Future Jihad

What we could expect from JIHAD in the future time?

“Jihad is obligatory for the Muslims.”

Abu Bakr


It is very hard to write about the concepts which are so many used in negative context. Writing about jihad is that intellectual adventure for all people who are trying to not miss the point. What is the point? Where is the point? When we will arrive till the main point for our political future? It is Jihad. It is only one term for all our questions. It is only one term for all our fears. It is only one but enough good reason for all of us to analyze the causes of occurring the violent Islam around the world and also to interpret current and potential implications of it worldwide.

jihad_mediaFirst of all, jihad could be understood in so many ways. If we want to be just neutral, out of our own civilization approach, it means we should say that Jihad is special Muslim term for holy war, which could be internal – when man is trying to defeat his own passions and external when the whole Muslim society and civilization is fighting against the outer enemies and for Islam. Beside that, it is the true that Qur’an defines physical Jihad as the highest level of Jihad that one Muslim can undertake and gets eternal Paradise. Regarding to jihad, it is very important for us to know that it is not every jihad allowed. Some “small jihads” in the form of Muslim dissatisfaction on the streets and against the some acts of the governments under them live couldn’t be interpreted as a real jihad. Real Jihad must be performed according to all most important Islamic rules and regulations and only for the sake or in the service of Allah. It must be announced and called by original Muslim authority. Only in that case, we could say it is a real jihad and deal with its consequences.

The main question for us now is to define what US could expect in the future regarding the aggressive Islam? In the many western countries live the third and the forth born generation of Muslims who know domestic language so good but they also every day read the Qur’an in Arabic. Many of them are deeply connected with their local mosqs or religious centers. Many of them are ready to be indoctrinated for some higher goal. Every group of radical Muslims, who are cooperating among themselves, has his own Sheppard. He is always some very well educated person, especially educated in Islamic religion. He has an authority to interpret Holy Qur’an and his opinion is on the top, his suggestions are considered very seriously and his final conclusion is accepted by all of others. For example, some years ago, not too long after 9/11, in the heart of Chicago, there were group of Muslim radical who have met each other’s once a week and speak about destroying America. They weren’t imported Muslims; they were Americans who have believed in Islam. They organized “little school” for young Muslims and they have taught the children how they should hate America and fight for Allah’s name. One journalist asked a 12 years old boy what he learnt there. He told that he had learnt how America is a bad country and how he will be in Paradise if he gives his life for America’s death. It is not somewhere in Pakistan. It is happening in America

After 9/11, whole America is in some kind of asymmetric war with terrorists. They hit it and government couldn’t stop it or even prevent it. They could hit again and they could attack whenever they want. The current weakness of US encourages them to make plans for something like that. Abu Ubeid al- Qurashi, one of the well known ideologists of Al-Qaeda, once noticed: Americans do not trust to their government that it gonna protect them. It opens the possibility for us to act.

It looks like we have a problem with worldwide culture of jihad with universal Muslim credo:

Brothers and sisters, it is the shame what our enemies have done to us. We should fight for Islam and for Allah’s name and no matter how many victims we have, we will defeat them.

Global jihad is not simply thing. It mobilizes Muslims worldwide against the systems and societies they live in. Some of those Muslims will become shehids, they will die attacking and bombing western’s people. Some of them will try to convert so many people from the West into the Islam. What is definitely is the fact that US will have a problem with its own citizens who convert to Islam and become radical. They aren’t on watch list, they are not under the doubt. They are White Al-Qaeda. They could do anything and to not attract attention.

Most of Americans think that only immigrants make problems. The main problem for the future security of the US is not located in Muslim immigrants. It is located in the problem with Americans converted into Islam. They will do everything to please Islam, even to attack their own country.

images (1)Future Jihad will be challenge for the US. First of all, America should not fight against Islam, should fight against Islamic terrorism. US government should analyze and monitor all schools, public and private, which Muslims attend to and to control all Islamic centers inside the US as well as the people who participate there. In that way, it is a possible to prevent Islamic propaganda and spreading of the Islamic ideology. Also, Muslims who are visiting the US, by pleasure, should be controlled. Most of them are given US visa so freely and Border Control must follow their activities inside the state.

In the EU, possibility for home grown terrorism will be increased with the new wave of immigrants from the ME countries. Some of them will never be fully adapted to the western model of life, because not everyone will be given good life with package of social welfare benefits. When that anti-system mood becomes very obvious, those kinds of people will be also very solid material for Islamic indoctrination.

The main tool of fighting against those radical elements in our societies is to enable a healthy economical environment for young Muslim population. When they are integrated into the social system and when they contribute to it, their frustrations won’t come out and they won’t be easy manipulated and opinionated by violent and aggressive radical authorities.


Allah’s children will try to rise up through the jihad, but that jihad will be colored by our colors. It will be start among us and against us. All we need to do is to prevent those possibilities through the rational economical and social integration policy which won’t exclude Muslims. Even the God is silent when the stomach is full.







One thought on “Future Jihad

  1. Thank you, Sarah ! A very well-written and presented article!

    It’s very interesting that you offered “a good economy” for the immigrants and their children as a solution to the problem, as this is the same solution the analysts have come up with recently!


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