Each of us know the story about the bad situation of the pangolins, especially because of the growing demands for those innocent animals on the Asian wildlife markets. It seems that Chineses and other all-things eaters do not learn about the environment, wildlife and nature. In order to feed the overpopulated number of people on their territories or to fulfil their ignorant ideas about being forever potent or forever young, they risk the whole, global wildlife….the rare animals that are more valued to the world than all their serial produced children and unlimited multiplication. This Earth doesn’t need more children but more responsible people who will take care of Planet and keep it safe and healthy for the future generations.

The problem with some of Asian people, mostly Chineses, is that they do not think logically and compassionately. For them, everything could be on the kitchen table and they eat all, as it seems. No rules at all. The stomach must be full. Honestly, it is disgusting and I really find them the worst nation, due to their sick relation with animals. I have only respect for animal freedom fighters in China, who refused such a constellation and who fight on daily level to save animals, all what they can. They live every day under stress and risk to be vanished or killed. That land, no matter how tries to sell itself advanced and progressed is nothing but a sadistic culture with deviated diet culture.

The crucial importance of the pangolins has been noted this year, when the virus Covid19 crawled out and reminded us how low and weak we are, in the shadow of the invisible enemy. The stories have been different and some of them  included this mammal as the source of the Corona virus.  This statement, indeed, opened the reality of their life under constant threaten from the poachers and their role on the illegal wildlife markets.

Those burrowing animals are being illegal traded because some ignorant people have sold their thoughts that pangolins have medical use in Chinese traditional practice. Again, we are there with Chineses who come out with their lack of common sense, lack of empathy and lack of social and environmental responsibility. The scientists who checked the matter are sure that pangolins keratin scales are medicinally useless but how we can pass that on the uneducated mass that still believes on some backward ideas?

The International Fund for Animal Welfare(IFAW) has alarmed the public that those illegal markets and business with pangolins is still not stopped, in spite of all Corona promises:” Nearly 180 nongovernmental organisations and individuals signed an appeal In May 2018 urging China to upgrade legal protection for pangolins, reports Caixin Global. Currently, China lists pangolins as a grade two National Key Protected Species. This classification means pangolins can be used and traded with official approval and 25 tons of pangolin scales can be used in medicinal products per year.”

The emergency here is that African lands do not give up to do poaching of pangolins because they need dirty money from China and if we follow the line of demand and offer, we can conclude that all of those countries have share in this case of coming pangolin extinction. You cant expect from Ghana, Nigeria or Cameroon to not say no to the Chinese money but you can and you must expect from China, that will supply the world market, on many fields, the logical outlook and rational behaviour. According to some statistics, about 20 tons of pangolins and their parts are trafficked internationally every single year. Keep in mind that there are no so good protection rules that can comfort this los on the global wildlife scene.  This is really wasteful, embracing and ignorant and it is still happening in so called modern world.

Those animals are even now, very mysterious. The science tries to give us some answers about pangolins life patterns but all we know is that they are solitary, nocturnal and very secretive. An ancient Chinese legend has described the pangolin as the rare animal that digs though the mountain, due to the fact that some of them live in underground places while others climb.  When they feel endangered, they will curl up and hope that attacker wont dare to try their keratin shield. But, bloody poachers and evil people with their greedy agendas don’t give up on chasing them and turning them into forgotten and extinct animals. Back in 1990s, the kilogram of their scales war about £8.50 and now it is more than £360.

Many people even don’t know about this shy animal, that is big as normal, domestic cat but the world will lose them before we really learn about them and their authenticity. They are harmless and they do not endanger anyone but they are endangered themselves because of some primitive and backward cultures and greed that is typical for human race nowadays.

I am not sure how we all really can help but something must be done for them, before it is too late and we can only keep a memory and regret that we haven’t enough brave to speak for those that are voiceless. First, we need to inform people all over that the medical use of pangolins is with no effects, it is just a big waste. The science and medicine must be stronger as tribe tales and ignorance. The China, as a big encourager of illegal wildlife markets, must be put under global pressure and economical deals….once when their animal policy   is controlled by rest of the world, through the boycott of their products and supplies, we will be on the right way. They are very sensible on money fluctuations and once when money is low, maybe they will change their priorities and learn to cooperate with the world they want to supply.  There is no any excuse for their ridiculous behaviour and I am sure everyone can live without “Made in China” products but we cant live without pangolins, if they are gone from our precious ecosystem.

There are also the following organisations that work in pangolin protection area:



  1. Thank you for writing about this critical topic, Sarah !

    It is so mind-boggling that some people, in this day and age, are still living in the benighted days and believe that some animal parts may help them with their shortcomings. This is so absurd. It’s time the world’s community condemned such evil actions and boycotted their products so that they would stop this Evil practice. As the expression goes “hit them where it hurts, in their wallets “.


    1. Absolutely, an imbecile believe.
      But China has a lot, and lots of money, and in a world that we still think having 3-4-5 kids is still ok, and having no jobs, no money or any food to feed this overpopulated world things like this take place.
      We need to rethink OVERPOPULATION. Stop tax breaks to families with kids in the USA, as this promotes over breading by humans. Giving way as you see in many countries for animals to be kill by some ass- backwards believes.


  2. Sarah’s invaluable article expresses the dire situation on the planet for biodiversity: the loss of one species impacts on all others, as all life on Earth is interconnected through natural recycling systems of molecules (e.g. water, oxygen and flora).

    The appellation of ‘pangolin’ derives from the Malay noun ‘pengguling’ (i.e. one who rolls up). This comes from the pangolin’s defensive tactic of rolling up into a ball to be protected from a predator via its tough, outer scales. Yet, there is nothing it can do to protect itself from human illogicality and noxious-ignorance.

    The present species of pangolins split from another mammalian species about 80 million years ago: like several other small mammal species, it survived the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event of c. 66 million years ago (i.e. when most large organisms on the planet were eradicated by an asteroid impact and global volcanic activity).

    Pangolins are insectivorous, and so they survived the extinction event through the simultaneous survival of insect species: most of their diet consists of various species of ants and termites, and is supplemented by other insects and their larvae. Yet, pangolins are not surviving The Anthropocene Age… The human world impacts upon all natural ecosystems that sustain mammals like the pangolins.

    Many attempts have been made to breed pangolins in captivity, but due to their reliance on wide-ranging habitats and very particular diets, these attempts have been unsuccessful, frequently.

    Pangolins have significantly-decreased immune responses due to a genetic dysfunction; making them extremely fragile. They are susceptible to diseases such as pneumonia and the development of ulcers in captivity; complications that can lead to an early death.

    In addition, pangolins rescued from illegal trade have a higher chance of being infected with parasites such as intestinal worms; further lessening their chance for rehabilitation and reintroduction into the wild.

    Though, researchers have been able to improve artificial pangolin habitats to allow for breeding of pangolins; providing some hope for future reintroduction of the species into their natural habitats.

    Taiwan is one of the few conservation grounds for pangolins on the planet: the Taiwanese government enacted The Wildlife Conservation Act of 1989.

    The introduction of Wildlife Rehabilitation Centres in Taiwan have become important communities for protecting pangolins and their habitats and has greatly improved the survival of pangolins. These centers work with local aboriginal tribes and forest police in The National Police Agency to prevent poaching, trafficking and smuggling of pangolins; especially, to black markets in China. These centres have helped to reveal the causes of death and injury among Taiwan’s pangolin population. Today, Taiwan has the highest population density of pangolins on the planet.


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