Some months ago, I had an issue with health. It wasn’t anything serious but it made me concerned. Eye twitching started suddenly and I didn’t know how, why and by what is caused. First of all, I thought that stress might be the main trigger and the base for potential burnout and psyschosomatic illness. Then I consulted my physician and he even didn’t analyse a lot but offered the solution. My doctor advised me to start taking intensively, each and every day, the vitamin B12. According to him, the problem should be gone in less than 10 days and if not, we need to lead the further examinations. I even didn’t think that this vitamin could make some change but I gave a try.

What is so special about famous code for good health, our super powerful vitamin B12? I guess, everything. It is known to have the main role in many different aspects of clinical health, supporting bone infrastructure, red blood cell formations, the level of energy and mood, after all or before all. This vitamin another ´s name is cobalamin and the most interesting fact is that our body needs it desperately but it can’t produce it. Usually, it is to be found in animal products ( clams, beef, chicken, salmon, milk, eggs, greek yoghurt) and also available in some oral supplements. This vitamin is water-soluble and it cant be stored in fat tissued which means it need to be taken through the food or injections.

This vitamin has many useful attributes and it helps you in daily life, creating the good level of your living energy, converting carbohydrates into glucose. Above all, it supports the nervous system to avoid malfunctions. How is that managed ? This vitamin must work together or cooperate with another great vitamin, vitamin B9 ( folate ) in handling the iron network and healthy red blood cells, that have the significant place in maintaining the immune system but also keeping the positive mood.

Once when we take B12, our hydrochloric acid in the stomach is separating B12 from the protein in the food. Then, this vitamin is absorbed by the body and in combination with the stomach protein, they create the intrinsic factor. When one person fail to make this, they develop the symptoms of pernicious anemia and that is pretty much serious problem since it means the lack of ability to process vitamin B12 from food.

The most important values of this vitamin could be cherished all the time and they mostly refer to the blood health. We all know how crucial for our immune system is to have healthy army of red blood cells. Poor with B12, means not so skilled and powerful army to defend our health. Actually, they are getting larger and not so good in shape which makes us tired, weak, without any energy or desire to do something and at the end, our body is suffering since the blood cells aren’t enough fit to transport oxygen to the organs.

Then, there is a brain health issue. It is very good to keep on memory and to avoid the phase of depression and low mood. If you are struggling with not enough B9 and B12, you are also struggling with poor memory capacity. Not only that, don’t forget that the skin glow is depending on out super hero B12. Having nice skin, hair and nails is a good foundation of improved health. What about heart ? Our hearts are in love with this vitamin that reduces homocysteine levels in the blood that is responsible for many heart diseases and deviations.

What is the recommended dose of this little defender ? It must be enough to avoid B12 deficiency which is an issue that opens many other health matters and obstacles:The recommended dietary allowance of vitamin B12 is 2.4 micrograms per day. A normal range varies between 200 to 900 picograms per milliliter (pg/ml). If a vitamin B12 value is less than 200 pg/ml, this is considered a vitamin B12 deficiency. A medical professional can administer a blood test to measure vitamin B12 levels.”

If you are there where I was, then you know what I am talking about. The eye twitching that I had was just one side of the story and one visible problem. Behind it, was the real theatre of outcome of B12 deficiency. I was so tired and exhausted that nothing helped. I thought it is caused by work stress and overloaded tasks but it was always worse. I could sleep while I walk. No energy and no wind in the soul. Like empty doll. The medical writings expose the severe outcome of it, like anaemia. Think of your body like about big and urban city with good infrastructure and perfect transport. The goods are regularly delivered and each party gets its delivery and package of needed oxygen. When not, the things are falling apart. You are the result of your body functions and you are low in energy, bad mood, tired and empty. You don’t have enough of elixire of power, our vitamin B12. The rest of the symptoms then follow: irregular heartbeat, tender tongue, fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, pale skin, muscle weakness, memory loss and confusion

The people who experience it or people who are exposed to not have enough source of it, ,like vegetarians and vegans need to ask their healthcare providers to run the B12 vitamin level and to hear about the suggestions how to avoid risk of B12 deficiency that bring many other health struggles.

The pregnant moms should keep on taking B12 because it ensures the heathy pregnancy and help on preventing any birth deformations while older people must take it to save neurons and stop brain atrophy. For the rest of the population, taking vitamin B12 is a must and must be the part of healthy daily nutrition portion. It hs multidimensional impact on our bodies and it is like a powerful weapons of our immune system. Don’t wait for too long to implement this vitamin in your life. I did it and I don’t have anymore any symptom of B12 deficiency but boosted energy and desire to welcome each new day.


  1. First, I am so sorry to hear about your health issue, Sarah ! 🙏

    I am so happy that you are better now and that everything has fallen into place ! 🙏🙏🙏

    I totally concur with you as to the importance of vitamin B12. One has to pay attention and make sure that he/she has no deficiency of vitamin B12. One way to ensure that is to take a B12 supplement. A Vegan B12 exists and is 100% Methylcobalamin.

    One additional and critical fact about vitamin B12 is that the body stores all excess in the liver which later in life, on an as-needed basis, releases the stored excess for the body to use.

    Thank you, Sarah, for your arduous research, your outstanding article,, and your help ! May you always be blessed ! 🙏🙏🙏


  2. Sarah’s informative and highly-relative article reminded me of the scientific history associated with the naming of Vitamin B12…

    Definitive scientific research into organic metabolisms in the context of vitamins began in the late-1800s, with compound extractions accomplished in 1910. Chronological order of first documentation was applied to vitamins in the process of appellation application (e.g. Vitamin A, Vitamin B, etc.).

    It was during the 1940s that British and North American biochemists studied and analysed the entity that would become known as ‘Vitamin B12’. US-biochemist Dr Mary Shorb (1907-1990) worked closely with two other scientists on the development of a bacteriological assay procedure for the chemical compound that would become known as ‘B12’. From this finding, pernicious anemia cases began to decline in both North America and Western Europe (i.e. post-World War II).

    Dr Mary Shorb exchanged data with fellow US-biochemist Karl Folkers (1906-1997), who was working at Merck Pharmaceuticals in Germany (i.e. post-war period) in 1947, when his laboratory research team was documenting the structural complex of Vitamin B12.

    British biochemist Dr Alexander Todd (1907-1997) was working at The University of Cambridge in 1955 when his research team expanded data on the structural complex of Vitamin B12. He extracted anti-pernicious anemia aspects from a liver, purified it, and perfected Vitamin B12.

    However, it was fellow British biochemist Dr Dorothy Hodgkin (1910-1994) who created the final formula and documented the definitive structure. She began researching Vitamin B12 in 1948 by applying X-ray crystallographic analysis: the atomic and molecular aspects of the compound had not then been explored. Significantly, this allowed scientists to fully-comprehend the compound.

    Men and women working together for the common cause of improving life through Science…


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