CRIMMIGRATION:”The Case of Germany”

– Long journey without final destination-

An immigrant takes a selfie with German Chancellor Angela Merkel

“The truth has become an insult.”


Its 2016 now…..but we all will remember forever the previous year. It wont be because that 2015 was so perfect and unforgettable but because it shows us that truth is a new hate speech and that it is dangerous to be right when everything is wrong.

In 2015….we got everything what is wrong and we lost all what was right or it could has been right. The Middle East exploded in that mess  of oil, blood and sand, leaving us to face with new terrorism infiltrated into the state (ISIL-ISIS-DAESH), new civil war in Yemen and non-limited potentials of ruining already enough ruined Iraq and Syria. We have faced up with the significant number of people who left their home lands and started coming into ours.Suddenly, that far away Middle East chaos became our own home grown problem, with no solution, with no hope to be settled.

Thousands of those who are running away from the ME fire looks like a river with no end. Only coming, never going back. The Europe with old and classic political virtues became too much weak to answer on that flood and the blue sky above us turned into grey world without dreams. Our christian and atheist grounds now are  colored with them…. who dont have names, families and goals. At one moment, European liberal generosity came out and offered sweets, hot drinks and  welcoming hugs. Then, after only a few days, trains were full of trash, towns smelled on dead bodies, and border police around the Balkans migrant route has problems with aggressive young males who didnt accept NO and who wanted only to reach Germany, no matter what is the price. They are keep going. For a better life, liberals say. For Allah, conservative thinkers believe. 69% of immigrants are  young males, in their best ages. They could be useful labor force but they could also be a good warriors for their own ideology. It depends on the structure they will be integrated in. It is not excluded that some  of them will refuse to accept European concept of life and that some of them will fail in integration process. Big mother of an  old continent, Mrs Merkel or Mercy and Solidarity Lady number One, believes that immigrants will help to Germany and that folkloric society will be a perfect example of how immigration works.

BERLIN - JULY 07: Two young Muslim women walk by a pub draped in a German flag in the Arab and Turkish-heavy neighborhood of Neukoelln during the FIFA 2010 World Cup match between Germany and Spain on July 7, 2010 in Berlin, Germany. Many immigrants in Germany identify strongly with the German national team, in part because many of the team's members have African, Arab, Turkish or East European roots. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

I am not sure that Germans whose wife,daughters and sisters were raped by immigrants, recently,  will agree with her cosmopolitan vision.Migrants’s rape epidemic. It is not happening only now when it is the holiday all over the Germany, it has been recorded since the summer, but police didnt want to investigate the cases and to give publicity to the immigrant chaotic atmosphere. Cases with raping of German women and girls became daily news, from Munich, across Dresden, Hanau, Ansbach, Kassel, Reisbach, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Pocking to Hamburg. The whole Germany became one afraid endangered beautiful lady with no weapons to defend itself. Bavarian politician once said for Die WELT:” When Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools, they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis. These boys, who come from a culture where for women it is frowned upon to show naked skin, will follow girls and bother them without their realizing it. Naturally, this generates fear.” Not so long after it, parents were warned to not allow to their kids( girls) to go to schools in provoking dress. Whatever that ” provoking dress” means. Free country like Germany now is a fearful country. An ordinary citizen is afraid not only for himself, but also for his family. The small villages  with approx. 100 residents got containers with  more than 1000 immigrants.Who made such a kind of relocation? Immigrants come in Germany to get what they want. They do not come to give and to contribute. Maybe I am wrong, maybe there are some people among newcomers who want to educate themselves and to say DANKE to Germany after all. But I am not worried about them. They will adjust themselves very easy. What about those rigid Muslims who have a big problem with poor dressed young women and liberated homosexual males?How they will be accepted and how they will accept the whole new world?The Mutter Merkel didnt think about it when she was making selfie with one of the immigrant, months before the Islamic terrorists made a bloody attack in Paris, on that Friday 13th. The problem with this kind of “immigration with no rules” could be understood through the term CRIMMIGRATION.It cames from the US law school which explains it as a strong connection between crime and immigration law enforcement rules, totally opposed to each others but also very close. It doesnt mean that there is a criminalization of immigration law but it means that immigration law suffers from increased level of crimes made by immigrants or  crimmigrants. For example, in the US, in 2013, about 90% of those who made crimes were immigrants, mostly black and Latino males. Lets see now the “bright” picture of Germany: André Schulz, head of the Association of Criminal Police in Germany says that German people are naive and that they have no clue what is really happening in the country and that there are NO-GO zone, in some parts of Berlin and Duisburg. In Hamburg police is trying to organize young trouble making gangs on the street, with no success. In Stuttgart, police officers are fighting with drug dealers from Gambia, but in Dresden, well known Wiener Platz become the kingdom of drug dealers from Maghreb. The German newspaper  Tagesspiegel claims that more than 80% of the violent crimes registered in Berlin are committed by non-Germans.I believe that almost every German city has the same record. NO-GO zone arent anymore only American problem but also German. With 10.000 immigrants who enter Germany every day, it would be childish to believe that their “peaceful nature” will be awaken in country of amazing Goethe, good beer and delicious sausage. I think that they are coming to take as much as they can. In past, immigrants were coming to give and to be given but today, these immigrants are grabbers who dont want to give or they aren’t taught to give but only to take. They are disrespectful to our laws, they are bringing their own. Our beloved mutter Merkel didnt think about this small detail: she cant control those people because they are out of control from the beginning. The only thing that we can control now is our own political will to solve the ME problem, before the whole new world come here and replace ours. The only way that we can make it is to not give up on searching for a political solution for the ME cocktail of anger, sorrows and deaths and to work also on enhancing our own society and law enforcement. In the following time, we will need it but wir schaffen es.

6 thoughts on “CRIMMIGRATION:”The Case of Germany”

  1. Sehr gut verfasst, SUPER 👍
    Es müssten mehr solch Artikeln geben, damit die Meinschheit besser infomiert wird….


  2. Always be ready and vigilant to fight for what is right. Some things are worth fighting for. One’s family and country are among those things. It is despicable to import deadly enemies and not protect the people. Such policy is TREASON, pure and simple.


  3. Thank you for such a wonderful article! It really is very informative as to what’s happening in Germany !

    The main solution lies in solving the inveterate problems in the Middle East !
    Further, a solution may be to create a sort of an enclave for the refugees when they first arrive into the host country. In this manner, the host country is saving those refugees from being killed in their home countries in the Middle East, yet the host country has the time for the vetting process of those refugees.

    According to the vetting process, the refugees with good records can be slowly let into the cities. This will guarantee a slow influx of immigrants into the main cities, which will help the immigrants better assimilate the culture of the host country.

    I’m just offering one potential solution of many. I hope that societal equilibrium will be reached soon both in the West and the East before it’s too late!

    Again, thank you, Sarah for such a comprehensive and excellent coverage !


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