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The world and the complete human civilisation develop themselves but parallel also develop and invent some animal breeds. It is almost like a compensation for all mess and terror that we caused to the ecosystem, flora and fauna. In the world of canine biology and psychology, there are always some kind of surprises. Usually, those discoveries are linked to the new dog types and many times, those games with nature and crossbreeding are negative and impact bad the targeted animals, in this case, dogs. Those “new” dogs are created for the purpose of people entertainment, being designed in micro dimension, with this or that, just to be cure and adorable but they live with many malfunctions. In rare situations, there are divine creations that turn the world into the beautiful garden of creatures. One of such high projects of human race is definitely the new dogs breed, so called The American Blue Bay Shepherd or mystical dog with wolf look and dreamy eyes.

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Have you ever heard of them? I must be honest, I heard of them few days ago when I was following one documentary of dog nutrition and then I captured the information about the Blue Bay Shepherd that conquers people’s heart. Of course, this was enough for me to be curious and attracted to learn more about this wonderful canine that made my soul dancing. Before I was starting digging about those dog-wolves, I knew I am in love with this animal.

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The newborn dog breed has no long history but very rich and devoted mission of Vicki Spencer, dog breeder from Palm Bay, Florida. Vicki has always wanted to have wolf-like dog that would keep warm heart and trainable nature of pure dog and magnetic attraction of wolf. That was, indeed , not an easy task. She knew that it would be challenging to create something that put an accent on only great attributes of both species, avoiding bad charactertitics. For her, it was very important to have a wolf- like dog with loyal nature, trainability, gentle temperament, good health, deep blue collar and sharp intelligence. On the other side, Vicky didn’t want that her dog goes into the direction of aggression, shyness and above all, she didn’t want dark eyes and large ears. I wouldn’t argue her pro and cons about this because I am interested in breed itself but personally, my opinion is that every single creature is beautiful just the way it is. Nevertheless, this woman was a one with project and she started breeding her own wolf dogs and she wanted F5 wolf dogs which means – they were five generations away from their wolf ancestors. We can call Vicky´s wolf dog as the mix of 8 different dogs but regarding their DNA, she never really exposed the formula, trying to stop copy paste breeders from unnecessary crossbreeding and money producing against the wellbeing of animals. Anyway, the science confirmed that in the DNA of her dog is definitely the Malamute and Husky dogs. When she was sure that her wolf dogs are ready and on the level she wanted them, she needed old-style and good German Shepherds without health problems and those that could help her wolf dogs blue line being maintained. After some time, she found such an example in France so she imported Passion and Jordan, breeding them with her own wolf dogs. Guess what ? The first litter of real Blue Bay Shepherds was born in March 2011, and the name was based on the birthplace, Palm Bay in Florida and the fact that they are blue German Shepherds.

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Those dogs have about 40% of their wolf DNA or lets say, their wolfs heart. It depends from individual to individual and it varies. They are gigantic dogs with grey colour the coat that looks like a silk. They could be with longer coat and shorter but they all need pampering and care so they can maintain their fur heathy. Do not forget their size because they are huge which means they need to be socialised and trained from the beginning, so we avoid any further obstacles. The Females typically weigh 70-85lbs, and up to 100lbs while the males usually obtain 85-105lbs, but sometimes also 130lbs.

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The only true Blue Bay Shepherds come from Vicki´s Souther Breeze Kennels but there are also other breeder that try to follow her and create the Blue Bay Shepherds with more or less Vicki´s dogs look.

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What about their personality ? They are loving, caring and friendly. Those dogs are known to be gentle and to love their people which means they are social and not shy. Beside it, they do not bark or very rare but they must be early disciplined and learnt on hard training but not harsh attitude. They are very sensitive and they do not react good on the raw approach. It is believed that they pick up fast the commands since they have the ability of German Shepherds but there is also the part of wolf that is not so easy to be tamed and put into the box. These dogs are great companions and very well friends with other dogs and pets but they do have sometimes chasing drive and hunting mood so one must be careful leaving them alone with other ( smaller) pets. The same is with kids. Would always suggest to go for more known breed than to the new one that still have a lot of enigmatic fields that time will proove.

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What is the most important thing is the responsible owner that knows how to deal with the challenges of new wolf-like breed. Those dogs could be the gift from the Universe but also the weapon, without skills and education to work with them. Their character and beauty is with no doubt but still somewhere, deep in them is wolf spirit that has no peace. It means, you need to embrace them with all their authentic attributes and to address each of them, not trying to change but trying to adapt to the world we live in.

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  1. Sarah’s informative and interesting article reminded me of the protracted history of humans cross-breeding dog species…

    Always, the human breeders have not extended much consideration to the natural environment in which the DNA exchange occurs. In the context of the American Blue Bay Shepherd cross-breed, the experimental location was illogical (i.e. Florida), because the German shepherd and wolf species used are both Alpine and boreal species: Florida is extremely-difficult for large dogs and dogs with long fur coats, as the tropical climate of Florida enhances health risks (e.g. cardiac pressure).

    Climate change places overwhelmingly-significant pressures on wild wolves and so climate change in Florida will continue to compel the recent hybrid (i.e. American Blue Bay Shepherd) to be more or less an indoor species; restricting its abilities to develop specific canine skills (e.g. sensory perceptions).


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