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“Spin appears to be something woven into the fabric of our universe.”

-Dave Consiglio

There is one good movie about the Earth that stopped its rotation. I am sure you all know I am talking about the Hollywood blockbuster “The Day the Earth Stood Still” that shown us the direction of the human race, if our planet ever stop spinning. In other words, we wouldn’t exist and the reality would be much more worse than we ever could imagine. But, how come that spinning of our planet is so crucial for our life and our world ? It is more than reasonable to follow the line of astrophysics that links the rotation with many ongoing process on the Earth itself.

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The scientists say that our precious planet has a special spun on its axis since the beginning, some 4,6 billion years ago. It rotates from west to east and it’s direction is prograde. Someone would say it is spinning counterclockwise. For now on, we don’t need to be concerned about earth being stopped in its rotation rhythmic but assumptions what would happen if stops are worth of debating. Why? Because the significance of the rotation could be easily illustrated in one picture : no spinning- complete distraction. Let’s say that if the Earth slowly stopped rotating, in the time frame of few years, the big water systems ( oceans ) would move toward the poles and those oceans nearby the equator would dry up , splitting the oceans into big polar water territories , while the dry land would be in between. The half of the world we know would be underwater. According to the writing of the Magazine Green Matters, there would be some other changes as well:”The Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours, which is why we have 24-hour days, traveling at about 1,000 mph. If the Earth stopped spinning on its axis, one day would last for an entire year, and everywhere on Earth would receive six months of continuous sunlight instead of daily sunlight and darkness; this would heat the planet up to drastically high temperatures (BBC Science Focus Magazine estimates about 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit), which could not support human life.”

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Imagine, you are enjoying your daily life and challenges and suddenly, the earth is standing still. Nothing moves. The world is frozen in the moment of some unexplained wonder and the planet stopped to rotate. What happen next? All what is not firmly fixed to the bedrock would be displaced because the atmosphere would keep moving with the same speed ( 1100 miles per hour/ 1770 km per hour) and all those rocks, buildings, vehicles and houses would be swept away by the same atmosphere. Nothing could deal with the strong energy of storm that keep going and the Earth stands still. The another dramatic scenario is slowly stopping of the rotation which would cause the rise of the inhospitable side of our Mother Earth, depending on which side you are. The one with terrible heat from sun would make you die from the warmth and the another one, embraced from the cold space would kill you with low temperatures. In some middle zones, there would be an option for life, however, not for too long.

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The researcher made a graphic of which regions would be targeted in that case and it is for sure that Canada, USA, Greenland, Siberia, Asia and Europe would be forgotten under water. Spain would be an exception while it would be above sea level, based on the current studies. This doesn’t mean that Spain would be the last shelter but it does mean that there would be, some time, safe. Not to mention that days and nights would loose the meaning as well as the season change.

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I find Moon and Earth in some kind of super lovely cohabitation. They need each others so we also need that to be successfully continued. Just think of the fact that Moon keep Earth down to the ground or, in another words, it causes perfect spinning dynamic. It is confirmed by science that Moon gravitational pull acts like some kind of training wheel for the Earth during its journey around the Sun. It holds our Planet on the place and helps us with gravity regulation. The Moon is stabilising our tilt and helping our home planet to keep the speed and dynamic that is not harmful. This fact has an outcome the season changes and the friendly life conditions for human race.

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The meaning of Moon presence in the Earth´s life is more than valuable to all of us. Keep digging into details, we can learn why the tide and ebb have such a big role in the planet´s existing. It is not some astrological phenomenon but rather the pure scientific reason which has been designed by the perfect machinery of the universe. Everything happens for a reason and everything is so connected and crossed with being and doing. The magnetic field of our Earth is the special shield that keep us safe from the Sun that might come from radiation. Without that perfect working magnetism of our Mother Earth, we would be sick and we would die, for sure. The Sun is nice and warm but it could be killer with no mercy. The Earth is enjoying the space with limits, keeping off the all dangers that could harm the humans. What the humans do ? Keep discovering and using all what can hurt the Earth and other earthlings. Isn’t that a cruel paradox of failed human logic? I am wondering what must happen that we learn to live in harmony with our home planet , instead to search for all options to destroy the only one house we do have in the big, dark universe. So many questions, almost no answer. The egoism of the mankind is getting more and more dangerous and it is overwhelming the remaining compassion of those who fight it back. We need to go back to the ground, with our without spinning in our heads, to accept the responsibility for the world we built long time ago and that may be gone in one second, when the Earth decided to not move anymore. Lessons need to be learned in the mental challenge, in the preventive and preemptive module, before real and tragic chapter could be really knock on the civilisation door.

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  1. This is such an interesting subject and discussion. I’ve always been intrigued by such possibilities.

    It really is amazing how the universe exists and how its contents, galaxies, follow the laws and rules of physics. In each galaxy, there are billions of planetary systems
    , such as our solar system, which consists of a star, planets, satellites, and millions of asteroids, comets, and meteoroids. The sun is our star, earth is one of our planets, and the moon is one of our satellites ! Fascinating !

    Humanity had better take good care of our planet before it’s too late. The time to act is now. I totally concur with you, Sarah, as to human selfishness and exploitation.

    Thank you, Sarah, for this riveting article, for your outstanding writing, and your precious illustrations !


  2. Sarah’s allusive and relative article reminded me of a scenario that occurred some 42,000 years ago…

    A temporary collapse in the Earth’s geomagnetic field occurred 42,000 years ago, which triggered major climate shifts across the planetary surface and atmospheres.

    The Sun experienced definitive solar emissions and these winds impacted upon the Earth’s geomagnetic field, which protects the planet from direct solar radiation (i.e. breaking it down to 30% reaching the surface of the planet to allow for life to exist). This triggered a reversal of the magnetic poles (i.e. The Adams Transitional Geomagnetic Event).

    Scientists found the evidence of this in ancient tree rings (i.e. kauri in New Zealand) that possessed atmospheric radiocarbon data. Already, scientists knew of The Laschamps Excursion, which had documented evidence of the shift of 42,000 years ago, but there was no study on how this impacted on the planet’s biodiversity, etc.

    This new data corresponds to evidence of climate changes and extinctions of certain flora and fauna, 42,000 years ago (e.g. megafauna in The Antipodes). The solar winds had reduced the geomagnetic field to 0.6% of its present power; although, it has lost 9% of its energy since c. 1700 (i.e. a possible connection to The Industrial Revolution).

    Unfiltered solar radiation ripped apart particles in the Earth’s atmospheres; separating electrons and emitting light (i.e. ionisation). This eradicated The Ozone Layer and instigated a global climate change shift; such as a sudden and dramatic increase in electrical storms.

    Once the Sun’s extra-solar activity faded, the Earth’s planetary systems began to regain equilibrium, but the reversal of the ice age was definitive, and the planet began to become warmer… The Anthropocene Age has enhanced this process and further jeopardised the geomagnetic field (e.g. humans have altered the planet’s axis via increased solid weight and water volume distribution).

    Life on Earth has been fragile, always…


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