“Create a vision board…pictures of what you want to attract …every day look at it and get into the feeling state of already having acquired these wants.”

-Rhonda Byrne

I heard for a vision board many times but I didn’t give too much attention since it sounded like a new trend of popular psychology booster. It seemed to me that almost everyone starts the big projects with visualisation, based on the formula of the book “The Secrets” . Nevertheless, the idea of visualising goals is not something that has been invented yesterday for shinning tomorrow but something that has a longer term in the mental development and spiritual journey.

The Vision Boards have been brought to the public life after Oprah cherished them and announced them as the powerful tool of successful existence and the proof of The Law of Attraction. This Law is ancient as the fight of Homo sapiens to find peace inside and to transfer it outside. We all try to define and redefine our life goals and to locate our own place under the blue sky. For some of us, achieving dreams and goals is a natural thing, almost like a talent they have been born with. On the other side, there are people who have difficulties to project their ideas and to activate them in reality. Maybe it is a lack of positive attitude or too much of self-doubt but the fact is that what we can dream about, we can do it but we need a bit of technic for it.

The visualisation is a magical concept because as soon as our mind is seeing something, it is able to project and realise it. If you don’t see your goals, they are staying somehow hidden from your daily life, almost like in mist, not concrete and rather confusing. If you don’t see them, you lose your drivers to work on them and put them into actions. The over thinkers will analyse all and somehow will give up on pushing them but even for them, the clear picture of visions could chase away insecurity and attract more confidence in the plans and ambitions.

What is that so special about vision boards ? I guess it is not just about cutting off photos from magazines and pasting them on the board that you will look at every single day. It is more than that, it is the complete process of trust in yourself while you are working on your own visualisation concept and the positive future. We all know how strong is positive energy but we are still not so wise to eliminate drama and toxic thoughts in daily challenges. If we would just know that positive mood and vibes are 50% of the dreams, we would be so motivated to spread it. I noticed that each time I decide to use optimism in life, I attracted good solutions and outcome. It is not easy but it is the only right way and it is a matter of training, devoted mental training. This is not something you will learn from those “all is good” books but the complete new approach to the life consequences and options. You pick up how you will react. Unfortunately, many humans decide to worry in advance for the problems they even don’t exist. I know that very well because I am one of those humans who is learning now how to transform worry into the source of great and successful energy and believe that vision and action boards can do the job perfectly.

The first and also the most important step is to to manifestation of your personal goals. You know that there is no realisation without manifestation. That is the hardest thing ever since many people have issue to define in pictures their deepest dreams. It is not so easy as it looks like but it is also not so difficult. The main problem is lack of confidence in picking up goals and setting them as visible target. Craig dreamt of having pent house in NYC but his life of trucker doesn’t allow him too much space for such kind of dreams. Right? No, actually it is wrong. That is his goal and he put it on the vision board, 5 years ago. Craig lives in one NY apartment that is almost like his dream pent house. That was no magic but the big amount of trust in his own capability, ambitions and goals. Craig Johnson put all his efforts to come as close as he can to the dreams he set up. The mind growth and the positive attitude brought him into the road of new and different opportunities. Every time you are negative or in self-doubt, you are blocking channels of chances, the luck that may knock on your doors. So, I guess our crucial point is attitude, to start and to end up the day with. When we are focused on the great things what we have or what we have achieved, we show the gratitude and smile to the universe and universe has our back and sends us more blessings. Write regularly why are you thankful and mention all blessings you have. You may be surprised how that energy of being thankful is circulating around and how amazing is in making your dreams possible.

The methodology of working with vision boards is to keep based on SMART goals which is common name for the following: S- specific, M- meaningful, A- achievable, R – realistic and T – trackable. It is very important to locate all your goals in some reasonable time frame. Like in business, the project need to have costs analyse, which in this case, means consumption of energy for great benefits at the end. The deadline is also your timing for accessing and elaborating success and improving the tool, so the next one could work better for you.

The vision board is more psychological management and brainstorming than magic pill that will change your life 100%. But, if you are bold enough to believe in placebo effect of that pill, you will have your own paradise and you will achieve that what you want. It is a long term process and tradition and you develop together with your goals. At the beginning, it is ok that your goals aren’t so clear or visible but you learn how to recognise and polish them, turning them into the objects in your project assets. You are designing your life like the architect is designing the pent house from Craig´s dreams.

Can you do it? Yes, of course. Start now and keep on track. It is your design, be a master.


  1. Sarah’s elucidating article induced me to know more about Octavia Estelle Butler (1947-2006); a US-Science Fiction writer who was an adherent of ‘dream boards’ or ‘vision boards’.

    Octavia Estelle Butler’s personal history reads more like a determination fuelled by societal pressures and challenges: born (only child) into a poor black family in California, her shoeshine father died when she was seven.

    Pasadena, California, was then very racially-integrated when most of the USA had extreme racial segregation. This community influenced Octavia Estelle Butler’s psyche, but class divisions were conspicuous (e.g. her mother cleaned houses for white families and was treated disrespectfully).

    At school, Octavia Estelle Butler was extremely-diffident and was bullied; called ‘ugly and stupid’. As a result, she withdrew into her imagination and The Pasadena Central Library. She became absorbed by Science Fiction literature, but wondered why there were no black writers of the genre. So, she decided to write; even though black relatives told her ‘Negroes cannot be writers!’

    Nevertheless, Octavia Estelle Butler persevered and had her short storied published in her high school journal. As she grew in confidence as a writer, she became more outspoken about issues that mattered to her (e.g. black subservience to white America). By the time she attended university (1960s), the USA was aflame with civil rights movements.


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