Your children need to know they are loved and safe. Everything else is adult business.”
Jeannine Lee


I still don’t have my own children but I am really concerned about all children around me.  This world is full of malign challenges, difficult struggles and dangerous shadows that could endanger the most vulnerable category of our society, our children.  It doesn’t matter if you have your own children or not, you  should  and must be aware of what is happening around you and how you can contribute to the safety of the innocent population, those who are still weak to protect themselves.

The age we live in is online age, everything happens on the Internet and even the murder is planned via bites.  Back in past, serial killers have had a real issue to locate the victim and to organise the killing process. Now is everything so easy or at least not complicated. The people expose themselves like a meat for a butchery and doesn’t surprise that serial killers and criminal minds do not find any more obstacles in their sadistic missions. What is even worse is amount of moms and dads who do not consider their child safety and share their private photos on social media. Posting a photo of baby on some of the digital channels wont turn you immediately into the target of some kind of sociopath but it will, indeed, increase your chances to be noticed as a potential object of killing pleasures. In the worst scenario, your child will be marked as an interesting case for child kidnappers, rapists, molestors or serial child killer.

The child serial killers aren’t in minority and they are the true cancer of our advanced civilisation.  It is enough to mention Tsutomu Miyazaki or Otaku Murderer who was known to be Japanese serial child killer, cannibal and rapist. America, on the other  side, has also many of such demons, like Westley Allan Dodd , Marybeth Tinning, Harry Powers and Dean Corll. The list is longer but the numbers are divided between Europe, Russia, USA and Japan. All what we can see is the scary fact that those people kidnapped, raped and killed innocent boys and girls, causing the endless suffering of their families and modifying the society into the nest of trolls.

What is happening in their twisted minds? Every serial killer has a need to establish power and control, to keep going with his own mission, to realise his visionary and to enable hedonism of indicating pain and pure enjoyment in killing. Based on those attributes, we can make a distinction among serial killers and the type they represent.  Usually, the psychiatrists emphasise that abused childhood lead people to the serial killer aura but not all people who have difficult childhood are serial killers and not all serial killers did have challenging child ages. Personally, I believe that there is a some trigger in the childhood that is pulled and that could be anything or even everything. In the souls of some serial killers could be planted the hatred, absence of love and understanding and some souls have been simply evil born and they have been only skilled through the time. That is why I always accent in my writing that parents who approve animal cruelty that perform their children are actually those who approve the rise of future serial killer and sadistic member of society. They do to not recognise the symptoms of broken minds and they do not cure it. After some time, the ogre is there and we can’t do much about it.

Even if they are hospitalised or jailed, after the committed murder,  they will never be mentally fit to be realised free. It is not possible and I really don’t accept the statements of their lawyers or doctors that they are cured and again good people. You can’t kill innocent child and being cured after. Maybe your God will forgive you but this society wont and shouldn’t. You are an ogre and you will be always be that. It is only a matter of time when you will be hungry  and when you will start with hunting again.  Marc Dutroux is a Belgian serial child killer, jailed in life in 2004 since “he killed teenagers An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks by burying them alive and two eight-year-olds, Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo, starved to death in his cellar after he was arrested over a car theft. The victims’ families have recently received letters from Dutroux’s lawyer offering to ´heal their wounds, in some very modest way´. The families have rejected the approach as a cynical show of remorse aimed at winning the killer’s release from prison. It is thought answering questions about his crimes would be one of the conditions Dutroux would have to fulfil to win  parole. Dutroux first asked a court to release him into house arrest just eight years into his life sentence. His request was rejected, and his own mother has predicted he would kill again if he was freed.”

The people like him can’t be sorry or they could but only for their own purpose. They are born to be chameleons, to learn how to adapt and survive.

I found very important to clarify the differences between online child molestors and pedophiles. The first one is rarely violent and that kind of sociopath finds a pleasure in enjoying the non-allowed company of teenage kids. They do not cross their borders into the real world or very rare. On the other side, the real pedophiles have their channels of communication in dark net and they do not hesitate to travels miles and miles away to get their victim. The both are predators but with different goals. The king of this kind of sadism is definitely the child rapist and serial child killer.. In many case studies, the serial child killer is also a child rapist and sexual offender, the predator that hunts.
According to statistic, very 40 seconds the child in the Usa becomes missing or is abducted. More than 99% come home alive but what is with that 1%? In long term period of time, the number is a horror sign that something really stinks within our societies and that ogre doesn’t give up. There are some American states where missing children are the daily urban legend. On the first place is California with 4,541 missing children since 1994. The second place belongs to Texas with 489 missing kids since 1994. Florida has the third place with 364 missing children since 1994. The other remarkable US states with the problem of missing children are Arizona, New York, Washington, Ohio, Colorado, Michigan and Indiana.
The missing child could be abused from the pedophile, killed by serial child killer or taken as donor for organs, which turns the whole issue into the organised crime and organ trafficking. In order to prevent such situations and outcomes, you need to learn some  crucial strategies to keep your child or the children, around you, in safety. First of all, make sure that child has no fear to tell you all, even some potential secrets. There shouldn’t be any taboo for you or your children and child must feel safe to talk about anything, even about something that doesn’t sound right. Then, make sure you are informed who are the people around your children and what they are doing with your children. Remember my words, anyone can be child abuser, even the most adorable nanny. This doesn’t mean you need to be paranoid but rather on alert. We do not live in fairy tale world.  Learn your children how to recognise what is a threat and how to address it. The children learn quick and if you come to them with practical instructions and advises, they will adopt it and implement it, when necessary. Above all or after all, try to give enough love and trust to your beloved one, so they would always know they can count on you and that mommy, daddy, auntie, uncle or granny and grandpa wont ever be angry if they hear what’s happened.  The chid must learn never to be ashamed of the situation because he/she is a victim and not a performer. I don’t need to mention that each of you should find a time to monitor child presence in online platforms as well as the communication dynamic over there. Honestly, I will never understand parents who do not control social media influence on their adolescents and do not check the photos that teenagers make or eventually exchange with some potential molestor or rapist. Be aware, everything seems impossible until is done so the crime too. It doesn’t happen to someone else, it could happen to everyone of us and to any of all our beloved children.
The ogres are not anymore the fictional characters from our mythological books. They stepped out. They are real and they are near  the children.




  1. Sarah’s invaluable and unfortunately-significant article reminded me of the film ‘The Reckoning’ (2003): the antagonist (a Mediaeval Norman noble in England, c. 1380) was based upon the factual personage of serial child killer Gilles de Rais (1405-1440); a former companion-in-arms of Jeanne d’Arc and so-called Christian who would later go on to sexually-assault and then murder poor and vulnerable peasant boys: it was estimated that he had hundreds of victims.

    The killings came to an end in 1440, when a violent dispute with a clergyman led to an ecclesiastical investigation that brought the crimes to light, and attributed them to Gilles de Rais. At his trial, the parents of missing children in the surrounding area and Gilles de Rais’ own confederates in crime testified against him. He was condemned to death and hanged at Nantes in France, in the autumn of 1440.

    The victims were killed by decapitation, cutting of their throats, dismemberment, or breaking of their necks with a stick. Assistants further testified that Gilles de Rais abused the victims after the victim had been slashed in the throat or decapitated, sometimes. In his own confession, Gilles de Rais testified that ‘when the said children were dead, I kissed them and those who had the most handsome limbs and heads, I held up to admire them, and had their bodies cruelly cut open and took delight at the sight of their inner organs. Very often, when the children were dying, I sat on their stomachs and took pleasure in seeing them die and laughed.’

    Assistants testified that they burned the bodies in the fireplace in Gilles de Rais’ private room. The ashes were thrown into the cesspit, the moat or other hiding places.

    The extensive witness testimony convinced the judges that there were adequate grounds to establish the guilt of the accused. After Gilles de Rais admitted to the charges, the court canceled a plan to torture him into confessing. Peasants of neighbouring villages had earlier begun to make accusations that their children had entered Gilles de Rais’ castle begging for food and never been seen again. The transcript, which included testimony by the parents of many of these children as well as graphic descriptions of the murders provided by accomplices, was said to be so lurid that the judges ordered the worst parts stricken from the record.

    Gilles de Rais was executed, but was allowed to be buried in a Christian churchyard with a Christian funeral service, which angered the parents of victims. The accomplices were executed, burned and their ashes scattered in secret.

    Insanity has long been an aspect of human societies and will continue to be so, unfortunately… Yet, as Sarah mentions, people are becoming more and more vigilant and governments make it difficult for serial child killers to conceal their true selves.


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