The issue of apostasy is very controversial for every religion and when it comes to Islam, the problem of leaving the faith gets almost the all shades of drama. There is no system of belief that welcomes apostasy as itself but Islam has dual approach to this term. According to positive and progressive Islam, Islam is set of rules and it should search for spiritual connections with people. There is no fear from God and human beings who dont want to accept Islam or who want to leave Islam are free to do it. One of moderate British imams, Ajmal Masroor, believes that apostasy is a free choice and that none should judge none. Unfortunately, there is another side of the coin and regressive backward streams of Islam leading by Shari’ah Law experts and radical imams who preach only about radical punishments for apostates.The spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt,  Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi often states that: “…if not for the threat of murder for anyone who leaves Islam, Islam would not exist today”.

We are usually familiar with the information about the Islam as the fastest growing religion on the West and among Westerners. For example, just in the UK, in the period  between 2001 and 2011, about 40.000 people converted to the faith. According to statistics, 70% of them are white British citizens and 2/3 of them are women. However, there is also an inverted trend – leaving the Islamic Religion by born Muslims. It is not so easy to follow their stories and destinies because such a kind of phenomena is occurring in the shadow of the fear from the feedback of Muslim community and its disapproval and possible violent reactions. There are some data which inform us that 20 to 30% of UK-based Muslims, especially those who are young, consider themselves agnostics or even atheists. Not any of them are enough brave to stand up and to defend their new religious choices, because they are facing with death treats and familial and social abandonment.

Mohammad Fyaz shares the pain of many apostates and the fear of people who left  the Islam, worrying about the revenge of those who dont understand it or who believe they are chosen to punish betrayers. His story reminds of any we heard before but as every destiny, it is unique by itself, as a proof that people still like to judge each others without learning that only God can do that.


Mohammad Fyaz, ex-Muslim from the UK

  1. Mr. Fyaz, how do you consider yourself, as ex-Muslim or as Christian? Sometimes I       think that the fact of being ex-Muslim says all.

I consider myself a former Muslim and now a follower of Jesus

2. When and why did you choose to convert to Christianity?

 I didn’t convert from one to another. I questioned Islam and what I was been taught and the behavior of the Muslim community as well as my own family which also concerned me. It didn’t make sense, Muslims were following a set of religious rules ie Fasting, prayers etc, but this didn’t match up to the way they should be living if Islam was their moral compass. I totally rejected Islam in my teens and later found the truth in Jesus. Nevertheless< I needed to be fair on Islam and look into what I had rejected. The internet opened up a whole new opportunity to dig deeper into what Islam taught and Muhammad’s behavior I also got a English copy of the Quran. To my shock Muhammad wasn’t the moral example to mankind I was taught and led to believe and the Quran was not the masterpiece of divine revelation of God, but Muhammad’s own handy work. Most of it copied from Christian and Jewish scriptures and some pagan belief systems.

3. What were the reactions of your family and did they faced together with you with the negative reactions from the Muslim Community ?

My family have disowned me for the past 29 years. My parents had another son who I have never seen or met. I have lived quietly outside any Muslim community since for my safety.

4. Do you believe that progressive stream in Islam really doesnt advocate violence against apostates?

There is no such thing as progressive Islam. Islam is what it is, Radical and violent in its very nature. We need to separate Muslims and Islam.Moderate Muslims does not mean Moderate Islam, no such thing as moderate Islam.

5.You are very active in social media and in public life of the UK as ex-Muslim. Aren’t you a bit afraid for your safety because of extremists who think you and someone like you should be strictly punished for apostasy?

This threat is not just from so called extremist, Islam and Muhammad are extreme. No Muslim even so called moderate Muslims will condemn Sharia Law for stoning homosexuals or death to apostates. Sharia Law is based on Muhammad’s actions and teachings.At the moment my face is not known and I can walk into any Muslim areas and no one knows who I am. Once I start appearing on main stream television on a regular bases, and once my book is published, my life will be in extreme danger and I will never be able to walk in Muslim areas again. Am I afraid ? Anyone in my situation would be afraid. My family will be my first threat I will have to deal with. When my brothers find out that I have laid bare to the world what my mum did in the house, they will hunt me down to kill me. You have heard of honour killings, well you might have the first ex Muslim killed in Europe based not only on religious grounds but also on family honour. I can deal with family threats or a community threat and I have taken steps to minimise that threat. However if the threat becomes a organised state sponsored threat from a Muslim country or a terrorist organisation such as Al-Qaeda or Islamic State, then the British Government will have to step in and protect my life. But my time is not up until God says it is and he will carry me through

6. I am informed that you are going to publish your book in September which will be available on Amazon, under the name ” Letting love win-How I left Islam and found God”. Why did you choose this title? What did you find in Christianity which you haven’t had in Islam?

I chose this title because it’s a reflection of who Jesus is and how love overcomes hate. What I found in Jesus was the personal loving relationship with God which I did not find in Muhammad. It is also the title of one of my chapters in my book and tells the story on how Letting Love Win changed my life to a life of love and forgiveness

7. What do you think, how public in the UK will react on your book? Do you have some preliminary feedback?

The general public will find the book encouraging and enlightening into the Islamic world and British culture, however Muslims will find some parts of my story blasphemous.

8. Do you participate officially in any organizations of ex-Muslims based in the United Kingdom?

I very much am involved with various groups involving ex Muslims and for security reasons I cannot go into detail

9. What do you think about the demands of some radical imams for Shari’ah law to be implemented?

It’s not just so called radical Imams this the consensus of the majority. To be a good Muslim one must embrace the Sharia Law in its totality

10. As a religious person, you must believe in peace and love. What is your hope for this humanity?

 My hope for the future is for Muslim communities in the west to wake up and stop sleep walking towards a civil war they cannot win. Muslims need to become inclusive and lay aside their agenda to over run whatever western country they live in with Islam. And to practice what they demand and that is freedom of choice.I love Muslims, I love my Pakistani community but I will also challenge them Where they need to be challenged. I do not hate Muslims just because I speak against the Islamic ideology. My wish is that the Muslim communities would look beyond politics or any foreign policy and respect Britain, a country which has given us so much. All too often foreign policy is used as an excuse for terrorist acts in particular when it comes to ISRAEL or American foreign policy. Islam has been on the offensive before the creation of America or the state of ISRAEL. Muslims will come up with excuses and blame anyone or anything but themselves, until they address the problem in its own ideology we will not have peace.. The late four times prime minister of Britain in the 1800’s William Gladstone once held the Quran above his head in Parliament and said ” this is an accursed book as long as it exists there will not be peace…. “.

For more information about Mr. Fyaz’s book and possible contact, do not hesitate to visit the following website:




  1. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn anything like this before. So nice to search out somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thanks for starting this up. this website is something that’s wanted on the web, somebody with a bit of originality. useful job for bringing something new to the internet!


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