HANDBOOK  ” Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahideen and small cells”

It’s never late to change the war strategy and to hope for the positive outcome. Good proof of this statement is, without any doubt, the latest handbook for Muslims of the West, issued by ISIS, core of all radical Islam activities. The Islamic madness came out with the changed modus operandi and it doesn’t surprise at all that they are ready to do impossible things, just to ensure that their brainless operations could be realized.

The 60 pages long  book under the name ” Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahideen and small cells” could be found summarized and  translated in English and in PDF format on the following website : . The original publication was issued by al-Fajr Media Center and signed by Abu Ubayda Abdullah al-Adm, so called Mijahid brother. The reason why the book is translated in  English is the fact that not all westernized Muslims speak or read Arabic, as a language of Islam. Some of them have never learnt the Qur’an language and they wouldn’t understand the crucial messages from their radical brothers from the Middle East

The mentioned book consists of 12 chapters and all of them are referring to the topics which are in the focus of militant Islam and its goals on the West.

Here I will try to analyze the chapters, step by step, to show how far the current Islamic terrorism is ready to go against infidels, the rest of us. It is not phobia of everything they do or they can do, it is only a high alert of awareness what is a real threat and how it could be effectively stopped or eliminated on time.


The first chapter have an introduction style ” Definition of Security, its importance and its obligation to Islam” and it is almost like a student research paper in deduction manner. In every paragraphs, they are expressing the gratitude to Allah and they are feeling blessed they can fight for Allah’s Sake and for Shari’ah Law on the ground. I found this part very interesting , because we all think about the financial background of ISIS:“Finding the finances and money is easy, but finding the men who are ready to carry this responsibility of this religion, teach it to people and establish the rule of Allah on earth, those are a tiny minority, and especially during these times where abiding to religion makes you a stranger.” It seems that economical base for ISIS operations is still feed up with donations. When they run out available funds, I am sure they will change this comment. They are defining the importance of security and they make parallels  with the 9/11:” When I talk about the element of surprise, think a little bit about what happened during 9/11 events. The US never thought we would hit them at home. They were expecting an attack outside their territory – that’s why they were fortifying their embassies, hiring guards, security and putting cameras. They were defending their military boats all around shores in the Islamic world, until the hard hit came to them in the heart of their lands, with their own planes. Even the brothers that did the operation didn’t think it will be something of that magnitude. In reality, all those who were sent to the US didn’t know the nature of the operation. Of course, they knew it would be a martyrdom operation, because they didn’t know the details of where/how/when. The only one that knew were the pilots. Why? To secure the operation. If one of the brothers gets caught and interrogated, he can’t say anything that will endager the operation.” Quoting all they find useful from Sira, Hadith and Qur’an, they are emphasizing the ability of asymmetric war  against the US, which is, according to those jihadists, economically  done as well as military.

The next chapter is dealing with the general security protocols. I must admit that I am somehow fascinated with their geopolitical ideas and conclusions. I didn’t expect that those people know how to shape such a kind of security observations, but it is obviously that not all of them are uneducated. They are describing the difference between intelligence services in bipolar times and now in uni polar political times, summarizing that CIA has been always skilled for external threats more than for an internal:“And that’s a characteristic of the mindset of the intelligence agencies: they see the whole population as a potential threat to homeland security”  The author further states that for all these reason is better to establish a cell of jihadists than to group. Groups can be identified easier but cells are usually independent one from another and it is up to terrorists to keep their operations protected.There are so many instructions what to do or not to do so the mission could be done. The most interesting point here was their conclusion about routine as the main enemy to terrorists and that many of them were arrested because they didn’t follow the local customs, they always have the same rhythm and they were detected:”So the brothers working for the sake of Allah should understand that their routine is an enemy. For example wearing the same cloths, or taking the same road, or always going out at the same time, taking the same mean of transport, etc. One should change, take taxi sometimes, sometimes the bus, sometimes the metro, etc. Another important thing: One should live as the locals live. No need to make yourself special. You should know that the Pakistani ISI for example, in Peshawar, they used to look at suspected houses’ garbage to see if there was Arab food in there, to know if there were Arabs in the house, and that’s how they captured some of them. Same for the American CIA, they used to look for rare Pashtun food in garbage in Khost, and that’s why they captured them.”

The third chapter is about the homeland security- cell security. I found this chapter as the one I have read during my university times. It is well written and very good explained. They are informing their followers that they should be aware of the army, police, intelligence service and media as a cover for all operations in some country or in many of them. The concept of homeland security is changed and they come up with the idea that :”Terrorism can only be defeated by terrorism. [Imagine the enemy’s grieve when they see that even by spending billions they are still being targeted on their soil and can’t have total security at home].” It is so clear that they strongly believe in their death cult and their own ideology of killing innocent people for the sake of some angry God. We will see in this chapter analyzed instructions for individual jihad and warning what potential lone wolves should or shouldn’t  do:“You should make sure to not look particularly attached to religion. A man who works on a secret operation should meddle in the general population. If you can avoid having a beard, wearing qamis, using miswak and having a booklet of dhikr with you, it’s better. Also, you shouldn’t be going too often to places like mosques, Islamic institutes or Islamic libraries. You should also wear western-style cloths as to appear neutral and not draw attention to yourself. For example, when Abu Zubayda was working in Pakistan, he had his beard shaved off, and he never showed any sign of religiosity, to the extent that some of his Pakistani neighbors (who knew he was Arab) would make daawa to him and ask him to come with them at least to the weekly Friday prayer. – No need to be using too much of the usual sentences that religious brothers use, like “salam alaykum”, “barakallah feek” or “jazakallah khayr” and so on. Those are a few examples of things that could draw attention to you unnecessarily. You should especially avoid them if you are wearing western-style cloths and have a fancy haircut, since it doesn’t really match up. That is why we privilege people who are already from the West (instead of sending someone from here). Because in the West, you already know the environment, how people talk, behave, and you can be like a fish in the ocean if you respect some basic rules.”That is a precious advice how to get rid of “Being Typical Muslim under suspicion” charisma and adopt  ” Western happy man” look, whispering Allah’s name.

The chapter 4 is explaining to potential suicide bombers and jihadists the meaning of online security- encryption. It made me think I read some second hand intelligence service security guider but I must also conclude that those guys aren’t amateurs I believed before. They suggest to the followers to escape the traps of online communication, to not use IOS but rather TOR on Android. They should learn about PGP protocol and to protect their own IP host as well as to encrypt instant messages through the application ChatSecure.

The next topic is informing us about the big importance for having a safe house or a place where the lone wolves will organize their mind gatherings:“If you can make that appartment look un-Islamic, then do it. If can be hard sometimes, but if you can rent that appartment with fake documents, then do it – Of course this all depends on the nature of the work and the importance of having a safehouse for the operation you’re preparing.”

The 6th chapter is about the meetings and conferences and how they could be organized to not attract security analysts attention.

In chapter 7 we are facing up with the important guider to those who are travel to follow travel safety protocols. This is something we need to analyze more than anything else. This is what I would like to name as ” Great Pretender instruction”.Here is the whole paragraph about it:“Avoid wearing the kind of cloths that religious people wear. Always look like any random tourist or normal traveler. – Make the colors go with each other. Wearing a red or yellow shirt with black pants will get you noticed as someone who is not used to this kind of clothing. [Once again, this is the kind of things that’s easy for brothers who grew up in the West as they know everything on how people dress up] – Also, no need to put on new cloths, as that can be suspicious. Some brothers like to buy entirely new cloths, from top to bottom including shoes, but that will get too much attention. Also, if they see that you have new cloths on you but on your backpack you have a qamis or two and traditional cloths, you’re almost sure to get attention. – The prostration mark on your forehead (if you have one) can also lead you to being suspected. – Your cloths should match with your age. If you are in your 20s, where what people in their 20s wear. – Your beard should be shaved off at least 2 weeks before your travel so the skin under your beard can be exposed to the sun. If you don’t do that the fact that you removed your beard would be too easy to notice. If you can get a haircut in a professional hairdresser, try to do so. – If you are wearing a watch, don’t wear it on your right hand, as this is a sign that you are religious. – If you have an engagement ring or something like that, it’s better to wear one in gold or better yet, don’t wear any ring at all. A silver ring could tell you are religious, as Islam forbids wearing gold rings for men. – It is permissible in such cases for you to wear a necklace showing a Christian cross. As you know, Christians (or even atheist Westerners with Christian background) wear crosses on their necklaces. But don’t wear a cross necklace if you have a Muslim name on your passport, as that may look strange. – If you want to use perfurme during your travel, don’t use the oily, non-alcoholic perfume that Muslims use. Use generic alcoholic perfume as everyone does, and if you are a man, use perfume for men.”I think that they want to tell that such a kind of pretending to be a kafir is allowed by Allah if it is made for Allah. We already know that lying in Islam is not forbidden  only if it brings good to Allah, So, as far as I see, everything is allowed for so called God by so called Islamic experts. I must note that this part about “being a Christian if that is necessary for a mission” shows us that those people are fanatical and violent and they really do have no real knowledge about the religion. All they know is how to manipulate with people and how to misuse the religious paradigms to achieve their own goals. There is no religion which calls for violence but only people who do that and for their own sake. Coming up with the ideas that is permissible  even to be a Christian if that will help against Christians sounds like a hysterical cut in the heart of religion and has nothing to do with God or His Prophets but with sociopaths.


In 8th chapter  is related to the money and weapons issues.Followers must be aware that not any weapon dealer is a safe chain and they do not also trust imams in mosques because some of them are working for intelligence service.

The rest four chapters are discussing  the following  topics : surveillance,cover,social engineering  and special operations . It is a typical handbook, borrowed from some intelligence service observations and mixed with the Islamic way of thinking.

The reality of this book is that is a kind of propaganda. They did know that the West will discover it and find it and also give a feedback. The feedback of the western world is something which is a kind of source of ideas for tactical behavior of ISIS. They live today for today. When the final financial means are spent, then only Allah could help. In the meantime, we should learn to not give them reply they are hoping for.




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