. There should be no alpha and omega in student alphabet of happiness; there should be the letters of respect, ambitions and progress. Everything else is just a bad makeup, wasting of reality, glorifying of evil. The University life is precious period and must be cherished only as a good and productive memory.





  1. Sarah’s relative and informative article brought to mind the North American film ‘The Good Shepherd’ (2006); a fictional account of how counter-intelligence in The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) came about. It follows the story of the recruitment of undergraduate Edward Wilson (portrayed by Matt Damon) by the notorious ‘Skull & Bones’ secret society (est. 1832), at Yale University, Connecticut, The United States of America, in 1939. As in the ‘hazing’ methods of the present Greek Letter Organizations, he is made to undergo humiliating experiences to test his potential as a trustworthy recruit for the emerging intelligence service. The film itself was based upon thorough research of both the mason societies and the Greek Letter Organizations of The United States of America.

    Since 1900, 63% of members of successive US-governments (i.e. cabinets) have been members of US-fraternities and sororities. The current Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of five of the ten largest Fortune 500 companies are members of US-fraternities and sororities. In addition, 85% of all justices of US-Supreme Court have been members of US-fraternities since 1910. US-presidents since World War II who have been initiated into fraternities include Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush Snr., and George W. Bush. Currently (i.e. 2018), about 25% of members of the US-House of Representatives and 40% of members of the US-Senate are members of Greek Letter Organizations.

    This reveals a pattern of specific elite North American families that strive to sustain a certain percentage of control over public and private sector socioeconomics, via federal government domestic and international policies.

    A report by Bloomberg in 2013 found that US-fraternity and sorority connections are influential in obtaining lucrative employment positions at top Wall Street brokerages. According to the report, recent graduates have been known to exchange the secret handshakes of their fraternities with executives whom they know to be fraters as a means of obtaining access to competitive appointments.

    Ostensibly, the more primitive and barbaric the Greek Letter Organization antics are, the more likely the members will be recruited by intelligence services and corporations, because the individuals are willing to do anything for the organization, seemingly. The direct connections of students’ families to powerful US-companies, etc., enhances this recruitment process. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have revealed to the world just how primitive and barbaric US-politicians and their corporate employers can be. The more savage Commerce is, the more likely the Greek Letter Organizations and Mason societies will continue to be endorsed and supported, in North America… The following link provides insight into how foreign and US-intelligence services recruit undergraduates at US-universities:


  2. Thank you, Sarah, for bringing this critical topic to light, as it affects the lives of so many unsuspecting young students !

    It is a shame that the penalties are not commensurate with the crime and that’s why the perpetrators continue to engage in such negative rituals, as they know they can do so with impunity !

    It’s time for tougher laws that would put those responsible behind bars without parole in the case of death ! Hazing is a practice that has to be abolished and for good ! There is no room in our colleges and universities for such evil acts !

    In fact, fraternities and sororities are not needed in any way. College is a place for enlightenment and knowledge, not terrifying deeds and despicable behavior !

    Thanks again, Sarah, for all your educational articles ! Together, we will shape our world and make it a better and safer place !


  3. I do believe all of the ideas you’ve introduced in your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are very brief for starters. May just you please prolong them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.


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