During the last few months, it seems that the most interesting topics in Germany is the spider case. Everything else is in the shadow of the eight legged creature that is pretty much harmless. Instead of reading where our taxes are going, how many illegal Ukrainians live on the costs of Germans and why the current government is the slave of United States. we are almost oppressed with the stories about the Nosferatu spider that illegally came into Germany. I don’t know why the ordinary German citizen should be concerned about the spider with no papers that is located around the land but not about the thousand of wrong decisions of the ruling party, but that is how it is. I guess we should call spin doctors and ask them why some people think that some other people are enough ignorant to believe that the above mentioned spider is more dangerous than the political coalition we have.

Nevertheless, I am tired of the wrong information and I assume that my mission and job is to fight against propaganda and manipulation, especially if we know that arachnophobia is not a small problem in Germany. Now, imagine the media or the tabloid media that have such a resource for telling and retelling for days and weeks. The people cant process that in the right way and we have the circles of afraid individuals that base their fear on the completely wrong facts. The misinformation could be easier spread than any Nosferatu spider and that is the real danger.

This spider has been noted in Germany back in 2005 so we cant say that is absolutely new and invasive species, now in 2022. It has had a transition through all these years and enough time to adapt on the local conditions. Suddenly, now is so interesting because it looks like a nice distract from the failing policy. Honestly, I am very angry when the humans abuse animals for their own, egoistic interests. It is a fact that Nosferatu spider has immigrated to Germany from Mediterranean region and North Africa but it didn’t attack our tax and our budget. Actually, it was pretty much easy going hairy friend that tried to find its own place. I call it a perfect case of 100% successful immigration. Making money on viral clips about Nosferatu big mom and the army of her little babies that will kill us all, is just a typical greed that comes only from people. Whoever thinks that all those like collectors are the scientific data is the victim of cheap online reporting.

What do we need to know about the Nosferatu spider so far? Zoropsis spinimana is known to be the largest spider that is located in Germany ,with its up to 6 cm diameter. The mass of afraid people who imagine hairy monster that crawl into the beds with purpose to attack must be disappointed. The animal is very scary the way it looks but very scared from humans. It is true that has poisonous claws that are able to penetrate the skin but the bite is not so dangerous, or at least is dangerous like a wasp sting. It might be some kind of swelling and redness but it is usually by any sting. You could be allergic and you could die after the one simple bee sting, you don’t need Nosferatu that is considered to be relatively peaceful and ready to avoid any conflicts. It attacks only and ONLY when it feels threatened with no escape:“In contrast to other spiders, the Nosferatu spider does not build webs, but only hunts with so-called curling threads. Her prey pursues her and overwhelms her with a leap. It can definitely kill and eat house spiders. It is mostly active at night. The spider species lives for about a year, females can live up to one and a half years.

This spider that got name according the silent movie from 1922, because the drawing on the body is similar to the face of Vampire Nosferatu. But, please, take it easy, it is not blood thirsty Earthling that cant wait to get you during the night. Your imagination is playing dirty with you. The Nosferatu team doesn’t have any desire to come near to the people but it might like the warmth of our homes, during the cold days. When you see it in your house and you don’t want it, please take it outside and do not touch it directly, risking that animal hurt you or itself.

The experts for spiders believe that some travellers smuggled them in their luggage, not knowing it. At the beginning, it was considered like intruder, invasive species but during the time, it has adjusted to the climate and learnt to survive, under the circulation of weather and temperature. No matter what, they learnt to find the shelter and keep living in the new land, full of possibilities. They could be mostly found on the home walls, basements, balcony or the terrace, patiently waiting for a food. Friend of mine told me that he had one Nosferatu spider in his basement and the animal was very active in hunting of domestic flies. I almost wanted to ask him to borrow me his Dracula friend, since the summer flies are the real nightmare for me but he informed me that the hunting spider in his house is priceless and wont be replaced, relocated or anything similar. Jorg made a pact with the creature against the invasion of flies. This means I need to find my own Nosferatu friend.

My opinion is that any animal on this Planet has its pure purpose and mission. Above all, on the top is useless Homo sapiens that lost the ability to protect and develop the talent for destruction, blaming anything else for failure but not himself.

The Nosferatu spider is just one little animal that is trying to survive in the big madness of ecosystem life. It came in Germany with no joy in stealing our money or abusing us but with the interest to adapt and survive, in the given conditions. Honestly, this blind immigrant is not the concern for me but many others that come on two legs, with wrong souls, I am afraid of them.

Leave animals alone.


  1. I love this article, Sarah !

    Again, you write from the heart, and I concur with you as to the real danger which is humans. Spiders do not scare me in the least. I cannot say the same about humans.

    On my part, I never hurt any Spiders or any Insects, as they all have the right to live and to be here as much as I do.


  2. Sarah’s informative and relative article reminded me of arachnid evolution…

    Ostensibly, contemporaneous terrestrial arachnids first emerged from aquatic progenitors, c. 500 million years ago, in shallow shore waters of oceans and seas, before adapting to terrestrial topography. It may have been that their environments influenced genetic coding that would evolve their molecular structures, predatory mechanisms, etc.

    Ironically (i.e. in the context of the Nosferatu spider species in Germany), it was a Germanic zoologist, Phillip Bertakau (1849-1894) who first documented and defined the Zoropsidae genera the Nosferatu spider emerged from. He was a Professor of Zoology at The Agricultural Academy of Poppelsdorf in Bonn. There, he researched the anatomy and physiology of species of spiders from Africa, Europe and Asia.

    Long before humans began to inhabit Europe, much of the region was semi-tropical (c. 180,000 years ago) and this was conducive to extensive diversity in species of arachnids; including spiders. In this context, Homo sapiens are the invasive species.


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