“This storm will pass. But the choices we make now could change our lives for years to come”

-Yuval Noah Harari 


I don’t have anymore long nails, fresh hair colour and tanned skin. The service that has been provided that to me and army of other people is closed, due to the pandemic rules. Is that my only problem ? No, but it perfectly describes the new reality, the dimension we are forced to live in. The world without free choice, flexible life style and spoiled behaviour. If anything has been really changed is our own perspective and skills to deal with the new challenges. Those challenged situations arent only those that address health issues only but also social, intersocial and global merging. The virus hasn’t only attacked our lives and quality of life but also our humanity, inter humans relations and expectations among each others. It is not about corona virus, it is about us and out adaptability on the new regulations.

Can we blame governments for lockdowns and party-breaking? It doesn’t matter what governments do, they are always goats on the Altair of sacrifice for a problem. The politicians cant make it good, no matter what they do. The virus is a winner, even if we do all against it. The pandemics has shown us, in our full arrogance of human universe, that we are weak, afraid and ignorant about many things. This is not the first virus that is causing earthquake in the international community and this is definitely not the last one. The people are more than vulnerable in the public health matters and the governments are more than interested to replace priority of health and privacy, safety and freedom. We wear masks because we are forced but, actually, the people are dealing with mask, metaphorically, for many years back, pretending they are what they arent and they arent what they are. Now it is just official, raw and naked. We are marked, like in the age of plague or leprosy, but at the same time, we are hidden, with our own identities and concerns. The air is too expensive, the mask is through very cheap. Think twice and act once.

The pandemic surreality has opened the door of the hell for freedom fighters and protected the comfort zones for mediocrity. You can be the one who don’t respect health importance and risk all others or you can be one who respect rules and obey, not sure if that really means saving lives too. The covid people are confused, with the virus and even more with the politics. Who you can trust? Is this virus perfect biological weapon, abused for establishing new age slavery under the health portfolio or it is a revenge of the nature for all what we have done, without any hope to ever be stopped ? It depends if you are one or another theory follower or if you are the one who believes in combining the facts, observing and concluding. Nothing is really white or black, there are those perfect 50 shades of grey in between.

Why can we simply jump into the time capsule before corona? I don’t think we can, even if we all would. However, we can now think about post-corona time, the one that will be a chapter itself, if ever comes, but it will. All is good at the end or it is still not the end. But, we all work on the post-corona age, with our hopes and thoughts, intensive and united. The governments promise successful vaccination or herd immunity, the world without corona or the world adjusted and adapted on corona. What does it mean ? It means that this virus will be soon part of the family of our seasons diseases. Those that come and go, like migratory birds, struggling with us for a while or letting us struggling with them. One day, we will wake up knowing that corona virus has always been there, almost like a mask on your face. The health experts believe that mask protects from all other seasonal infective diseases not just from covid-19. Isn’t that a good cover for keeping the mask, the obedience and the control, even in the day after ? I don’t like such observations but I somehow don’t see the rainbow behind the mask. The virus x is yet to come but could mask help about it? Not really sure, nobody is sure about it.  Only one thing I know for sure, once lost freedom is lost for ever. That is like the update you make and you cant go back, even if you find the previous version better.

I believe it will be a tough time, not only because of the potential economic recession on the world level but also on the individual layout. Why? Because many people wont make up with such a big and dramatic mental pressure. After covid hospitals, the world will build up post-coved traumatic syndrome and depression wind of change. There are so many people who are falling apart, like the lanterns   in the stormy night on the porch. If you hear them or see them, you see the post-coved people that are being created now, in this pandemics, with those masks and risks, with that terror of negativity and the vocabulary of the doom times. Maybe they do not develop the covid-19 symptoms but they do have the serious abyss within themselves, the cracks that will eat them up, as soon as the theatre is over. It is not funny at all, it is a big problem on the road, the one that will cause many other social deviations and anomalies. Does anyone think about this or still thinking about fines and masks, stay home patterns and black corona statistics ?  I do not underrate the importance of all cautions and rational pandemic behaviour but I ask the world to embrace those who are struggling now, more than ever ? They are not physically sick but they will be psychologically sick very soon. It is too much for them, too much of lockdowns, masks, corona virus and darkness ? Please, let them breathe the free air and let them see the light at the end of the tunnels. If not because you are altruistic then because you are logical and aware of the health costs, after all is charged, done.

I know you are out there but I tell you that you arent alone. You will never be alone. It will come the better tomorrow, without covid, without forced masks and illusions. It will come the time when you will stand up again and fight, for all your stolen dreams, hopes and moments, those what belong to you, in the world without masked people and unveiled virus. Your world, my Homo sapiens, the world you must learn to take care of, being better to yourself, your fellow people and wildlife and nature. Only that world will be possible and sustainable and I know you can reach it. I believe in you, in all of us.





  1. Sarah’s insightful and inspiring article brought to mind various responses of ancient civilisations to pandemics. For example, the bubonic plague was the main cause of epidemics up until the early-1800s.

    The first recorded bubonic plague pandemic lasted from 541-767 CE, across Europe, North Africa and Asia. It was spread via Commerce through fleas on rodents, mainly.

    The ancient Roman authorities implemented lockdown edicts much like contemporaneous counterparts, and this assisted in eradicating the spread of the bubonic plague. Also, the Roman Senators educated in Science comprehended the relationship between disease and heat: places of gathering (e.g. temples, markets, baths and the Senate Chamber) were shut down for a certain period.

    In addition, the ancient Roman city engineers recommended purging schemes for the municipal aqueducts and sewers, while providing clean alternatives, in the interim. Citadels near the sea and or rivers advised locals to travel to those waterways to wash themselves when possible and to burn infected clothing/cloth. Not so easy for the poorest citizens, though.

    Also, stagnant water was an issue, as it created malaria outbreaks. Thousands died from cholera and malaria, aside the bubonic plague victims.

    Fundamentally, humans have to acknowledge and comprehend themselves as complex organisms that are vulnerable to malignant microorganisms such as viral bacteria. This equates to establishing and sustaining healthier and more logical lifestyles on Earth (e.g. organic farming, alternative energy, global clean-up efforts of oceans, rivers and so on).


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