“Challenging are what make life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

-Joshua J. Marine


Do you know why I like Americans ? Because they are unique, encouraging people who like to help and who are never jealous on other peoples happiness. I met inspirational humans from almost every country but I have never been impressed as I was with my American tribe. This is not an oath to Americans or worshiping of them as the best among good, primus inter pares. This is something I need to do, now and here, since American friends have been only friends, beside my family, who have believed in me and my personal development. They have been only one to give a hand when I was lost in darkness, to offer help and to accept me and my flows, loving me the same. At those moments when I  fought for my future and my hope, they have told me that I will make it and they have been there to help me to stand out again, to learn me how I can be in love with myself again. Americans are more than one nation under God, they are people with charisma, honest and big hearts and soul that is thriving to always stay on the light.

What is the ancient secret of American strength ? How is that possible that all motivational lectures and the science of personal development and life coaching originates from the land of free and home of the brave. It must be something, at least one rational explanation of American mental “no surrender” mood and mode. If we try to think about the American dream and that’s long journey from the ash to the stars that some made and became the symbol of American “Nothing is impossible” pattern, we also need to apply on ordinary people who live ordinary lives. I have never heard that some American simply give up. They are fighters and even if they are on the floor, with broken perspective, they are able to settle their goals again, to stand up so worn out and to keep searching for another solutions and ways out. I alway think of my friend Mark. Nobody would like to be Mark with all the struggles he had and he is regularly overcoming, because nobody is as strong as Mark, to turn pain into his strength and to battle all obstacles on the road. Mark is an explorer but also very good athlete. When he was 30, he had the terminal cancer and the doctors  informed him that he should be prepared to accept the end, with dignity and peace. Like it was yesterday, the memory on his words to me is still colorful :“According to the medicine,  I have a cancer and I will probably die but, personally,  I do not believe I have a cancer due to the fact that I really have no time for cancer. I want to do more training and want to increase my weight lifting. Who cares about disease? Today it is maybe there but tomorrow, I will chase the bastard out.”  Mark kept on with his life, didn’t visit doctors and didn’t care about the suggestions of conventional science. I was wondering back at that time how his mind is so powerful to escape the negative thoughts and to bring him into the safe zone. Then, I was really in some pathetic phase of life and Mark told me:” You will get up now, work on your strength and you will never look at abyss again. Beside it, maybe I didn’t tell you, I was doing medical recheck, cancer cells are gone. Don’t ask me how. My doctors talk about genetic miracles, priest about Gods love for me and I don’t care what is it, I knew that no surrender option is only one that works for me. ” After that day, Mark loses job and house but he managed to find even better job and to buy even nicer home. Mark made it because he has never had any doubt in himself. Mark is American and he taught me how to be strong, persistent, disciplined and one really “bad ass”.

Some researchers believe( Stanford psychologists ) on the other side, that Americans are used to think more individually than to be interdependent and that makes some deviation of social empathy and common sense acting:“American culture stresses independence, and the desire for independence fuels behaviour. People often like the idea of working together and certainly care about social issues. But our findings show that thinking about and caring about others doesn’t always translate into effective action.More and more, Americans are exposed to messages urging them to be interdependent, the researchers noted. The American people can no more meet the demands of today’s world by acting alone. Currently, if we want to inspire Americans to think and act interdependently, it may work best to actually emphasise their independence to motivate them to do so.Tell them, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ instead of ‘We’re all in this together.”

If we consider American society pretty much individualistic, I must admit that those individuals have developed really great communication skills and empathy.  The majority of Americans have high level of compassion, generous heart and supportive manners.  There where others give up, Americans find new possibilities. Maybe this is the outcome of exercised individualism merged with corporative empowering of “WE are Americans” or it could be just a matter of luck on the American continent. I am amazed by them and their motivational literature, life coaching lessons and the personal development efforts. I don’t believe that  the competition environment makes them so inspired but rather some mantra that is somehow adopted to be the invisible but substantial part of American identity. It is not about Mark or Kate, it is about Americans that don’t simply give up and even when they do, it is just a temporary, to recharge and to attack again on the castle of life goals.

Dwayne Johnson wrote:”The big dog’s eat, lil’ puppies stay on the porch. Let’s get to work. “ Isn’t that enough to make you grind your dreams and turn them into reality ? If you want better job, give up with this one you have and embrace  the new horizons of  limitless opportunities. Dont let others tell you what you can or can’t do, their story is not yours and will never be yours. If you want dream body, try to  do some sport and note that physical transformation comes from mental strength and never opposite. You are that what you think of yourself so why not being a lion  or Americans in heart that never gives up ? Be all what you need to be if you want to change your life, your vision and your future but never dwell in past and with toxic people. Find your inspirational tribe and keep it.


  1. Sarah’s inspirational article reminded me of the various peoples that constitute present-day US-citizens from colonial lineages emerging from Africa, Spain, France and England, mostly.

    Before these peoples went to North America (c. 16th century), they were already resilient and hard-working (e.g. farmers, servants, slaves). The extreme natural and human dangers of the North American wilderness compelled these colonials to be even more determined to survive in such hostile environments.

    At the same time, the indigenous peoples of North America were a resilient and determined diversity of humans: one reason why the European colonists were never able to eradicate the indigenous peoples (i.e. confiscating their lands).

    The present socio-political reality within The United States of America is forcing US-citizens to be more communal; out of the immediate need to survive climate change impacts, etc. They have pulled together in the past when hard times impacted the entire nation (e.g. The Great Depression).

    However, unless the elite corporate powers of the country invest in the people and their need to confront climate change issues as one people, one nation, then even the most determined US-citizen will not survive…


  2. What a positive and inspirational article, Sarah !

    This article struck a chord with me, as I have been through so many straits over the years, but I have not let the vicissitudes of life bring me down or defeat me ! One thing has always been inside me, namely, the spirit to fight and not be defeated by life !

    I remember years ago when I told someone “If I fall, I pick myself up and get up again ! “. This has been the story of my life to date ! In the meantime, never have I given up ! I’m still dreaming !

    Thank you so much, Sarah, for this beautiful and heartfelt article !


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