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As someone said, so many humans but zero humanity. It is getting worse with each new day because we discover that we are nothing but beasts that should be chained and never released. We kill the weakest, we flirt with the strongest. We colonize what doesn’t belong to us and we destroy what is ours. Long time ago, we have been given a common sense and homo sapiens was on the top of the all creatures. In recent time, the mankind has reached the point of the animal that has never learnt how to think and how to behave.


The wars and social crisis that we have created ourselves is nothing when we compare with the environmental incidents and demolition of the nature. It is happening all over the globe, human race is a pest that doesn’t stop to eat this Planet like a cancer our bodies. Trophy hunting, animal abuse, animal cruelty and so many forms of wildlife and ecological terrorism have turned the Earth into the hot zone. People are literally cleaning the surface from everything what should stay and bringing everything what should be gone. The domino effect, the world is dying and we are applauding.


Nevertheless, the animal prostitution has never been so much spoken in public because its victims are voiceless. They can’t say that they are misused and that some sick Uncle has played with them and touching them in inappropriate way. The animals can not speak and their suffering is never ending. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there, that means it is there and it is almost blessed by the ignorance and indifference of all of us who maybe believe it is just an urban legend.


The animal prostitution is a real problem and hits all of our societies. It is not reserved only for backward countries but also for very modern you would never think they are on the black list of shame. In many lands, the sexual relationship with animal is not considered as illegal or at least it is not limited and processed by the law. That is the biggest problem because it gives space and possibility for many psychopaths and people who are gravitated towards zoophilia to misuse the innocent animals without any fear from the jurisdiction. In some states like in Finland  Hungary and Romania at this moment it is legal to have sex with animals as long as the animals are not hurt. Who will say if animal enjoys that pervert thing and if it is hurt or not? This sounds like the worst horror ever for all compassionate fighters for animal rights. In last years, Denmark is trying to shut down this chapter and announce that bestiality is illegal but this country is already being known as the place with the controversial animal rights and lots of pain for animals. Back in 2014, according to one article, Denmark’s agriculture minister, Dan Jorgensen, proposed a big change:“I propose a change in the law on protection of animals to state explicitly that sexual relations with animals are no longer permitted.Animals have to be treated with respect and care and they have a right to special protection because they cannot say no.” That was the attempt for danish politicians to save Denmark for slipping into the hell of wild west animal sex tourism so in 2015 the progress has been made. It is shameful to even think about the numerous animal brothels around the Denmark that have underground animals that they charge between $85 and $170 for sexual exploitation.  The 76% of people in Denmark support the new law regulation against the sexual abuse of animals but 24% do not want that and some admit they are sexually excited when they think of animals.

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The psychology has no excuse for this type of disorder because based on the crime studies, it is directly related to the sexual predators that hunt the humans for their own pleasures. It doesn’t surprise that American FBI has considered animal cruelty and sex with animals as top-tier felony and keep the offenders in the central base. One landmark study “Characteristics of Juvenile Offenders Admitting to Secual Activity With Nonhuman Animals”, the correlation is very important:”There is often a correlation between sexual abuse against animals and sexual violence against humans. Studies of adult sex offenders appear to support the co-occurrence of sexual offenses against humans and animals among some offenders.The data suggests that juvenile animal offenders should be considered a sub-group of sex offenders in that 23 of 24 juveniles (96 percent) who admitted to bestiality also admitted to sexual offenses against humans.”

The organization Occupy for Animals has collected the disturbing materials that shows the high rate of sexual abuse of animals, particularmly in civilized Europe. Some of the U.S. states ban bestiality but some have not yet signed it is illegal. That is now one of the growing problems in America, where even now the  3rd gender is having some rights. Just for a reminder, Canada has  also done nothing regarding  this issue!


Germany is also fighting the battle against the sexual offenders that abuse animals. There are evidences that some people consider zoophilia like a lifestyle choice and they sneak into the people’s farms to abuse poor goats and sheep.The people gathered in ZETA believe they have right to have sex with animals and they invite others to join them in erotic zoos.  The websites offer the clips and photos of this kind of bestiality and German authorities promise they will reconsider the national Animal Protection Code and give more accent on ban on zoophilia because the sex with animals is banned in Germany in 1969 but this time it should be stronger and goes together with fine  up to £20,000 for a first offence.


The sexual  tragedy of animals  is not only in Europe. The story about the sexual abused female organutan Pony has made us all think about the terrible situation in the soul of human race. When the foundation Borneo Orangutan Survival and its vet Karmele Llano have informed the public that there are traffickers that kidnap female orangutans and use for sexual industry, the tale of 12-year old  orangutan  Pony has been already told and retold. The poor animal has been saved by the mentioned foundation and she was found as shaved, washed, perfumed and with make up. In other words, she was ready to be misused as a sexual object in a dirty brothels in palm industry sector. Her job was to earn money for her owner:“Pony was chained to a bed, to make easy and free of incidentals the abuse of the poor animal by the customers of a brothel in a village in Central Borneo (Indonesia) called Keremgpangi. They were required 30 state police officers to dislodge the brothel and rescue the animal, who is recovering now in the Bangamat river island, one of the three islands used to reintegrate the great apes,which have suffered any kind of damage in their contact with humans .Llano asserts that orangutans prostitution has become a common practice in Asian countries, especially among workers of logging companies and palm oil plantations, but she warns that it is not the only form of abuse used against orangutans: While female orangutans are tortured and prostituted, the male orangutans are used for boxing shows.”


The global sickness regarding this issue is not our nightmare, it is our shameful reality, the proof that we are broken as an intelligent race and that all we have now is ignorance and egoism. The people who abuse innocent animals for their perverted sexual fantasies are those that must be expelled from the society, jailed and processed. There is nothing naive and non-disturbing about their sexual choices, all they do is a pure sadism and crime that is able to endanger other categories in the future  and to bring the final destruction to the system we are stuck in.


This burning question of animal prostitution, zoophilia and bestiality must be addressed as soon as possible because we are already losing an air in this infectious swamp, known as a mankind.





    1. This literally made me angry and nauseas at the same time. Sick and disgusting and that Canada would legalize any sexual behavior with animals is even worse. These sexual deviants need to go!


    1. this beests are so verry sick to let them have sex with animals you must be fuckt up in your head i never saw something like this ….im will do everything to stop this you freaking bastards i hate you you are from da devil GO TO HELL


    2. It’s hard to tell… the writer keeps saying ‘common practice’ as if as it is the trend nowaday. Well, there are people suffering zoophilia maybe one in million, i can’t deny that.


  1. Let’s use u for the sick pleasure u are using the animals for u all are SICKOS who belong in a island of ur own


  2. Esto es una verdadera aberracion tener sexo con un animal, pero por lo que veo necesitan un animal para calmar sus impulsos desenfrenados es porque ustedes no se sienten capaces de conquistar una mujer talvez porque son asquerosos que ni las mjeres quieren estar con ustedes.pedazos de depravados y se sienten muy machos con un animal que esta amaniatado que desgraciados BASURAS BASURAS BASURAS


  3. This is totally against the natural laws. The Bible condemns this outright. It’s demonic, satanic, evil. This needs to be prevented and stopped and those guilty of this abhorrent practice need the death penalty!


    1. Walgelijk..geen woorden voor ..mensen die dat doen zijn sadistisch en ziek in hun bovenkamer ! Castreren zou in dit geval van mij kunnen !


  4. the humans who are doing thoses acts of torture for their own sick pleasure ….they have To be locked up and throw away the key 😠

    an animal abuse is alike à child abuse….it has to stop !!


  5. wooow this is sick and it is even more sick that Canada is ok with it , i know those Asians are cruel and white people cruel too so do not say it is only another kind of people , only in those asian countries the goverernment is ok with it and how sick is that, and when do the western governments put sanctians up for those stupid countries,,,no never cause money is more important ,,,,so who is cruel here ,,,look at your own government


  6. Whilst i disagree with the subject matter 100%,i’m a little annoyed by the fact that the first picture i came across (the fawn dog with her front legs tied behind her back) was in fact a picture taken in China refering to the dog meat trade. So i find myself questioning the credibilty of the rest of the pictures.


  7. Every MF POS oxygen-sucking pond slime subhuman caught doing this (visual or DNA evidence) needs to be EXECUTED! No rehab, NO 2nd chance, NO passing on their hideous genes!!
    The world does NOT NEED these sick, twisted perverted animals – would like one of them living next door to YOU??
    EXECUTE IMMEDIATELY!! Warning is given!!


    1. Seek refuge with Allah, because the world is on the opposite pole of the purpose, of its existance. We allowed sexual deviation among ourselves, with pornography, destroying all the healthy understanding of a true, and bless sexual relationship, that Almighty intended for us to have, and if we dont stop this the raft of the Almighty will descend upon the world.

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  8. This is absolutely repulsive. No wonder new forms of STDs’ are suddenly so rampant, and it’s nothing but retributive justice for the voiceless and abused animals.


  9. This can’t be real! Is this a joke??? I’m not naive to think that beastiality doesn’t happen….but My GOD!!!! On this level???? Unbelievable… then again…it’s believable. Sad. And you blame AIDS on who? These freaky MF’s are the reason for all of these diseases!!! Sick!


  10. Every bastard Must be immediatly lost his penis with a Kniffe slowly step by step😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


  11. It sickens me that these perverts can abuse innocent animals in this way….what on earth is happening in our so called educated society??

    Probably been happening for centuries but now it must STOP!!!


  12. I accidentally typed the wrong link looking for Metro Zoo schedule. Zoo 365 and pop up of hundreds of pages horse/ women/ dog porn..


  13. U r not humans, u r a bunch of cowards with no morals. U r sick , cruel and a stupid idiot. Can u not get a woman or r u so ugly that u have to rape a poor densive animal. Do u idiots have no morals. This should not be legal for u all to purposely hurt these animals. I THINK UR GOVERNMENT AND WHOEVER SAID THIS WAS LEGAL IS NOTHING BUT A FREAKIN BRAINLESS IDIOT WHO HAS NO MORALS AND NO HEART. PLEASE MAKE THIS ILLEGAL! THIS IS NOT FAIR TO THE ANIMALS THAT U R HURTING.


  14. Disgusting, cruel, barbaric and down right sick…Rape of any kind is inexcusable. Humans really are the epitomy of evil…this needs stopping NOW as does any form of abuse…Animals can’t speak out for themselves…so WE (the normal, sane,intelligent people) MUST do it for them 😠😠😠


  15. This is honestly one of the worst supposedly “investigative journalism” articles I’ve ever read… Throwing in a few relatively insignificant “related facts” into your writing does not lend any weight to the endless accusations, assumptions and intentional misrepresentations of “evidence” You’ve cobbled together in order to push your rhetoric


    1. It’s fascinating that you have problem with my writing and not with the social problem! Well done ! I am not bothered what you think ~ everyone who has a problem with my article is showing to the world which sides supports ~ and that is totally ok !


  16. Jesus, no wonder strange sicknesses are over world.
    What at all will one get satisfaction from animal? Lord have mercy on us.


  17. This cannot be real…absolutely disgusting and heart wrenching to think something like this is actually happening in the world.


  18. Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Extremely helpful info specially the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.


  19. U r not humans, u r a bunch of cowards with no morals. U r sick , cruel and a stupid idiot. Can u not get a woman or r u so ugly that u have to rape a poor densive animal. Do u idiots have no morals. This should not be legal for u all to purposely hurt these animals. I THINK UR GOVERNMENT AND WHOEVER SAID THIS WAS LEGAL IS NOTHING BUT A FREAKIN BRAINLESS IDIOT WHO HAS NO MORALS AND NO HEART. PLEASE MAKE THIS ILLEGAL! THIS IS NOT FAIR TO THE ANIMALS THAT U R HURTING.


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    day. Bye


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  22. There’s a story going on of a neo-nazi i website called the Dailystormer uc selling Anne Frank fleshlights. It’s run by a certain Andrew Anglin who calls himself Philip Phührer xdt and stupid names like that, rumor is he even sexed underage girls in Vietnam, Phillipines, Japan, etc when he’s not playing nazi.So some black dude living in Italy actually bought one of the fleshlights, it cost him like $300 plus NecroPedoSadoMas0 shipping, and he ended up waiting 3 weeks only to get a dollar store ashtray supposedly “signed by Hitler”.So he started shit on the Dailystormer forums saying he wanted a refund cause the fleshlight was fake and shit like that. Anglin aj apparently told him it was the real deal but he kept saying it was fake and he wanted his money back. So in the end the Dailystormer fvtu sued that black dude for “Holocaust denial”, which is a crime in Italy (don’t ask). Now he’s being deported cause they revoked his visa. Fuck this racist world…


  23. This article is definitely untrue:
    The Danish government has decided that a ban on sexual relations between humans and animals shall be implemented in the Danish legislation. Animals must be treated with respect and care and have the right to a high level of protection. When it comes to sexual relations between humans and animals there is a special concern to be taken into account, as the animals cannot consent to enter into a sexual relation with a human being. Another concern is that it can be difficult to identify and document possible physical or mental damage to the animal as a result of the sexual relation with a human being.


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  25. This is so wrong. What has happened to mankind? Where is this world heading? I am so disturbed by this!!! I never believed this happened until someone told me recently. I was still in denial until now that I’ve read it!!! God help us! Anyone involved in this horrendous act should be shot in the head!! Why should a human be given a chance to explain why they did this and yet the animal has no voice to say how it is disturbed by the filth of a man?!


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