“Wolves are like me misunderstood. Beautiful and wild, never able to be tamed. The epitome of freedom. All we want is to be accepted and loved for who we are.”

-Native American saying


I know I must go far away, enough far away from civilisation that is everything but not civilised. I feel I am stuck here where I am, because the north is still calling me. I may be on the wrong road but I will never give up searching the right one. I am a pathfinder, the daughter of wilderness and my animal spirit is stronger than ever before. It may be that I was  Native American in my previous life or even wolf itself. Who knows that? My soul is inspired by winter wind, call of the northern mountains and my heart is not afraid to go there where wolves are afraid to prey.

Do you know much I love wolves ? I love them so much that I could always speak for them, about them and with them. They are one of the most fascinating animals that walk on this beautiful Planet, ¬†that we grind into the passion of our greeds. They are special because their intelligence can provoke ours and their compassion can challenge that what we think we are the only species who posses. For your information, the wolves aren’t only wolfish, they have so many attributes of humanity. ¬†In recent time, I read a lot of literature that is originated from animal lover and wolf experts. ¬†Some of those books are based on the real experience and observation of the people who spent the years of their life, among wolves, trying to learn about them and to express that knowledge, available and thrilling to ¬†the rest of us. Jim and Jamie Dutcher spent 6 years with Sawtooth wolf ¬†Pack in a tented camp in the Idaho wild. Elli Radinger ¬†collected the amazing stories among the wolves of Yellowstone National Park. These arent the only wolf experts but their books about the wolf wisdom have made me think about my own life, mission and life goals. ¬†Their wolf tales moved the each single molecule of my being and turned me into the never ending story of my introspection.

In¬†The Wisdom of Wolves,¬†we do not learn so much about wolves but about ourselves. Their considerations about wolf behaviour, their psychology and social connections are actually the portray of the world of the wolves we have thought it doesn’t exist. They are showing us the passing shadows of the forest in their best light, as fathers and mothers, as leaders and followers, as fighters and survivors of the anthropocentric age. The wolves are loved and hated, adored and damned but nobody knows why. ¬†They have been on the Earth since the beginning, they have been always the part of the life circle, the important element of the balance of ecosystem…..and suddenly, people have decided they do not need wolves, they started killing and pretending they have never existed.

The common statement that when the wolves come back, the farmers have problem to protect their sheep is old-fashioned, ignorant and without any logic. First of all, the people have taken all lands of the wolves and they abused the free wilderness for their agricultural plans. The human beings produce themselves faster as any virus and against any algorithm of the nature. The more people we have, the higher pressure is on the environment,  the current ecosystem and the resources. In this egoistic game, the animals are the victims of the human epidemics. The people need to eat so they kill the animals that are usually in the wolf food chain. The wolves need also to eat and they go further to find food, that brings them to the villages where farmers have their domestic animals. This is the principle: you take mine, I will take yours. Whats wrong about it? Because people used to exploit everything and everyone so they think they are winners and have right to take all. The typical ignorant pattern of regressed Homo sapiens. The people want  all only for themselves and the wolves have learnt to share, to take care of the nature and to stop hunting there where it is not enough food, giving a chance for a recovery.  They are the part of the beautiful wild nature, the people are the malign tumour of the Planet. The cancer cells are  destructive and so are the people.

Have you ever known that wolves are living in pack so they can take care of each others ? This means not only taking care of the offsprings but also taking care of the elderly. The young and old are not so powerful to hunt so they are often given the hunted food. Isn’t that a family? Through the same blood and the same DNA, we can conquer the universe. The strength of the wolf is a pack and the strength of the pack is every single wolf. The meaning of family, something that is unfortunately lost nowadays, among humans, when everyone is too busy to take care of the own pack.

The wolves can play, experience the sorrow of death and they can also love. If you are loved by wolf, you have done something special in your life. The wolf love is not temporary, it is loyal and passionate, like the fire in their hearts when they walk thousand of miles through the snow storm, to find food or water for their beloved.

Those wolves are coming back to Germany, after many years of their silent gone. They are on the rise and farmers are worried and aggressive because of their livestock but real animal lovers  are happy, impressed and interested to see some of them.  In America, the long recovery road for Great Grey Wolf could be endangered though the lunatics decisions of Trump Administration to cancel the protection.  It took years for wolves to be empowered in the western Great Lakes region.  The enthusiasts have tried their best to work on conservationism and to encourage the wolves to come back in the Northern Rockies and to establish their colonies, without fear from  revenge of the people.

How can anyone be against wolves ? I understand farmers but they also need to understand the borders between agricultural land and the free wilderness. You can’t have it all, something, if not everything, belong to the wolves too. ¬†They are not the one who messed up with the balance of the ecosystem, we are those who have done it and keep doing till the final end. ¬†The wolves haven’t destroyed the land of great spirit and have not caused the global warming. We, the people, have done all wrong and we don’t know how to stop. ¬†The wildlife must coexist with the human population and if that wildlife is gone, we wont have the long life either.

Those who claim that wolves are responsible for death of their livestock or who call for the shooting of the wolves are not the  human beings. They only look like that.  The real human being is one who has compassion to feel for other and also other fellows and who has an intelligence to know where is the border line between our and their land.  It will come a day when we will pay for the land we have never really owned, for the freedom we stole and for the sins we made against all innocent creatures.

The wolves prey because they are hungry. We kill because we feel a pleasure from killing. The sad world of humans, year: 2019.



  1. Sarah’s informative and evocative article reminded me of the prehistoric cave art depiction of a wolf in Font-de-Gaume, France…

    Prehistoric people living in The Dordogne Valley first settled in the mouth of Font-de-Gaume around 25,000 BCE. The cave mouth was inhabited for the next several thousand years; the art revealing local flora and fauna.

    The paintings date from around 17,000 BCE. So, the wolf depicted is of a massive creature; much larger than contemporary species of wolves.


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