“Christmas gift suggestions: to your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect. “

-Oren Arnold


There is no month more beautiful as December. It is the last one but the best one. All glory of the year in just one month, in all of 31 days, full of secret miracles, visible challenges and that joy of heart that sublimes us all. The month of December is special because of winter, snow and because of the Christmas. The magic of Christmas is merged with cold and pure 12th month of the year, its final chapter. After so many failures and successes, the December is offering the new rise. It is not the coming year but the last month of this year that is giving us power to fly over the misty, winter sky and to prepare us to embrace the new and promising start of the next twelfe month period. December makes it always better. It is a month of new chance and new beginning for those who are tired and lost due to the previous months of temptations. Somehow, it is not accidentally,that all Christmas decorations in December turn empty spirits  into the alluring,  negative moods into positive and create the one and only sense of unity, among people, no matter where they live and how they live. At one moment of Christmas eternity, the whole world is just one ideal fairy tale, frozen like a rose in the wind.

I am in love with December but not because I was born in December. It is true that all legends have been born in December but my soul is connected and reconnected with the beauty of this month due to the Christmas and winter, my two favourite combinations. When I was a child, I enjoyed watching Christmas family movies, all in white, with the adorable Christmas music in the background. It was everything to me, the imagination of perfect life that I have never forgotten and never abounded. This Christmas miracle will live within me as long as I live because it makes me being always a better human being. Not because of God or fear from him but because of love from God and His glory, the gift to all of us to enjoy this amazing world and its all precious things.

There are some people with the syndrome of Ebenezer Scrooge and their darkness is so aggressive that even the lights of Christmas can’t fight it. However, their demon is nothing but the covered sadness and agony, lack of love and care, and what is even more worse, the lack of self love and self care.  Their eyes are trained to see only ugliness but they do not understand that they are the part of that ugliness due to their poisoned hearts. Unfortunately, we all have to deal with them, more or less, in private or professional life. It is not easy but it is also not impossible to win this battle and make them blind with your own light and purity. The good hearts are rare nowadays and when they shine, they are strong and powerful, able to chase away the slaves of the darkness. We all remember the Michael Ende and his book “Never-ending Story” when he describes that people with no hope are easy to control, the people who forget their dreams are those who make the nothing grows stronger. Their opposite are those who find extraordinary in ordinary moments, the perfection in imperfection and life there where death is building its camp. These are people you need to have around you, to fuel you with good instead stealing your happiness. It is not wrong if you say NO to energy vampires and all spiritual zombies that turn you into the ash of humanity. You don’t need them, they are toxic and the Christmas is a right time of the year to give them the portion of kindness and send them, with blessings, away from you. Do not feel bad about it because if you can’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else. The self love is the main condition for any kind of mature and healthy life for someone else.

What we can learn from Christmas ? The religions lessons are great but mental messages and life coaching is almost more exciting. The Christmas shows us that everyone can change for a better and must get a chance. Even Charles Dickens gave a new rise to his grumpy Mr. Scrooge and we should do too to all of our personal Mr. Scrooges but for a limited time. He had three nights to learn, why we should give more time to anyone ?  When there is a will, there is a way. The next strong message of Christmas is that giving is more important as taking. So, be sure that if you give with the bright heart, you will get it more and what you do not expect. I experienced it so many times and I will never regret giving with a pure joy, because that joy of giving is creating an awesome harmony for me and that has no price.

You try to catch a point of my writing ? I will share it now: let it in, let the hope and love in. It will feed you and keep you on life, more than you  have ever thought. If you don’t have much, give what you have because spiritual kindness is more needed as any material. If we only know how many people need encouraging words and opening hands, more than those who need some good packed present,  they will use as everything else in the age of consumption. Your emotions will never be wasted if you give them freely and with no regrets. Be a friend to the enemy, forgive those who betrayed you, love someone who has never been loved. Be a light, be an Angel of December, be a Christmas star you put on your Christmas three. You have a chance now, to awake again the spirit of good and to leave the sparkles wherever you go and whatever you do. Those who believe that only stars are those on the horizons, have never met you, me, us….each of us.



  1. What a beautiful article full of hope, positive thoughts, and optimism !

    I have always believed in giving, not taking, and that’s been my modus operandi throughout my whole life ! In my eyes, that’s the only way to be ! Life is about having a good heart and helping animals, people, and our planet ! It’s that simple !

    Thank you, Sarah, for such optimism, and for your excellent writing ! God bless you !


  2. Sarah’s festive season article induced me to ponder the origin of the religious occasion (i.e. the Christ Mass). In a strict ecclesiastical context, the Eucharist (i.e. The Last Supper) of Y’shua bar Yossef (i.e. Iseus Nazarenus) was the very first mass that he gave, c. April of 30 or 33 CE (i.e. The Passover). The birth of Y’shua bar Yossef (December) derives from the ancient Roman pagan calendar associated with taxation registration.

    The nativity stories recounted in The Book of Matthew and The Book of Luke in The New Testament prompted early-Christian writers to suggest various dates for the birthday. Though no date is indicated in The Gospels, early-Christians connected Y’shua bar Yossef to the Sun through the use of such phrases as ‘Sun of righteousness’.

    The Romans marked the winter solstice on December 25. The first recorded Christ Mass celebration was in Rome, on December 25th, 336 CE. Before that period, Christians did not hold a specific mass for the birthday of the supposed Messiah.

    Observance of the holy day waned during the so-called Dark Ages, but regained prominence after 800 CE, when Charlemagne was crowned Emperor on December 25th.

    However, associating the ‘holy day’ festival with drunkenness and other misbehaviour, the Puritans banned the Christ Mass, during The Reformation. It was restored as a legal holy day in 1660, but remained disreputable.

    Various 19th-century writers such as Charles Dickens reintroduced the holy day through literature; emphasizing family, children, kind-heartedness, gift-giving and Santa Claus.

    For myself, I do not require a special day, a religion and or an ideology to be compassionate, sympathetic, empathetic, etc., all year through. I suspect Y’shua bar Yossef desired this of his Apostles…


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