“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

-Leonardo da Vinci



It is so pure, healing and majestic. It could be everywhere and nowhere but it makes the whole nature being in never ending dance with the energy of universe. Her majesty water, the perfect classic element in ancient Greek philosophy,   the Panchamahabhuta in Indian system of believes and Wu Xing in Chinese psychological alphabet. Without water, there is no life. Water brings light and highlights the spirit and body. It has organic meaning but it has also a meaning for a soul. According to many esoteric teachings, the water itself empowers the intuition and emotion. It builds up the world not only in its primitive physical way of existence but also in its deep and thoughtful level of pulsing.


But, these days the water is not appreciated or not appreciated enough. People run for gas but they forget that they can not drink it. The states start wars for oil resources but they are not aware of the fact that oil is not life. At one moment of time, when we lose all we need to survive, we will be dead. In the meantime, the mankind’s greed is multiplied and it seems that the whole civilization takes Earth and its own blessings for granted. Water is considered as something available and normal, but the right question is : how much the water is really available and to who? The science has another concern and the optimism is very expensive in this case.


The NASA has studied the red alert regarding the water supplies on the Earth. The scientists from the University of California came out with the sensational warning that our Planet is losing the water due to the global warming and growing  population:”According to the findings, at 21 of the 37 largest aquifers, water is being drained at a greater rate than it is being naturally replenished, 13 of which fell into the most troubled category.’The water table is dropping all over the world,’ said Jay Famiglietti, senior water scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who took part in the research. ‘There’s not an infinite supply of water.'”


Whats going on? If we would think that we can rely on groundwater as a timeless provider of fresh water, it must be demystified. There is no enough sources of groundwater to supply all population’s demand in the future. Just now, the groundwater is a primary source of freshwater for about two billion people. With this terrifying trend of increasing population number, it is real to be expected that we run out of our latest supplies of groundwater.


The negative thing about the water issue is that many believe that Earth has enough water reservoirs because the water itself covers the 70% of the Earth’s surface. Behind this statistic, the reality is  a bit different. In the terms of numbers, we are talking about rare and important substance that represents just 0.05 percent of the Planet’s total mass. The researchers have followed the evolutionary genesis of water on the Earth and concluded that at the beginning, oceans had had  lighter hydrogen isotope and now they have more heavier hydrogen isotope, known also as deuterium. In the correlation, during the process of time of about four billion years, oceans have lost about quarter of their original mass.

The water supplies are directly connected with the disputes about the global warming and the climate changes. It is not only the problem of environment when we have the increased level of the carbon dioxide, it is a problem for Earth itself. The group of scientists have tried to challenge the computer models so to be ready to offer the precise answer what would happen if the carbon dioxide levels rose to staggering levels:“They found that when the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached 1,520 parts per million, temperatures at the surface of the world would reach nearly 135 degrees fahrenheit, evaporating vast amounts of water into the atmosphere, and sending them high up into the atmosphere, near space. In this scenario, called the ‘moist greenhouse’ in the paper, Popp estimates that water could easily escape from the water world’s atmosphere into space. Worse, they found that once moist greenhouse conditions were reached, they couldn’t be reversed, even by removing the excess carbon dioxide.”


The climate changes and the water reservoirs are linked more than we think. If we accept the claims of science that sun is getting more and more aggressive, it is logical to predict that Sun will achieve higher solar radiation and higher level of luminosity. Based on that, the Earth’s climate will become warmer and oceans will boil. The water will be very soon gone and wont be back on the surface due to the carbon dioxide influence. This scenario will not happen tomorrow but it might happen the day after tomorrow. Our beautiful Planet could be easily the next Venus if we do not adopt sustainable climate standards and responsible ecological policies.


Even now, in the age of space colonization, we aren’t able as human race to provide the clean  drinkable  water to more than one billion people. The water  that modern world is taking for granted, the rest of the world is taking as a blessing. Only 13% of  Afghanistan has drinkable water while Africa has a severe water crisis, especially Ethiopia with the population of 82 million and only 42 % of those who are able to get to the water supplies. In Chad is also very terrible situation and people are being affected for years with the worst droughts. In Cambodia is nothing better  because 84% of people have no access to the clean and healthy water. In India, which is developed country, there are 21% of people that do not have safe water. The hot Water crisis is almost everywhere in Africa and in some parts of Asia. It is related to the economical stage of the targeted country and its population.


I believe that human race must preventive act to solve this struggle with the water question in the future. It will be only worse because the population is growing up without any control. Something must be done and the birth control must be ordered from the governments in the countries that are overpopulated. I found beyond imaginable that we produce ourselves without any sense and that we make a pressure on the Earth and turning it into the opened hell. Sustainable development and limited growth of population is among the top demands we must accept and work on them. In any other case, we are signing our judgment day.


The World Water Day is on March, 22. But, it should be every day, everywhere and water must be cherished by everyone.


  1. Thank you so much, Sarah, for this critical
    Article ! And you backed your article with scientific facts ! Perfect !

    As you said, Sarah, without water, there is no life ! Humanity’s lack of intelligence is mind boggling ! How can “humans” not understand the fact that this is already happening ?!

    I have thought of this problem for quite some time, as I knew that the rifts in the stratosphere, due to the depletion of the ozone layer, could and would allow the passage of water vapor to outer space !

    We, as humans, have two solutions to rectify this faulty trajectory. The first, according to global agreement, is to abide by the Paris Climate Accord in order to reduce gas emissions!

    The second is to use the Geoengineering Process, which utilizes light-reflecting particles by introducing them into the Earth’s stratosphere to reflect the sun’s ray back into space in order to keep the earth cooler !

    Climate change is a reality and it is already upon us. Irrespective of political views, this is as serious as it gets, and humanity’s future, or lack thereof, depends on whether all countries acknowledge climate change and act upon it !

    There is still some time left to mend our ways and to rectify our trajectory !

    Such excellent research ! Work to be proud of, Sarah !

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  2. Sarah’s judicious and germane article brought to mind the fact that, by weight ratio, the average human adult male is 60% water and the average adult female is 50%, approximately. As Homo sapiens, we are intrinsic to the natural water cycle of Nature…

    In the context of freshwater resources on planet Earth there is an abundance, but this plentitude is not accessed, because of the commercial cost involved (i.e. the powerful and capable US-government will spend US$3 trillion on warfare associated industries, but nothing on important issues such as accessing groundwater in a safe and efficacious manner; which would cost only about 10% of what the US-government has spent on its endless war in Afghanistan).

    Presently, about 38.1% of groundwater is freshwater; the remainder being saline. Some 68% of glaciers and the polar ice caps contains freshwater. Together, this equates to an extensive resource of available freshwater to be shared among humans and the needs of Nature. Precipitation represents a mere 2.5% of the total of surface water on the planet.

    However, the primordial mind of most human beings present the main obstacle to sharing freshwater resources, unconditionally. Logic and common sense dictate that we co-operate without any conditions, in the context of sustaining and protecting organic existence on planet Earth. The majority of our political and commercial leaders make decisions via their primordial minds; as opposed to employing cultivated and refined minds (i.e. logic and common sense). The resolutions exist, but the elite agendas (e.g. commercial rivalry in resource control) persist…

    Groundwater is recharged from the surface run-off, naturally. Natural discharge occurs at springs and seeps, and can form oases or wetlands. Groundwater is withdrawn for agricultural, municipal, and industrial use by constructing and operating extraction wells.

    Groundwater is cheaper, more convenient and less vulnerable to pollution than surface water. Therefore, it is commonly used for public water supplies. For example, groundwater provides the largest source of usable water storage in The United States of America. Underground reservoirs contain far more water than the capacity of all surface reservoirs and lakes in North America. Many municipal water supplies are derived solely from groundwater.

    Polluted groundwater is less visible, but more difficult to clean up than pollution in rivers and lakes. Groundwater pollution most often results from improper disposal of waste on land. Major sources include industrial and household chemicals and garbage landfills, excessive fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture, industrial waste lagoons, tailings and process wastewater from mines, hydraulic fracturing, oil field brine pits, leaking underground oil storage tanks and pipelines, sewage sludge and septic systems.

    Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture; the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. Terrestrial plants may be grown with only their roots exposed to the mineral solution, or the roots may be supported by an inert medium (e.g. perlite or gravel). The nutrients in hydroponics can come from an array of different sources: these can include, but are not limited to, waste from fish, fowl manure or common nutrients.

    In recent decades, NASA has undertaken extensive hydroponic research for its Controlled Ecological Life Support System (CELSS). Hydroponics intended to take place on planet Mars is using LED lighting (i.e. Light-Emitting Diode) to grow in a different colour spectrum with much less heat. On planet Earth, hydroponics has been applied since ancient times (e.g. in North Africa), and there is a resurgence in this science (e.g. agribusiness operations occurring in desert areas of Africa and South America). Organic life can be supported on planet Earth with minimal freshwater resources; with supplementary resources coming through fog and dew.

    As of early-2017, Canada has hundreds of acres (i.e. 22 million sq ft) of large-scale commercial hydroponic greenhouses; producing a vast array of food (e.g. tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers).

    As Sarah’s noteworthy article concludes, water should be cherished each day and by each person…

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  3. What an excellent article Sarah. It is well-written, informative, and inspiring. Water is a gift by God to humanity and He made it one of the essentialities of life. God says, “We made from water every living thing”. Since all living creatures including human depend on water to sustain life, we better start taking the right steps, and making the positive changes to save and protect its resources. Saving and protecting the planet’s water is saving our and all lives. This can be very well done at all levels, individuals, communities, and countries. We should all participate in making a difference. The truth is that for centuries it has always been the action of one person like you Sarah that inspires the action of many.


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