The children are the most sensible elements of our societies, the weakest chain and the reason for all of us to make this world being a little bit safer for them. Unfortunately, the global lunacy and the current social pathology turn our youngest into the perfect targets for the beasts hidden in the form of human beings. The children are so vulnerable nowadays, because they are so available to be hurt, in physical as well as in virtual universe.

The horror stories about the child sex rings and pedophiles that lurk on children are never-ending. It is almost like a parallel dimension of life, the worst things are happening to innocent children and lot of people do not even think of it. They believe that the problem will be solved itself. No, it will not. The hell on the Earth will not be wiped out just because some people close their eyes and their hearts for the suffering of some others daughters and sons. The majority of human beings claim that they would fight the pedophiles with no mercy but they are still silent, passive and irresponsible. If they keep their own children safe, does it mean that other little people are also safe? This problem is a part of our reality, the nightmare that has invaded our everyday lives.


It is not easy to fight the evil, in its roots. Some tried that and gave up. Some will never try it since they have no courage. The rare have tried and they are still in the darkness, hunting the evil we pretend does not exist. One of them is Croatian, Dalibor Vlaho, the founder of the Education Center and Violence prevention and an operative in the Operation center. In other words, Dalibor fights the social predators that lurks our children on Internet. He follows their traces, discovers their dirty materials and sick plans and help the international law enforcements and child protection agencies the final key answers. As the computer expert, this Croatian gives his time and energy to the consolidated actions of hunting the pedophiles that are wandering as wolves in the dark cyber woods, seeking for the Red Riding Hoods. This is not job from 9 AM to 5 PM, with the breaks and holidays. This is a mission and Dalibor has known it at the moment he decided to travel to the bottom of the hell, to help the children and to save them from the dragons of sadism. Mr. Vlaho is an online professional that goes into the swamps of perverted minds, twisted ideas and isolated seeds of hatred planted in the fields of Internet in the shadows, so-called Darknet and according to his words:” You easily reach there.You need a special software, which is available to everybody, unfortunately. It is a simple browser that opens the door of Darknet.A normal person would be sick from some of the things you can see there.There are no rules, the content is horrible, to say the least. That is a content that would leave serious consequences to mental health with some people. The content that simply makes you want to vomit.“


The paradise of sickness is hidden from the Clearnet and available for the psychopaths in the Darknet. There are thousands of manuals about misuse of children, about child psychology and sexuality, the tragedy of sharing provocative photos and videos, collected by sadists. The sexual predators that are sharing their pathology in the dark digital universe are very intelligent in covering their materials and sending the fake signals to the profilers and hunters. Sailing in this dark and evil ocean is not something everyone can do. You need skills to detect them and to stop them. Sometimes, Dalibor Vlaho together with other computer experts works more than 12 hours only to get close to the core of evil Darknet management. After he catches up the right information and circulation of sadism, he is linking up with the responsible state authorities. They are continuing the battle in physical patterns while Dalibor Vlaho is continuing the battle with the powerful algorithms, trying to eliminate the disturbing materials and to break the links in the Darknet cosmos. Thanks to this man and his devoted Center, there were about 2,000 web pages that have been deleted from the Darknet, more than 10,000 video clips with the topic of pedophilia and more than million photos of targeted victims.


The challenge like this is technologically very advanced and it needs the good equipment so the project could be successfully lead. Croatian Education Center and Violence prevention is a local foundation with the global network and goals and it needs help of all of us. The computer specialists, for the purpose of researching the dark web and removing the sadistic materials and connections, must work with the devices of very strong components, able to response on high technological demands.


This equipment costs about 6,000 EUR but the company Micronis has made a step forward and offered it for the Center for a half of amount, 3,000 EUR. The Center is voluntarily organized and has no official financial support but the promises and sweet words. The people who devote their time and will are those who step into the hell and drag the demons down. They need help because they fight for the safety of our beloved children. They do not ask for anything but for a strong computer heart that will launch them to the inferno itself. The Center is shaping many creative ideas for the protection and education of the youngest generations and it is the crucial non-governmental institution in Croatia, Europe and the whole world. This foundation does not protect only Croatian children but all children of the world and this is one of the main reasons that all people consider helping them, on the individual or corporal level.


HR8924020061100820774 – Erste Bank


Thank you all for being involved in the global project of fighting social predators and pedophiles.

We must be united and we must never give up to send them to hell, where they belong to.

Thank you Dalibor.






  1. Sarah’s imperative and invaluable article brought to mind the historical processes of how societies viewed sexual acts between adults and children (i.e. how religion, laws, etc., altered how people perceived this unnatural aspect and perversion of human life).

    Pedophilia is believed to have occurred in humans throughout history, but was not formally named, defined or studied until the late-19th century. The term ‘paedophilia erotica’ was coined in an article by the Viennese psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing (1840-1902) in 1896.

    Pederasty is a homosexual relationship between an adult male and a pubescent or adolescent male. Historically, pederasty has existed as a variety of customs and practices within different cultures. The status of pederasty has changed over the course of history, at times considered an ideal and at other times a crime. In the history of Europe, its most structured cultural manifestation was Athenian pederasty, and became most prominent in the 6th century BCE. Greek pederasty’s various forms were the subject of philosophic debates in which the purely carnal type was unfavorably compared with erotic friendships and moderate forms, known as Sophrosyne.

    While most Greek men engaged in relations with both girls and boys, exceptions to the rule were known; some avoiding relations with women, and others rejecting relations with boys. In ancient Rome, relations with boys took a more informal and less civic path; men taking advantage of dominant social status to extract sexual favours from their social inferiors or carrying on illicit relationships with freeborn boys. According to Plutarch (c. 46-120 CE), the ancient Persians had long practiced it as well, an opinion seconded by Sextus Empiricus who asserted that the laws of the Persians recommended the practice.

    Anti-pedophile activism encompasses opposition to pedophiles, pedophile advocacy groups, child pornography and child sexual abuse. Much of the direct action classified as ‘anti-pedophile’ involves demonstrations against sex offenders (e.g. groups advocating legalization of sexual activity between adults and children and internet users who solicit sex from children/minors).

    Perverted-Justice is an anti-pedophilia, anti-hebephilia and anti-statutory rape organization with the stated mission to expose and convict adults who solicit and groom minors on the Internet. After obtaining identifying information from these men, who may offer their telephone numbers and other details so that meetings can be arranged, the organization passes the information on to law-enforcement.

    Jewish Community Watch (a New York City-based organization focusing on prevention of child sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community) receives mixed support over their posting the names of suspected pedophiles on their main website. The column titled ‘The Wall of Shame’ lists the names of individuals suspected of abuse, their photos and testimonies from alleged victims.

    Letzgo Hunting is an Internet-based anti-paedophilia vigilante group based in Barwell, Leicestershire, England. They have street-level support from many affected communities that feel the government agencies are failing them…

    Another initiative, Predator Hunter, headed by Wendell Kreuth, aims to track down and expose the pornography-related activities of alleged ‘sexual predators’. It has been successful in contributing to the arrest and imprisonment of several pedophiles in the USA.

    Silentlambs and LambsRoar are both web-based anti-pedophile groups that seek to protect children through education, to provide legal assistance, and to provide assistance to victims [survivors] who have been molested as children and silenced from speaking out or seeking proper assistance as directed by religious authorities. To date, most emphasis has been on abuse within the Jehovah’s Witness community.

    Members of Anonymous were identified as responsible for the arrest of suspected pedophile Chris Forcand. They contacted the police after some members were propositioned by Forcand with ‘disgusting photos of himself’. Anonymous are described as ‘cyber-vigilantes who seek to expose anyone who presents a sexual threat to children’.

    Creep Catcher operates in 15 cities across Canada; posing as children in chat rooms to sting, record and shame adults who try to meet them for sex.

    Internet Interceptors are not actually a pedophile hunter group or activists, but they do give advice and information to pedophile hunters. The people behind Internet Interceptors would like to see pedophile hunters regulated and work alongside the police.


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