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“Everybody’s worried about stopping terrorism.

Well,there’s a really easy way:stop participating in it.”

Noam Chomsky



The story about jihad is not made recently and it is known for years to anyone who was familiar with political history of Islamic religion. However, in the  last 20 years, the army of new theories about jihad have come to the public, made up by everyone who labeled himself as an expert for nothing but jihad itself. If this is not tragic for global relations between Muslims and non-Muslims, it would be almost funny and comic to see the way  how so  many people over night turn into great authorities in this field.

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I had to learn so much to get to the point to understand just a bit of wide range of religion and ideology as Islam is but I am also aware how much I am far away from the complete knowledge to claim something without risking my professional credibility. On the another side, I see everyday those who know all about Islam and who believe that their statements about the darkness of the coming jihad and international religious war are absolutely correct. In the age of freedom of speech, they have right to state all they want, after 8 working  hours in some another area of business but what they do not have right is to offend me or anyone else for having own opinion, grounded on scientifically approach and devoted full time to get under the surface of tabloid writing and talking.

I am aware that the security situation today in the whole world is very challenging because of  that massive immigration of the people from the Middle East regions into the western countries, caused by devastating wars and acts of terrorist phantom  Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS-ISIL-DAESH). It is the same as  the body hit  by cancer and then  one part of the body must be amputated so the patient can survive. The Middle East is infected with terrorism. Islamic Terrorism. The Middle East is left alone to fight to see tomorrow, in bloods, suffering, hatred and tragedies. The people who tried to escape the anger of protagonists of hell on the Earth, ISIS, got into other traps Рlong journey into the European mainland, facing up with survival tasks. Among real refugees, there are also the fake one. Among the real drama of human beings, there was also the hidden Troyan horse,to export and to spread something. Chaos.Violence. Crime.Extremism.Terrorism.  So, the affected oriental world was not only problem for itself but also the problem for the rest of the civilization. Non-welcoming relative with troubles.He should be sent  away but his money should be taken in. The blasphemy of the modern mankind. As long as money is there, we can negotiate.

Then, the madness was started. War forced Immigration opened the chapter of growing violence and also the failure of background checks and qualitative work of intelligence services so the terrorism was occurred faster than it was expected. It was some kind of mutated Islamic terrorism, because it was mixed with ideology of the Islamic state rulers and home grown extremism. The innocent people who died during the terrorist attacks in Europe paid the price for doubted and failed European policy towards the Middle East crisis and for the European weak standing regarding the US ” interest machinery” in the hot zone. If you cant say NO to your greedy friend, you will pay the bigger price than your greedy friend, at the end of the day. For years back, the EU policy in comparison to the US could be illustrated with sheep which follows the shepherd over the edge, without looking around.

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The Islamic state is nothing but a nest of terrorism.The ideology which they are supporting and claiming it is a religion could be only understood as the lack of any real religious knowledge because there is no religion which justifies killings, even when it comes to those who oppose your own standings. Unfortunately, the Islam is being deviated by the shameful behavior of people who claim that they are presenting the whole Ummah, the global Islamic religion. The fact is that they present only themselves, ¬†their violence and¬†their own¬†psychopathology but they are enough smart to wrap it into costume of one religion and to use it as a war echo, quoting the verses what have been invented in ancient times when the conflicts were the fuel of civilization’s progress. ¬†To think that some old quotes and ideas of war lords and tribal rules should be active today in 21st century sounds like religious suicide and I am wondering why Muslim community would like that road? Where is its interest in that? Global clash of religions ?The Third World War? What is the price for and against it? Honestly, I believe that Muslim community has more to lose than to achieve with Islamic terrorism and that this is the most terrible way to spread the Islam, among lot of others. If we look the statistic, between 1980 and 2005, 94% of the terror attack in America were committed by non-Muslims. This is a valid FBI study which reports about the fact that 42% of terror attacks were carried by Latino groups and 24% were lead by extreme left-wing actors. After them, comes the religious violence. The similar situation is in Europe,according to EUROPOL what claims in its 2014 report that a majority of European terrorist attacks in the past five years were made by separatist organizations:“In 2009, of 294 terrorist attacks, only one was related to Islamist militancy. In 2010, of 249 terrorist attacks, Europol considered only three to be Islamist. In 2011, not one of the 174 terrorist attacks were affiliated or inspired by terrorist organizations. In 2012, of 219 terrorist attacks, six were religiously motivated. In 2013, of 152 terrorist attacks, two were ‘religiously motivated.’ Terrorism is a real threat, but terrorism going hand in hand with Islam is an exaggerated statement.”

The delusional obsession of the Western world ¬†with Islamic terrorism and the terrorists who kill and die in the name of Allah was a trigger what opened the book of military interventionism and playing fine games with terrorists or against them, depending on the increasing or declining power of the Russia. We shouldn’t forget how the US supported Talibans as freedom fighters so after some time, the freedom fighters became evil terrorists. Nothing last forever in political games. Even not ¬†the memory on all killed people in the storm of terrorism and those who were victims of ¬†the western military interventionism and “deliberating” of the Islamic world by bombs. I am not into any conspiracy paradigm and I do not accuse anyone for anything but there were certain policies of the regional and world’s powers which caused or supported ¬†the seed of terrorism. Profit and war are the best friends.


How Islam will deal with the growing hysteria around the globe against all what is Islam for? Its not anymore about Islamic terrorism or terrorism at all. It is about the attack on the whole religion. I was taught to follow the line in my writing: to research political ideology of Islam (51%) and not to question the Islamic religion (49%). What Muslims believe or expect from their faith is not my issue but what is the ideology behind some of the political and ideological chapters, should be my sphere and my topic, mostly because it is very related to non-Muslims and their potential position in the world under Shari’ah law.

However, it seems that people are more interested in facts about the old times and the consequences of not submission to Islam than to the modern persecutions of ideology. In the core of every religion is proselytism and Islam is embracing its own right to spread the teachings. ¬†That is all good and fine as long as it doesn’t endanger others or make them feel uncomfortable. The case with terrorism is sui generis because they do not present Islam as a religion but rather their own terrorist Agenda. Based on¬†Global Terrorism Database, there were committed about 140.000 terrorist attacks from 1970 through 2014. Something which should make us more positive is the maths again: that is approx 0,00009% of global Islam and when we take the number of 1,5 billion Muslims and 150.000 those who share the ¬†Islamic terrorism ideology, ¬†we jump on the final result: 0,001% of Muslims who are Islamic Terrorists.

This is very encouraging dance of the numbers. It is not the point to accuse all Muslims for Islamic Terrorism and to exclude them from the efforts for the solution of the problem. What it could happen then? It could happen that people who hated this monster start having sympathies because they are expelled from the rest of the world for something what they haven’t even done. If you accuse me for my innocence I will show you how I can be really guilty. Do we really need that? I don’t think so. What we need is to have comrades in Muslims against those who even killed more Muslims than kufr, infidels:“According to a 2009 report published by the ¬†Counter Terrorism Center¬†at the United States Military Academy at West Point, Al-Qaeda kills over¬†seven times more¬†Muslims than non-Muslims.The UN reported¬†¬†last year that Muslims are the largest victims of ISIS in Iraq.In 2013, the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism‚Äôs Global Terrorism Database ‚Äst joint government-university program on terrorism, hosted at the University of Maryland noted that between 2004 and 2013, about half of all terrorist attacks, and 60% of fatalities due to terrorist attacks, took place in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan ‚Äď all of which have a mostly Muslim population”¬†This should be mentioned all over because it breaks the Islamic terrorism main propaganda – that they lead a holy war, jihad against Christians and Jews. Actually, it is nothing about holy war when they kill their fellows, their brothers and sisters, simply all people who oppose them.


The next important segment is the lack of their knowledge about jihad. They missed the point. Jihad is defensive not offensive. What they do is¬† “al-harb”- Arabic word for war. The term of jihad in Arabic means struggling and striving, but mostly for your own spiritual battles.

“The greatest Jihad is to battle your own soul, to fight the evil within yourself”

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

The major jihad is fighting your own evil. The minor jihad is fighting external challenges. The military concept of jihad is allowed but also has its own rules. It can be brainless killing of everyone everywhere, it must follow some rules in war. It must be declared by religious authorities who think that the faith is endangered, otherwise it is just a war. The Islamist terrorist groups hijacked this expression and misuse it as they need in daily agenda and to make their own war being justified by God. Their hatred towards Christians and Jews goes so far and they call for killing kufr but as a one with Judaeo-Christian background, I believe we belong to the People of Book and not idolaters who could be kufr:“It is evident there are ample grounds for an alliance between the ‘People of the Book’ and Muslims. This is also very evident in the Koran. In the relevant verses of the Koran, there is a significant difference between the People of the Book and the idolaters. This is especially emphasized in the area of social life. For example, it is said concerning the idolaters: ‘(they) are unclean, so after this year they should not come near the Masjid al-Haram (Kaaba).’ (Surat at-Tawba: 28) Idolaters are people who obey no divine law, have no moral precepts and who are capable of committing every kind of degrading and perverse action without hesitation.But while they basically rely on God’s revelation, the People of the Book have moral precepts and know what is lawful and what is not.”¬†

Nevertheless, the new political and Islamic  ideologists made Kufr being a substantial element of Islam. Now we have two abused terms: jihad which should be defensive and not offensive when it becomes only al-harb and kufr as a name for Christians and Jews, who are People of the Book and not pagans. Enough to make a fire.

There is a reality that there is a dichotomy between¬†dar al islam and ¬† dar al harb. The terrorists play on it. They are fighting for dar al islam all over the world, the system based on Shari’ah law and strict Islamic rules but they forget that ¬†in such a system for ¬†real Sunni Muslim the rebellion against authority is not allowed no matter what is the system. Not any Muslim system is dar al islam as not any kufr system is dar al harb. For these kind of understandings, they need to consult the religion they are stating they follow but they even fail to catch the basic elements.

This is not only Islamic Terrorism, this is world terrorism and we all must work together on stopping it and preventing that interest lobbies and powerful sects make fire places around the Earth, believing that they are doing something for God and not for their bank accounts.

In this Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012 file photo, a Syrian rebel reads Quran during clashes with government forces in Aleppo, Syria. Through mid-2012, rebel power grew and Assad's army ramped up its response. Relentless government shelling leveled neighborhoods and killed hundreds. Regular reports emerged of mass killings by the regime or thugs loyal to it, pushing more Syrians toward armed struggle. The government, which considers the opposition terrorist gangs backed by foreign powers, denied any role, and does not respond to requests for comment on its military. The rebels, too, were accused of atrocities. (AP Photo/ Khalil Hamra, File)

The Muslim people should stand up against this extremism because it is their worst enemy. Like the revolution what eats its children, this extremism can eat the religious kindness and make it being bitterness.

The future jihad will be the most challenging: how we all will overcame our own judgments and evils?Everything else will be just a war. Not a holy war but war. Al harb.

Stand up against it.Together. United because  we are all people of the Book.



  1. Thanks for the great perspective. To Muslims ISIS is unrecognizable and nothing has ever existed this extreme. The ancient tombs, communities and cities that they are destroying in the MIddle East have existed for thousands of years without any threat of destruction. Now ISIS is destroying ancient history and driving wedges between communities. Iraq and places like that needed strong leaders. Saddam, though a tyrant, kept everyone in check. His removal has led to the creation of a breeding ground for extremists and I don’t know if the situation can be reversed now.

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