Golden retriever puppy at rest


 “When everything in life fails, hug a Golden.”

Kathryn Blue


The dogs are timeless friends of human beings. Their loyalty, love and care have been proved for years and there is no person who would claim opposite for them. The dogs will always have an important place in people lives, since they are special in their faith for those they love. Bill Murray once said:” I am suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.” Simply dogs and simply love that burns for eternity.


Nevertheless, there are so many dog breeds and each of them is unique. Some dogs are big and powerful while others are small and cute. There are dogs that are born to be guardians and those that are born to be spoiled on the couch. People always choose such a kind of dog that is similar to their nature, look and life habits. The dog we have is always the portrait of our soul.

When I was a child, I was dreaming to have a Golden Retriever. Now, as a grown up, all I want for Christmas is still a Golden Retriever. However, I am not the only one. According to the latest statistics, the Golden Retrievers are the second most popular breed in the world, after the Labrador Retrievers. So, why Goldie is so beloved by people? Because it is a perfect dog, based on all studies. This does not deny the value of other dogs but it puts Golden Retrievers on the top of people´s admiration.


First, this dog has a beauty of model and it is a great show dog. They make good results in dog competition since they recognize the demands and tasks as well as the expectations and mood of their owner. Goldies have peaceful temperament and their reactions are always predictable. Beside it, they are good in hunting as natural trackers. These dogs are very sensible and gentle and they have a real talent to learn quickly and to implement what they have learnt. This is very significant when it comes to the mission of service dogs. Golden Retrievers are used to assist the blind and people with many other forms of disabilities. They are very patient and reliable so people can rely on them and feel safe.


Their greatest quality is their adaptive and friendly personality what make them being an ideal family dog. It is not easy to find a canine that is playful and tolerant, intelligent and brave, sensible and loyal at the same time. The Golden king has all those elements and it is the good solution for the people with small children and other pets. They do know how to behave, even when they are under stress or anger. They are favorite because they are always smiling and welcoming the appetite for life.


I find fascinating the fact that the Golden Retrievers are popularized through the Hollywood pet’s movie machinery. From magical Goldies that save the world to the Santa Claus little helpers, they experienced the worshipping. Everyone wanted to have a Golden Retriever and friend for all times. America´s most beloved dog got a chance to be available and not so expensive. The numerous breeders came out with their offer. In that swamp of people ignorant chasing for trend and absence of rules for a health breeding, the Golden Retrievers have been produced without limit. Yes, we are talking here about the criminal puppy mills that have no basic conditions for dogs. All they want is fast profit and they do not hesitate to do all they can to reach it, selling the inferior specimens of the dogs to meet the cheap demand. One breeder has even warned the future Goldie owners:” For this reason, it’s especially important to check your breeder out carefully and ask for appropriate documentation on the breeding line of your puppy before you purchase. Specifically, since Golden Retrievers are prone to hip dysplasia, ask for OFA results on the sire and dam. In addition, you should ask your breeder for a Canine Eye Registry report on the sire and dam to ensure that the dog will not be prone to Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Juvenile Cataracts, both serious eye diseases. Finally, you should only purchase your Golden from a registered breeder.”


The Golden Retrievers are very healthy dogs but we must be sure what is in their family background. This moment of digging in dog´s family tree is actually the moment of facing up with the possibility that our beloved dog will have predictable behavior and happy character or it will be grumpy and negative oriented. The pure breed of Goldie is very important for those who do not want to put efforts in raising the dog but they expect to get the final product. There are also some misconceptions about this breed too. If we take a pure Golden Retriever and deliver it to the aggressive and violent owners, the dog will develop the personality shaped on the external influence rather than to be polished through its own DNA. This dog could be bloody fighting dog in spite of its loveable nature. We should not forget that the dog is a reflection of its owner. The Goldie has been always seen as ideal American family dog and that has created its aura in last decades. Those brown eyes full of understanding and those beige tones of blond hair color that cover the fit body, have originated the Golden Retriever as the beauty and brain, all in one.


We do not need to learn Golden Retriever how to love us; we have to learn how to love them and how to protect them, as all other dogs, our true friends. Instead of buying a puppy that, we are not sure how we will take care of and to encourage further the army of criminal breeders, we should think of adopting those without shelters and love. Adoption is the right choice, something that changes our lives and the lives of the dogs we saved from the abyss of horror.


Pierre has been found abounded and hungry, almost frozen on the streets of New York. He was old and not any more interesting for his selfish owners. If he could have cried, he would….but he prayed with his paws, for all blessings for those who left him alone, always waiting on the same place for them to come back. They have never come back. But, someone else did. The old, good Goldie has been saved but many others ended up forgotten, facing alone with death.





  1. Thank you so much, Sarah, for this beautiful article ! I’m always learning from you !

    As an Animal Lover myself, I have always advocated, and will always advocate adopting Pets as opposed to buying them ! The rationale behind that is very simple, which is the fact that adopting a Pet saves that Pet from being euthanized, whereas buying a Pet promotes puppy mills and profit making while the Pets in shelters are being put to sleep !

    Further, the Dogs in puppy mills suffer the inhumane conditions imposed on them by the selfish and greedy puppy-mill owners !

    Thank you, Sarah, for your educational article and for your insight !


  2. Sarah’s charming article brought to mind US-Presidential pets: Liberty (born 1974) was the Golden Retriever of President Gerald Ford. Frequently, Liberty was photographed with President Ford in The Oval Office of The White House, in the swimming pool at Camp David and on The South Lawn of The White House. She had a litter of pups in the White House in September of 1975. Photographs of the dog were autographed with a rubber stamp of her paw print. Stories indicated that if President Ford wanted to end a conversation in The Oval Office he would signal Liberty and she would go to the guest wagging her tail creating a natural break.

    The first White House dog to receive regular newspaper coverage was President Warren G. Harding’s (1921-23) dog Laddie Boy (an Airedale Terrier). Purportedly, the dog howled constantly for three days prior to President Harding’s death in August of 1923; knowing of his master’s imminent demise. In memory of President Harding and honoring his childhood employment as a paperboy, newsboys collected 19,134 pennies to be melted and sculpted into a statue of Laddie Boy. Harding’s widow died before the statue was completed in 1927, and the statue was presented to The Smithsonian Institution, where it currently resides…

    All successive US-Presidents had White House pets; including President Obama (two Portuguese water dogs).

    However, President Donald Trump is the first president not to have a White House pet and is known to dislike animals. As Sarah quotes Bill Murray in her enchanting article, ‘I am suspicious of people who do not like dogs, but I trust a dog when it does not like a person…’


  3. Beautifully written about a beautiful breed! Covered all aspects of the Golden Retrievers ..The good, the bad, and the ugly!! Well done Sarah!!


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  7. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is great blog. A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.


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