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“The law of the Jungle which never orders anything without reason”

“The Jungle Book”

Did you read that amazing “The Jungle Book” , written by Rudyard Kipling ?If not, do it. There is no age limitations and that is something we all need as the part of our soul folklore. It is inspiring, warm and hopeful, it is like a Holy Book of Nature, the rules for living in harmony with the world around us but within us too. The main reason that all my imagination starts with deep rain forests, the strange canopy walks and the hidden treasures that are waiting to be found and protected.

The jungles are, almost, the constellation of living organisms, perfectly located in our ecosystem. They are the biggest reservoirs of biological diversity and multifunctional colony of natural best exhibition of life. They are mystical, dark and full of secrets. No matter how many times we visited jungles, it is always like the first time, like the beginning of something new.

Honduras is on my Bucket´s list for a long time. This second largest Central America´s land is not only the princess of wildlife beauty but also the symbol of real outdoor adventure. It is stunning, with lots of mountains, inviting valleys, green rivers, turquoise Caribbean sea and even Pacific Ocean from the south. Not to mention the kiss of rain forests and exploding and vibrating flora and fauna. I really don’t know why is missed to be targeted like the touristic diamond but I guess that time of Honduras it slowly coming. The country is not so populated and you have a feeling that you are in one big national wildlife park. The beauty is alluring and brutal at the same time and that is why Honduras has about 91 protected natural area where everything is on rise and pulsing. It is the nature itself. Beside it, the Honduras coffee routine wont make you indifferent. It is not the most famous in the world but it is definitely worth of trying and pure enjoyment. After you taste it, not any coffee ever will give you the same pleasure.

Nevertheless, Honduras is more than white and dark beaches, coffee, coral reefs and dancing Garifuna culture. It is also the place of majestic legends, thrilling folklore tales, ruins and lost stories that are able to cause you goosebumps, if you listen them enough long.

National Geographic: source

The Copan ruins are the standing point for reconnecting with Maya culture but they arent the only one. When you think you know enough about attractive Honduras, you find out about Lost City discovered in Honduran jungles and your adrenaline is going up. One team of explorers that have been searching for “White City” or the “City of the Monkey God” has reported, back in 2015, that they found some relicts of the culture that has been thriving thousands years ago and then suddenly has been gone. The Mosquitia rain forest has been the protector of the gone civilisation, that even doesn’t have a name. The archeologists from the Colorado State University examined ruins of that ancient city and have been surprised themselves that not many traces have been earlier discovered about this mystical culture. Who were these people and how they vanished ? The pre-Columbian life in so called Mesoamerica has been spiritual with lot of touch with shamans, soul intellectual energy and intuition. Those artefacts that have been discovered are not only showing how the belief of those people have been strong but also their intent character and community rituals that have kept the tribe spirit and decisions. The Hollywood has already worked on the Lost City of the Monkey God but the real story is as well attractive as the movie ideas. Something very rare and unique has been buried deep in the Mosquitia jungles and nobody has a clue about those people, their civilisation and all their forgotten cities, somewhere in the Central American jungles. The expedition even informed that animals in that area hasn’t been afraid at all of the people because they have never seen them before. At that moment, humans and animals, in the heart of dark jungles, have been one. The main problem for now is to keep this zone protected from aggressive deforestation and farmers that want to spread their business. The lungs of the Planet are not safe anymore. Those jungles of South and Central America are the main target of aggressive human greed and colonisation. The numerous hectares of rain forests could be easily gone if we all don’t do something, anything. We all need those beautiful natural systems, that make Planet alive, that make us all alive and enable us to have oxygen, to have possibility to wake up and breath.

National Geographic: source

I am really afraid for the future of this area since we all know that fellowship of the evil is proactive, in spite of good that is passive. The light is always a step behind the darkness and that is what makes my night sleepless. The nature has no clone. The Earth is the only home we have, now. The Honduran jungles don’t belong only to Honduras but to the heritage of the whole world. That world needs to stand up and protect and not only those wonderful jungles but every single acre of Mother Nature that is in danger.

The ancient civilisation have had the spiritual relations with the nature and animal world and their brilliant culture that we discover now and then, through the mystical historical signatures or talismans, could be like our warning or way out from the spiritual and morale collapse we are stuck in.

The Honduran rain forests are waiting and observing if we are willing to learn the lesson, to accept the rules and to embrace the new chance. The Nature is a silent and patient teacher. The only question is if the homo sapiens is ready to accept the mistakes and use them like bricks to build a new foundation for cohabitation.

The world without us is possible but we arent possible without that world.


  1. Sarah’s informative and intriguing article reminded me of the novel ‘The Mosquito Coast’ (1981), by North American author Paul Theroux: it was made into a film in 1986, with Harrison Ford portraying the main protagonist, Allie Fox.

    The factual Mosquitia is within The Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve of Honduras, where the archaeological sites exist that are referred to in Sarah’s article.

    Allie Fox is a brilliant mechanical engineer who decides to exit modern society in the USA and take his family to the jungle regions of La Mosquitia. His intention is to access the natural resources (e.g. geothermal energy) to manifest a Utopia of sorts.

    However, everything falls apart when Allie Fox tries to save his family from three heavily-armed US-backed Right-Wing rebels (i.e. Contras): a chemical explosion occurs and kills the rebels, but pollutes the local river, also. Therefore, the family has to leave the jungle. The story continues…

    The Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve is vast, but very few studies have been undertaken of the rich biodiversity of the region. There are threats to the flora and fauna (e.g. illegal hunting and logging, illicit land clearing and exotic pet trade).

    The endangered species of the biosphere (e.g. giant anteater, jaguar, ocelot and margay) lack regional efforts of locals who have no access to environmental education, etc. The widespread poverty and lack of accurate research on the ecosystems makes protection increasingly-difficult…

    While some of the conservation programmes are reaching their objectives, it is difficult to tell whether or not the management plans are successfully-protecting these endangered species, directly. Protecting the ecosystems (e.g. rainforest) upon which the endangered species depend, is paramount to the efforts.


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