“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
― Voltaire

The hardest task on the world is not talking about the times without faith in God but about the times when faith in God brings demons on the ground. Then, instead of peace and understanding, people are dealing with war and deep hatred, with no  reasons. Religion, as I see it personally, should be another excuse for love for each others and not the  cover for divisions and fire against each others.

In the last 20 years, the Islam as a religion  by itself, has become the most controversial term in global relations because it has gravitated from the field of belief to the abused political ideology.I am not referring here only   to the facts that some extreme groups took Islam and modified it  so they can use it  as their own manifest for doing evil, against those who don’t accept the rule of darkness. I am also addressing  here the rest of the apathetic world  which allowed that happen by silence or unconscious support to the conditions for growth of radicalism inside the body of one religion.

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Islam is not the lonely case of one abused and misused religion. Unfortunately, the Islam has been exploited in Terrorism as an international threat so everyone could  easily link Islam with Extremism but it should be said   that Christianity is also mistreated in some political divergences. It is  more discreet  than Islam, but we are all aware    that some christian churches continue to  demand political power or to oppose the one which is directly or indirectly against them. Many christian lobbies, ruled by religious authorities, make decisions behind the public policy. Its enough to mention Roman Catholic bishops in Ireland who influence on State referendum, then English bishops in Parliament to European Christian Democrats trying to stop joining of Turkey in the EU. US Baptist ministers focus on some of extreme right-wing politicians  and many of radical Catholics who misuse their positions  to find moral explanations for different  forms of illegal activities, which are enhancing their power dressed into kind religious face.This is not aggressive form of misuse of religion in political ideologies or gaining the final goals but it is happening and it takes victims too. The victims of Islamic terrorism are known and numbered but the victims of “hypocritical” adjusted  Christianity mobilized in political machinery are suffering in silence and demand the another big study.

However, the certain people have found the  Islam as a great cover for their activities against the humanity and as a great excuse for their greedy plans and ideas. They knew that all they have to do is to make a pyramidal structure of transmission of  the religion into the mass, stuck in poverty and angry in hopeless situations and to convince them that their God want them to stand up against the rule of those who are responsible for their bad lives.  It doesn’t matter who is really guilty for global economical crisis and if that has anything to do with one religion, but the despair people got the negative focus, their own scapegoat.It was all ready for them  to just start the big bad fire and to move on, pretending that it  is God’s will. The truth is that there is no God who hates and whoever teaches about it,offers fake religion for building an empire based on hatred.That empire will rise and will sacrifice many lives for its development but it wont last forever. The point of religion is eternal life and fear of hell through the respect the moral commandments in the terrestrial life not aspiring for heaven through making the hell on the Earth. The problem with abuse of Islam was exactly that one. The small and devoted group of people who wanted more power and who were greedy to increase their stake in the global share, decided to make a new Leviathan , modifying  the elements of Islam  with their  own deepest esoteric, demonic and other’s cult colors, grounded  all on the supremacy of money, mixed it with human nature as an object of manipulation and making a new shooting weapon against the opponents on the chess table of global politics.

One day we all have been awaken in the worst nightmare ever. Terrorism became a reality. Islamic Terrorism became a destiny of our century. We didn’t know how it happened or what were the indicators but we all knew that there is not a chance to bring the evil spirit back in Pandora box. He is already everywhere. It started silently around the Middle East, which was a region of oriental legends, bloody fight for oil and timeless injustice. It came loudly into our regions, as a scream of dying hope that we can do something about it. When it was a time to react on small cold, we were blind and deaf. Now, we have deadly virus without a cure. Islamic Terrorism, combined and empowered by western brainless interventionism and silly attempt to export western democracy in non-western world, ended with years of wars with no winners, millions of damaged  people and seed of hatred which turned to be carnivorous plant who kills and eats all. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Yemen… just some of so many contagious zones, our modern silent hills. We export them democracy with the best wishes on our bombs , they export back to us the perfidious terrorist attack in the name of Allah.  We don’t recognize their killed people but we praise our own for days. The circle of life is replaced with the circle of death. The love for God is replaced with the hate in the name of God. While we are sitting in our offices or homes and reading about the horror of Islamic terrorism, the snake of the violence is already crawling into the most fragile layers of our societies. They hate us, we hate them back. They kill us, we will kill them back. Eye for eye and the whole world will be blind. Then, the one eye man will be the king. The new ruler.

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As a person with research capacities, I cant let myself being opinionated by any side.At least, I cant try not to be. The main reason why I want to analyze how radical Islamic  leaders manipulate with people by God comes from my own claim that any radical religious authority could try the same. Lets look on the Christian terrorism formed in anti-abortion violence in the USA.The famous  evangelist Joshua Feuerstein calls on Christians to “punish Planned Parenthood” and make abortion providers fear for their life.The incident took a place in November , 2015 in Colorado Springs hospital and three people were shoot. The violence inspired by religious speech is nothing new in Christianity.It is just controlled more and kept on leash.


When it comes to Islam….Radical imams are choosing the frustrated non-educated mass to lead and to shape their anger. Moderate Muslim who has a job, family and good life is not going to follow his imam who will tell him that he must kill in this life so he can be alive in heaven. That simply doesn’t work with such a type of person. His mind is not opened for delusional ideas.He has many things to lose if he eventually decide to follow the another way. He is already happy just the way it is. I remember what my friend Ahmad  from Bahrain wrote me once:“I dont want to go to mosque anymore.I have my God with me. I dont like what imam tells me I should do or believe in.I have my Qur’an and I read it for myself.I dont need imam.”Ali is 35 years old engineer, married with doctor. They have 2 children and they do not want to deal with any face of extremism.  On the another side, imam will easily convince the poor, non-educated young boy to join the pack against other packs who are responsible for all suffering on the world. The young man is accepted, finally recognized by someone and his slowly transmission from poor boy to deadly jihadists will be without bigger problems. He has never been fully skilled  in Arabic language so  how he will feel any difference between smoothly written  DO IT or DONT DO IT in the Qur’an noble.He will be misused many times before he finally end up blown  up for so called death for Allah. But, it is also to be noted that extremely rich person could be also abused in religious evil indoctrination. The man who had everything but still has nothing , will try to push himself on new limits and challenges and in the beginning he will think of it like about special holy mission for chosen. Sadly, those people are often on the top of organization and all they do is to pick up fresh  flesh to feed regularly their ideology. I had a chance to talk shorty with one ex-terrorist when I was visiting Bosnia.We will call him Ali here. I recall his reply on my question why he wanted ever to be a terrorist when he was having a great life:” Because i was bored with all I do and I wanted something new, something which will change not only my life but life of all people” No matter what, terrorism changes life and always for the worst scenario ever. The different people.Believers and kuffar. All.The same pain. One God.

Maybe the Qur’an is the answer on our dilemmas.Maybe two version of one book could give us possible exit to the dimension of finding the cure and sending the extremism to the history and the evil spirit back to Pandora box, once for all times. I am not sure about it, all I can do is to come up with my free thoughts and to hope the receptors  of message will understand in the right way.

Qur’an is not the one book but rather consists of two books, made by period in Mecca and then by period in Medina. It is interesting to mention that dualism in this holy book make problems for researchers to understand ideas of Qur’an, because sometimes they are totally opposite to each others and people can use both, depending on the interest in the current situation. The famous expert for political islam, Bill Warner writes about it:“The other thing that strikes people who press on through and read the Koran is that it is very contradictory. One verse will contradict another verse. The Koran says Allah can replace a verse with one which is better. Let’s dwell on this a moment. Replace it with averse which is better means that the better one comes later.To deal with contradiction, you need to know which verse was written earlier or later.This time order is known to scholars.” Ordinary believers don’t know so good the time order or even if they do, they have a choice to embrace what is better for them in the challenging moment. That is so called dualistic nature of  the Muslim Holy book.

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The historical division of Qur’an is something else but it definitely is connected with the dualism by itself.The older  Qur’an which was written in Mecca and the later Qur’an which was written in Medina. I found very interesting and complete explanation of one religious historian :“The Mecca Quran was all about tolerance, tranquility, spirituality, acceptance, and inner cleansing through submission to the word of Allah. This earlier part of the Quran also dictated many of the rules that individual Muslims must perform and abide in their day-to-day lives. In my most humble opinion the Mecca Quran formed a basis for a religion that bridged some of the gaps and controversies between the Christians and the Jews. Where Christians no longer followed much of the Rules of Kashrut, the Jewish dietary laws, the Quran reinstated many of these laws. But in the Mecca Quran the idea of an eye for an eye was replaced by a more Christian philosophy. In many ways I see the Mecca Quran as an attempt at a compromise that would appeal to those Jews who found merit in the Christian teachings but refused to release from Jewish traditions while also appealing to those Christians who were not totally comfortable with having left so much of Judaism behind. Either way, Muhammad set about to preach his revelations and gain converts, mostly from among Christians and Jews. The major obstacle in Muhammad’s efforts was that times were economically very good and most people were quite content with their current way of life. When people are happy and things are going well, people are usually not open to change as change may upset the balance or whatever that gives them this comfort and wealth. With time, Muhammad became more vocal as he was probably very frustrated that so few were willing to accept his preaching of Allah. This lead to his being forcefully requested to depart Mecca. So, he and his core converts to Islam made their way to Medina.” So, the first book was a preliminary attempt, the first try of new established religion to gather the followers among potentially disappointed Jews and Christians. The second phase and the chapter of Medinan Qur’an was something else, turned to be more aggressive and revengeful. It was a personal seal of Prophet Mohammed’s struggle to survive in hard conditions and to convince others to follow him. The life was not easy as it was in the first time in Mecca, where he and his followers enjoyed free thinking time and passive spirit of the religion. Medina was a cruel ground and Prophet Mohammed started playing violent:“He had originally ruled that Muslims prayed facing Jerusalem, but the opposition from the Jews had him replace Jerusalem as the center of faith to Mecca. His newer revelations were more violent and had the Jews as the primary focus of this violence. This Medina Quran also incorporated much of the moral blessings of violence and caravan raiding taken from the Arab tribes who thrived on these ventures. This lead to many of these tribes adopting this newer form of Islam as dictated by Muhammad thus supplying Muhammad with a sizeable army at his command.”The time has been changed and so the rules of the political game. The previous Qur’an was talking more about peace and tolerance, dealing with religious norms and ideas of hell which has been mentioned 147 times in the Mecca Qur’an. Most of the time it was warning the infidels what will happen after death  with them if they do not accept the real religion. The Medina Qur’an comes with more allusions on the hell but not only after death. Now, it is some kind of political and social hell for those who oppose Prophet Mohammed. The situation is clear. He is fighting the hard battle to find his place. Everyone is enemy. Everyone is kafir. Kafir is an inspiration for Medina Qur’an as well as the new introduced term, the holy war, jihad. Now the jihad is not only the struggle for a believer  to conquer himself but the war against those who do not believe or who do not want to believe.

 I see the Qur’an also as a diary of the historical events, as they have been seen by Prophet Mohammed and all of those who believed in him and his wisdom, which was claimed to be given by God, by  Allah.Every side in history has its own vision of happens, we will never know for sure what happened then and how it shaped our reality nowadays. I only know that the Medinan Qur’an is something which is misused in daily indoctrination of extremists .As we all know, not any Muslim militant is capable to understand the smooth Arabic language presented in the complicated Qur’an. He needs angry  imam to define the surah for him and to fill him with hatred based on personal interpretation of something which was made for another time and situations but definitely not for 21st century and its problems. Giving an extremist the religious platform to push  his own madness merged with the deviant group’s pure interests is like giving a car to drunk furious  person  on the Friday’s night. It leads nowhere but to cause more victims. The first victims of this  religious psychopathy are Muslims who are  killed every day by so called Muslims, but I would rather say, extreme psychopaths organized in groups for spreading the terror. Then come the story with kuffar. Infidels. We should keep in mind that not every Muslim want radicalized religion in his society. Not at all. Many of them aren’t happy with the products of Shari’ah law and how it was implemented into system. Some of them believe that everything what claim to be Islamic today is nothing but political abuse of religion for a sake of small % of people. They are all right but sadly we cant stop Islamic extremism and terrorism just stating these facts but rather working on preventing the possibilities for the evil plant to be grown up not only in our societies but also in originated Muslim societies. The religious groups should me monitored and people should be informed about potential indoctrination. Before all of it, the target population should be broken and oriented on another dimensions, like economical, social and  intellectual integration. In the same time, the new generations of imams who would preach more about  Mecca Qur’an than Medina Qur’an should be enhanced to come up on the light scene and to act. They should teach believers more about religion and its spiritual attributes than about political ideology and its price. Muslims also need to accept the changes and to not take any critics about that as an insult but rather as a constructive benign suggestion for the benefits of all.

The famous Dalai Lama once said:“If science proves some belief of Buddhism wrong, then Buddhism will have to change.”  I am not saying that Islam must change itself and its not up to me to say it but I believe that freedom for extremism in Islam shouldn’t be tolerated at all.The Islamic terrorism is a responsibility for all of us to deal with. It is not only the product of Muslim world. It is a common offspring of the whole world. Everyone is a bit included in that parenthood. The Muslim people who allow the extremism to grow up among them and the western people who made it being born. Simply all. That’s why simply all of them must work on destroying it, like it destroyed and still destroys many people’s lives.

There is no religion which hates. There are only some  people who do that because the hatred is their only profit. Everyone else is just a paid price of it.





  1. Maybe you can research (fix?) this cluster:
    If we don’t shut down the gaming of this system, those taking along pigs, turkeys and stuffed animals as “emotional support animals” will include Mohammedian terrorists who will stuff them with explosives. Result? Lockerbie times 100.
    I’m not confident the TSA is on top of this threat as they are, according to this report, letting these existential threats on planes every day. Also, according to their own internal tests, TSA fails to catch the majority of potential weapons their own system testing staff smuggle through.
    I pray that some miracle occurs and this threat is shut down BEFORE Americans start dropping out of the sky due to “emotional support animals” being weaponized.


    Look at Roman Catholicism and see its blood history and its control of the masses by superstition and ignorance!
    By bringing so many Muslims into the West, it will act as a Reformation. While they stayed in their ignorance and poverty in their Muslim countries, they could never dream of freedom of expression. What the Reformation did for Europe, the Open Door policy for Muslims will do two things:
    (1) It will REPOPULATE dying Europe!
    (2) It will allow future generations of Muslims to educate themselves and drift away from their Cult of Death.
    If you look at the Irish in America in the 1800s, you will see how they were portrayed as Apes and savages.
    Google: Ireland Cartoons – Images | PUNCH Magazine Cartoon Archive

    Punch lines that kept the Irish in their place: Taking the Mick
    BRIAN CATHCART Saturday 11 June 1994

    FECKLESS, stupid, drunken, combative and relentlessly talkative, the Irishmen of Victorian Punch cartoons merge together into a stereotype that has proved enduring.

    Former colleagues of Trevor McAuley at Auto Alloys Foundry in Blackwell, Derbyshire, had similar ideas about the Irish. ‘Typical thick Paddy,’ they said, and ‘That’s Irish logic’ and ‘What else can you expect from an Irishman?’.

    Mr McAuley (who happens to come from the heart of Paisleyite Co Antrim and describes himself firmly as British) won pounds 5,900 damages last week after satisfying an industrial tribunal that such remarks, endlessly repeated in the workplace, amounted to racist abuse. He was the fourth Irish person to win a case of this kind in the past year.

    Contempt for Irish people and their habits has a long history in Britain. Gerald of Wales, visiting Ireland in the 1180s, wrote of a barbarous, filthy and irresponsible people who ‘think that the greatest pleasure is not to work’. In the 17th century, Fynes Moryson lamented the squalor and drunkenness of Irish life, even in the Anglicised towns of Dublin and Cork. His rooms, he noted, ‘were scarce swept once in a week, and the dust then laid in a corner

    But it was surely Punch and its satirical rivals in the 19th century that sculpted the foolish, idle figure of fun whose descendants stand behind the Auto Alloys insults and the Irish jokes of today.

    Even before Darwin, the Punch cartoonists knew the Irish were a lower order of human; the arrival of the theory of evolution merely provided the explanation.

    ‘Mr MacSimius’, slack-jawed, dim-eyed and hirsute, is shown declaring: ‘Well, Oi don’t profess to be a particularly cultivated man meself; but at laste me progenitors were all educated in the hoigher branches.’

    A Punch writer in the 1860s described ‘a creature manifestly between the Gorilla and the Negro’. This is the ‘Irish Yahoo’, a climbing animal which ‘may sometimes be seen ascending a ladder with a hod of bricks’. Only the ability of this beast to utter articulate sounds, the writer explains, proves that ‘it is a development, and not as some imagine, a degeneration, of the Gorilla’.

    They were not all beggars, bricklayers or bogmen, but where Punch encountered the better sort of Irishmen or women they were invariably unwitting wits, pouring forth a stream of charming solecisms – the Irish Gent to his housemaid, after a row with a caller: ‘The next time you let that man in you’re to shut the door in his face.’ Or the Irish Visitor to his host, while observing a summer shower: ‘Ah, now this is welcome. An hour’s rain like this will do more good in five minutes than a week of it.’ Whole books of ‘Mr Punch’s Irish Humour’ were filled with this stuff.

    To English readers who knew the Irish only as rootless, troublesome navvies, small-time terrorists or the distant, lumpen victims of famine or rural hardship, it was doubtless reassuring to learn that these people were prodigal idiots. If they were poor or hungry, or if their homes and their countryside were overcrowded, it was because they refused to improve themselves. Money or sympathy, it was clear, would be wasted on them.

    Late in the century Punch learnt to be kinder and even gave its support to Irish Home Rule, but it was by then a little late.

    In the 1880s, the magazine referred more warmly to ‘Hibernia, the Cinderella sister of Britannia and Caledonia’. As Professor Roy Foster, the historian, has pointed out, ‘neither Mr Punch nor his cartoonists ever followed through the implication of the metaphor: that Britannia was therefore Hibernia’s Ugly Sister, exploiting her at home and keeping her from the ball’.

    The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America
    Michael A. Hoffman II


    “They were of two sorts, first such as were brought over by masters of ships to be sold as servants.
    Such as we call them my dear,’ says she, ‘but they are more properly called slaves.” —

    Daniel Defoe, Moll Flanders

    This is a history of White people that has never been told in any coherent form, largely because most modern historians have, for reasons of politics or psychology, refused to recognize White slaves in early America as just that.

    Today, not a tear is shed for the sufferings of millions of our own enslaved forefathers. 200 years of White slavery in America have been almost completely obliterated from the collective memory of the American people.

    Who wants to be reminded that half — perhaps as many as two thirds — of the original American colonists came here, not of their own free will, but kidnapped, shanghaied, impressed, duped, beguiled, and yes, in chains?… we tend to gloss over it… we’d prefer to forget the whole sorry chapter…

    “(Elaine Kendall, Los Angeles Times, Sept. 1, 1985).

    A correct understanding of the authentic history of the enslavement of Whites in America could have profound consequences for the future of the races: “We cannot be sure that the position of the earliest Africans differed markedly from that of the white indentured servants. The debate has considerable significance for the interpretation of race relations in American history”

    (Eugene D. Genovese, Roll, Jordan Roll: The World the Slaves Made, p. 31).

    Most of the books on White labor in early America are titled with words like “White indentured servitude,” White “bondservants,” White “servants” etc. It is interesting that White people who were bound to a condition of what became in many cases permanent chattel slavery unto death, are not referred to as slaves by Establishment academics.

    With the massive concentration of educational and media resources on the negro experience of slavery the unspoken assumption has been that only Blacks have been enslaved to any degree or magnitude worthy of study or memorial. The historical record reveals that this is not the case, however. White people have been sold as slaves for centuries.


    Among the ancient Greeks, despite their tradition of democracy, the enslavement of fellow Whites—even fellow Greeks—was the order of the day. Aristotle considered White slaves as things. The Romans also had no compunctions against enslaving Whites who they too termed “a thing” (res). In his agricultural writings, the first century B.C. Roman philosopher Varro labeled White slaves as nothing more than “tools that happened to have voices” (instrumenti vocale). Cato the Elder, discoursing on
    plantation management, proposed that White slaves when old or ill should be discarded along with worn-out farm implements.

    Julius Caesar enslaved as many as one million Whites from Gaul, some of whom were sold to the slave dealers who followed his victorious legions

    (William D. Phillips, Jr., Slavery from Roman Times to the Early Transatlantic Trade, p.18).

    In A.D. 319 the “Christian” emperor of Rome, Constantine, ruled that if an owner whipped his White slave to death “he should not stand in any criminal accusation if the slave dies; and all statutes of limitations and legal interpretations are hereby set aside.”
    The Romans enslaved thousands of the early White inhabitants of Great Britain who were known as “Angles,” from which we derive the term “Anglo-Saxon” as a description of the English race. In the sixth century Pope Gregory the First witnessed blond-haired, blue-eyed English boys awaiting sale in a slave market in Rome. Inquiring of their origin, the Pope was told they were Angles. Gregory replied,
    “Non Angli, sed Angeli” (“Not Angles, but Angels”). 2

    When the Franks conquered the Visigoths in southern Gaul huge numbers of Whites entered the slave markets.

    “After Charlemagne’s conquest of Saxony, during which many pagan Saxons were enslaved, he set up a network of parish churches. To provide for the maintenance of the priest and the church, those living in the parish were to donate a house and land as well as a male and female (Saxon) slave to the church for every 120 people in the parish”

    (William Phillips. p. 52). Arabs and the Traffic in White Slaves

    The trade in White slaves was one of the few sources of foreign exchange for western European powers in a period when the East produced the goods that Europeans could not procure elsewhere.

    The sale of White slaves to Asia and Africa was one of the few sources of gold for European treasuries.

    From the eighth to the eleventh century France was a major transfer point for White slaves to the Muslim world, with Rouen being the center for the selling of Irish and Flemish slaves.

    “At the same time that France was a transfer point for slaves to the Muslim world, Italy was occupying much the same position… Venetians (were)… selling slaves and timber across the Mediterranean.

    The slaves were usually Slays brought across the Alps… The Venetians were the earliest successful Italian sea traders and because profits on (slave) trade with the Muslims were lucrative, they resisted efforts to stop them. In return for their exports of timber, iron and (White) slaves, they brought in oriental luxury products, mainly fine cloths…”

    (William Phillips, pp. 62-63).

    The stereotype from Establishment consensus history is of the Muslim slaver herding chained Blacks through the desert. In fact, for seven hundred years, until the fall of Muslim Spain, those being herded were first and foremost overwhelmingly White:

    “Before the tenth century the Muslims generally bought Christian Europeans as slaves… By the tenth century, Slavs became the most numerous imported group… during the late Middle Ages, until the fall of Granada in the late fifteenth century, most slaves of the… Muslims were Christians from the northern kingdoms…”

    (William Phillips, p. 69).

    “In the vast lands of the eastern European steppes from the eighth to the twelfth century, there was a well-developed slaving network… Slavs and Finns, called saqaliba (slaves) indiscriminately by the Muslims, entered the Muslim world by these Caspian and Black sea routes.”

    (William Phillips, pp. 63- 64).

    The fate of the hundreds of thousands of White slaves sold to the Arabs was described in one Spanish text as “atrocissima et ferocissima” (most atrocious and harsh). The men were worked to death as galley slaves. The women, girls and boys were used as prostitutes.

    White males had their genitals mutilated in castration attempts—bloody procedures of incredible brutality which most of the White men who were forced to submit did not survive, judging from the high prices White eunuchs commanded throughout the Middle Eastern slave markets.

    Escape from North Africa and the Middle East was almost impossible and those White slaves who were caught trying to flee were punished by having their noses and ears cut off, or worse.

    Early Muslim texts provide insights into the extent to which the Arabs identified Europeans with slavery, classified White slaves as animals and even produced learned racist disquisitions on the supposed merits of emasculated East European slaves. In his ninth century treatise on beasts, The Book of Animals, the Muslim scholar Jahiz writes:

    “Another change which overcomes the eunuch: of two slaves of Slavic race, who are… twins, one castrated and the other not, the eunuch becomes more disposed toward service, wiser, more able, and apt for various problems of manual labor… All these qualities you find only in the castrated one.
    On the other hand, his brother continues to have the same native torpor, the same lack of natural talent, the same imbecility common to slaves, and incapacity for learning a foreign language.” (Charles Verlinden, The Slave in Medieval Europe, vol. 1, p. 213).

    Whites were also enslaved in Russia and I do not refer here to serfdom which was a later development:
    “Knowledge of the existence of slavery in early modern Russia is not widespread. Many people know of the existence of serfdom, and confuse the two” (Richard Hellie, Slavery in Russia, 1450- 1725, p. xvii).

    The White Russian Muscovites were enslaved both by northern European raiders as well as massive slave-catching operations launched by the Mongols and the Ottoman Empire. Russians also enslaved each other to such an extent that in 1571 an official Slave Chancellery was established which formally codified White slavery as a Russian institution. (Hellie, p. 118).


  3. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? My blog is in the very same area of interest as yours and my visitors would truly benefit from a lot of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Regards!


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