Taqiyya – the Islamic method of Lying in the name of Allah



Bukhari (52:269) – “The Prophet said, ‘War is deceit.'”

SHARIA LAW IN THE EU- through Taqiyya 


In the 21st century religion is more included in the world of politics than is used to be in the previous ages. The main division today is division between West and East, between Islam and Judeo-Christian part of the world. Current events in Political and Security Area have shown us that there is a problem of understanding Islam in the right way.


All religions have some rules about non-lying but Islam has one very interesting concept of Taqiyya which allows lying but only in the name of Allah and for His Sake. For instance when Islamic believer is endangered by non-believers or when Islam is in danger.


The official meaning of Taqiyya is concealing, precaution, guarding, saying something that is not true. This term is very old and comes from ancient Arab times starting with Prophet Muhammad who used some kind of deception while signing a 10-year Treaty with people from Mecca. That enabled him to have access to the city and he also secretly planned the Islamic takeover of Mecca. Therefore Taqiyya has been exploited by Muslims from the 7th century until nowadays with the main goal to confuse and divide the outer enemy.



The fact is that this term transformed itself during the time. In the first ages of Islam spreading worldwide, Taqiyya was used to justify some Islamic crimes against non-Muslims under the explanation that Islam was attacked and the Muslims were the victims of Islam phobia. In the recent years Taqiyya has got a new color. It has become some kind of political tool in the daily conflicts between the West and the Islamic rest of the world. For example Muslim leaders routinely say one thing to the western public and absolutely something different to their people. To the West they talk about terrorism which destroys human lives and makes bad reputation of Islam and for the Islamic part of the world they used to talk about jihad against non-believers. Lying for the sake of Allah is justified to protect Islam and the Islamic goals in the long term. That is not the sin. We know that  9/11 hijackers and terrorists  practiced kind of Taqiyya by going out, using alcohol, having a life full of sins and making the false image for the US citizen, that they are just ordinary people who live their normal life in America.


Taqiyya is misused also in definition of jihad. When they need it, Muslims define jihad as some kind of spiritual demanding of every Muslim believer and they connect it with the moral purposes. They deny saying the true meaning of jihad for non-believers. It is proclaimed War.

The current political events worldwide and especially in the USA indicate that Taqiyya is still widely practiced by Muslim authorities and by Muslim people too.


Muslims in the US request Sharia Law to follow in the heart of America. If they do not get it, that is Islam phobia which US must face up with. If they get it, that is a great cover for them to make some plots against system and regarding to their higher Islamic interests.


What about Muslims in the UK? It is interesting to mention that in 2008, UK government allowed the first Sharia Law court in the UK and even Christian clerical authorities said that there was no another option. Since then, over 100 Sharia Law have been established and incorporated into legal system of the Kingdom. The fact is that this kind of Law is totally opposite of British common law and European Union law. In 2011, Muslims around Britain started demanding that Sharia Law should be above British common law in those communities which have the majority of Islam followers. Big beautiful cities as Manchester, Bradford, Liverpool, Luton, Derby, Birmigham and even East London are becoming the cities of potential “Sharia Law zone”. But Muslims didnt stop with legal demands, they also began requesting the new rules in the world of finance, in other words, they began implementing of  Islamic finance rules  in the heart of business center as  London is.  The pressure of Muslim lobby groups in the United Kingdom empower itself in 2014, when British government also requires that school children all over the Great Britain have unit on the history of Islam. The government tried to explain that Muslim population in the UK is very dominant so it must be included in the whole picture of the country. Citizens understand the hidden message of it: multiculturalism simply failed and turned into radicalization.

In the rest of the EU, the debate about Sharia law divides the people. Weak European nations, attacked by thousands of Muslims who are coming on daily basis, have no enough courage to fight back and to remove Islam demands from the civil field. It seems that Sharia Law is ruling from behind in almost every European country where Muslims are located. In Denmark, they wanted to announce that Copenhagen’s Tingbjerg is Sharia law zone, and they wanted to found moral police similar to Saudi Arabia’s muttawa religious police. Such police already exists in Spain, but the final goal of European muslims is Sharia law everywhere where they can implement it and punish those who break it. It is not a positive law,it is  not civil made and guaranteed in the constitutional framework. It is a law which covers all aspects but still has barbarian background, what makes him in-adaptable to our constitutional and social values.

Taqiyya and Sharia law are deeply connected. You need to polish Islam so it could be spread among enemies and non-believers. Some Muslim will misrepresent Islam, using deception and practically lying but that is for the highest goal, for Allah’s sake and for the future of that religion. It is allowed. Many Muslims show themselves as peaceful before they incorporate into the society and system and then they are starting with violent type of requests. The picture of peaceful Islam is broken, lying is ended, you get Sharia law that is knocking on your door.

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Taqiyya must be understood in new security risk frame. That is pure political goal located in knotted religious principle which we must deal with it very seriously.




3 thoughts on “Taqiyya – the Islamic method of Lying in the name of Allah

  1. What an eye-opener ! I did not know that so many countries, including the UK, implemented such laws in some of their major cities!

    Thank you for all the information!


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