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“Whoever bears testimony against a Muslim of which the latter is not deserving, let him prepare for himself a seat in the Hell fire.” [Imam Ibn Asakir in Tibyan al Kadhib al Muftari, Page No. 373]


The Islam by itself is a very rich and complex religion because it is consisted from many aspects and if you fail to understand some, you will end up with no understanding at all. The variety of all dimensions in Islamic religion is not only the challenge for people who are not Muslims but also for Muslims.

That is the main reason why there are so many misinformation about Islam today. The media usually do not follow an objective approach and they abuse facts as much as they need to “sell out the news” because they are aware that majority of people like shocking things over presence of science.

In the current global political and security mania, Islam is not allowed to be presented in one regular analytical way but in the gossip, tabloid and schizophrenic manner. The whole atmosphere of it is helped by growing extremism  which turns into terrorism and hiding behind this monotheistic religion. The terrorist organizations which claim they are fighting for Shari’ah Law and the global Islamic order don’t help Muslims at all, it is opposite. They are making the hell on the Earth for Muslims as well as they make for all other religions because their only goal is political power, dressed into petrodollars and justified with some fake interpretations of the part of the faith they don’t catch  by themselves either.  The worst consequences of it is the partition of this world into those who accuse Muslims for Terrorism and those who don’t know  what is really going on. The fact is that political ideology of Islamic Terrorism is something which doesn’t come from ordinary Muslim people but from those who don’t have anything with any religion but they are ready to misuse religious patterns and to adjust them to their own interests without any scrupulous.

Discussing about the controversial terms in Islam and offering the objective explanation and rational background is the only available way at this moment to prevent the international hysteric which could lead us to the river with no end, into the total darkness and clash of different believes  with tragic outcomes.

The previous paragraphs gave us the reason to open the debate of TAKFIR or TAKFEERتكفير‎ )  or if we move it on the basic levels, it is the  “pronouncement of unbelief against someone,” and can be translated as “excommunication.”  The term is very specific because it is addressing the Muslims actually that means the situation when one Sunni Muslim ( Takfiri) declares the another one as a kafir (infidel) for not following the certain rules or going against them. This is not a typical well know labeling the People of the Book (Christians and Jews) for being kuffr, this is a highest level of accusations among Muslim believers against each others, for different reasons.The only authority for such a kind of decisions is Ulema, the council of Islamic religion scientists and thinkers, which is capable to make  the righteous judgement. Unfortunately, with the Wahhabi movement awakening and empowering, the Ulema is losing its importance in these cases and the internal blaming among believers and those who claim they are above all, like some fanatical rulers (hakim) in Wahhabi communities, open the scary diaries of tortures against people who are accused for “not being enough religious” or ” not being religious in right way”.

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The line of strife in Islamic societies goes to the degree which is extreme punishment for those who don’t follow hakim’s opinion and their sins are equal to the sins of kuffr but they are even more hated because they are expelled from the same nest.Islamic religion experts state:“Determining whether someone is a kaafir or a faasiq (faasiq) is not up to us, rather it is up to Allaah, may He be exalted, and His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). This is one of the rulings of sharee’ah that is to be referred to the Qur’aan and Sunnah, so we should be very careful and base our judgement on clear proof.  No one may be judged to be a kaafir or faasiq except the one whom the Qur’an and Sunnah indicate is a kaafir or faasiq.” According to Islam, it is not allowed to one Muslim or Muslims to address other Muslim or Muslims as disbelievers or kaafir because only God knows what is in someone’s heart not people. Faasiq is one who disobeys so it is also the pejorative meaning.


This is not what the Takfiri Muslims do nowadays anyway. The radicalized forms of Islam mistreat the first stages of Islam and mobilize it in their fanatical machinery against everyone who oppose their visions:“Takfiris believe in Islam strictly according to the understanding of Muhammad and his companions, and do not accept any deviation from their path; they reject any form of reform or change from the religion as it was revealed in the time of the prophet. Those who change their religion from Islam to any other way of life, or deny any of the fundamental foundations of Islam, or who worship, follow or obey anything other than Islam, become those upon whom the takfiris declare the ‘takfir’, calling them apostates from Islam and so no longer Muslim.Takfiris practice a number of beliefs that separate them from the Salafist movement. The most obvious example is the aforementioned labeling of fellow Muslims as kufr and the practice of declaring takfir upon them. This belief allows Takfiris to justify the use of violence against fellow Muslims; a contemporary example being the sectarian violence perpetrated in the Iraqi Insurgency. Takfiris also reject the traditional Muslim duty to obey one’s legitimate rulers in all manners that do not contradict Sharia, as sedition is viewed as a great danger to a nation. However Takfiris consider all political authority that does not abide by their interpretation of Islam as illegitimate and apostate; a view which closely mirrors Qutb’s views on jahiliyyah.As such, violence against such regimes is considered legitimate.Takfiri views on suicide also differ significantly from that of orthodox Islam. Takfiris believe that one who deliberately kills themselves whilst attempting to kill enemies is a martyr (Shahid) and therefore goes straight to heaven. As such all sin is absolved when a person is martyred, allowing carte blanche for the indiscriminate killing of non-combatants, for example.”

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Takfirs are some kind of aggressive sect and this phenomena can exist in any Islamic stream. As we already know that Sufis and Salafi are opponents to each others, as well as those who are supporting Saudi Salafis and those who support generally Jihadists (Al Qaeda). In Shia Islam, Takfirs exist in regards to the Sahaba because according to Imami Shi’a doctrine, the majority of Sahaba were apostates. The different approach of Shi’a Islam towards Sahaba ( companions of Prophet Mohammad) doesn’t mean that Sunni and Shi’a Muslims should call each others kuffr and accuse for takfir but that is what is happening in this time which is very critical for all.


Takfiri Terrorism is something which could be illustrated by the incidents made in the name of Islam but rather in the name of the groups claim they are fighting for the real Islamic world -Caliphate and removing everyone who is a threat to that world, no matter if is Muslim or kafir. So, the point is on the Takfiri Terrorism Ideology and not on the religion. Those two terms are mistaken and people start hating Muslims instead of showing hatred towards the responsible targets, Takfiri Terrorists who consider  everyone and everything as a problem. Just as a reminder, Takfir wal-Hijra movement established in Egypt  in the 1960s, under the name Excommunication and Emigration, with extreme vision of spreading Islam so some counter terrorism concluded that the patterns of this ruined  terrorist group remained in many other radical entities all over the world -as a sleeping terrorist cell. What is interesting about this group is that allowed to its supporters and militants to behave like Westerners so they could be invisible for security eye.  They shave their beards, drink, use drugs and practice sex till the moment when mission is starting. The current militant and terrorist groups are more or less similar to each others regarding the Takfiri elements and it is up to tones in implementation of horror ideology.

The most crucial ingredient of this article is the distinctions between the terms which are abused in daily media vocabulary, without being properly defined and highlighted. Takfiri Terrorism is something which is hitting equally Muslims and non-Muslims, labeling them as target and negative focus. Takfiri Terrorists who accuse believers that they are non-believers or disbelieves are committing the most serious crime ever-they are playing God on the human ground. They are showing that they have never understood the message of the Holy Qur’an they are quoting as a credo for  massacre against their enemies. They never understood that only Allah knows what is in someone’s heart and that is enough. Not any Takfiri Terrorist can change that as they changed many things in religion just to make it practical for their (mis)use.

People do but only God judges.



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