“I love the ocean. I ´ve always liked the blue, so tranquil and peaceful and gliding. And the fear of it.”

-Siouxsie Sioux


No, I am definitely not your psychotherapist and I certainly do not have any aspirations to be. Just a deep wish to share my own thoughts with you, my own formula for finding eventually lost happiness or recipe for creating a new one, especially in this year, the most important year of all. 2020 will be remembered as a biggest global challenge for all of us. Not only because of pandemics and endangered public  health but because of our adaptation on the given new reality. The safety  of the plans and prediction of life schedule have been replaced with living the life at the moment, as it is, naked and raw.  We take what is served and we learn to make the best out of it.

I read that some psychologists have concerns that the terrible consequences of Covid-19 will come long after pandemic is over. This doesn’t mean that we will be physically targeted and infected but emotionally and mentally exhausted, after the final bill is paid. The stress that we deal now with is the one of a kind and can’t be easily closed again. The beast is free and wont accept to be jailed without fight. The demons of our dark minds are all over, trying to make a mess and cause the panic, darkness, lack of hope and breakdown of spirit. There is one new dimension behind Corona virus outbreaks, there is one whole new world that is on rise, bringing us mental struggles and emotional obstacles. Maybe you aren’t informed, but more people are suffering now from psychological problems than from Covid-19. Somehow, is is all related but still dangerously separated. In other words, each of us has to find own way of dealing with this 2020 and the following paragraphs are my small contribution to you and your battle to stay strong. At the end of the day, we are all together in this.

Do you know what is thalassophilia ? This is a Greek term for unconditional love of the sea or ocean. Thalassohil is a lover of the sea/ ocean. Those are special breed of people, inspired by big amount of blue water, the majestic marine biology and the calming nature of the sea or the ocean. I am one of those people and you? I believe that I recognised this  feature of my personality in the last few years since I have never been so much fascinated by oceans before. Suddenly, it was there … doesn’t need to be sea or ocean, for me is enough to see lake or river and to be in harmony. I wake up and I go to sleep, thinking and dreaming of oceans. In the meantime, I enjoy lakes and their capability to feed me with hope and good vibes in the universal scenario of mess.

Let’s look up what is behind the power of the sea/ocean or even our local lake. It is much more than you think you know. It is a healing. How ? Nowadays, there are many studies that try to compare life quality of people who live nearby coast and those who are far away. It must be something there that is beating up the old beliefs. The water is a game changer. The biologist Wallace J Nichols in his book “The Blue Mind” writes: “We are beginning to learn that our brains are hardwired to react positively to water and that being near it can calm and connect us, increase innovation and insight, and even heal what’s broken.” Then, there is a Dr. Heather Koldwewey, the member from the Zoological Society of London that said:”The ocean is essential in all our lives from providing half of the oxygen we breathe to all our drinking water to supporting our emotional and mental wellbeing.”

The water is a life itself. If you watch the water: lake, river, sea or ocean, you are allowing yourself to merge with immortality of those settings and to find energy you are missing due to the daily delivery of stress. One Michigan State study has confirmed that there is one crucial fact for our health and we will call it the blue space. This means that the visibility of the water increases our health potential and decreases stress.  It is interesting that so called green space doesn’t work so much for our wellbeing as blue space, according to health geography science. The people who live in properties with ocean views are much calmer and happier than people who live without.  Maybe this comes because of the magical blue collar that is in our brain connected with pure peace and tranquility. The view on the water is simply relaxing our brain and offering balance to our soul. Not to forget constant flowing and ebbing of the waves, which turn us into the mild meditative phase. What about the smell? Oh, how much I love that ocean smell and all of those negative ions in the air, around the ocean water. The final touch of the sand is blessing above all others. You feel free from all negative forces and you are allowed to live fully.



  1. What a beautiful and inspiring article, Sarah !

    This reminds me of my beautiful California years ! I took several classes in water sports, namely, sculling (single rowing), kayaking, windsurfing, and sailing ! Oh what fun that was!

    There’s nothing like the unbridled feeling of freedom on the water ! As for the ocean or lake smell, it’s rejuvenating and reinvigorating !

    Thank you, Sarah, for your beautiful and positive writing, as always !


  2. Sarah’s informative and invigorating article reminded me of the ongoing debate upon how H2O first appeared on the Earth (i.e. during The Hadean Eon – 4.5 billion years ago)…

    Homo sapiens are comprised of up to 60% of H2O and their affinity and dependence on water on Earth is intrinsic.

    Recent research indicates that hydrogen inside the Earth played a role in the formation of the oceans. Yet, there is evidence that H2O was delivered to Earth by impacts from icy planetesimals similar in composition to asteroids in the outer edges of the asteroid belt.

    H2O molecules in the atmosphere are broken up by photolysis, and the resulting free hydrogen atoms can escape Earth’s gravitational pull: when the Earth was young and less massive, water would have been lost to space more easily.

    Any water on Earth during the later part of its accretion would have been disrupted by the Moon-forming impact (c. 4.5 billion years ago), which likely vaporised much of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle and created a rock-vapour atmosphere around the young planet. The rock vapour would have condensed within two thousand years; leaving behind hot volatiles which may have resulted in a majority carbon dioxide atmosphere with hydrogen and water vapour.

    Afterwards, liquid water oceans may have existed despite the surface temperature of 230°c (446°F), due to the increased atmospheric pressure of the CO2 atmosphere. As cooling continued, most of the CO2 was removed from the atmosphere by subduction and dissolution in ocean water.

    There is geological evidence that constrains the time frame for liquid water existing on Earth; such as basalt rock from 3. 8 billion years ago.

    However, if the Earth had been cooler (another hypothesis) in its infancy, it implies that rather than a hot, molten surface and an atmosphere full of CO2, the early-Earth surface would have been much as it is today: the action of plate tectonics traps vast amounts of CO2: thereby, reducing greenhouse effects, and leading to a much cooler surface temperature, and the formation of solid rock and liquid water.

    Whatever the factual evolution of initial H2O on Earth, it would forever be fundamentally-linked to life on the planet…


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