A crystal clear Colorado sky opens above us, a blue so deep it makes you dizzy. The occasional bright white wispy cloud dances across the firmament, punctuating the deep blue vault of heaven stretching over this paradise.”
Neil Hanson,Pilgrim Wheels: Refection of a Cyclist Crossing America 


I have never been in Colorado but I will tell you my story about Colorado. The one I dreamt, the one I have experienced in my imagination,  about Colorado that is my home, that belongs only to me.  It is amazing how we can feel ourselves familiar with the places that we have never ever visited but we still think we know each corner of them. The rules of Universe are strange sometimes, you get to see signs by the road even if you are not looking for them. Long time ago, I realised that Colorado is calling me and it is just a matter of time when I will finally come home.

This centennial state is known to be a perfect mixture of nature wonders and great urban life. I guess that Colorado has a good balance between traditional and modern passions, between old good western style and chic Neo American  approach. Colorado is all-year round destination because it offers the fascinating ideas for trips in every single season. If you are interested more in winter vacations, you can pick up following the snowy trails in Rocky Mountain National Park or you can choose the wildflower hiking path in Aspen, during the summer.  It will mesmerise you the beauty of outdoor possibilities as well as the hospitality of the locals. The Coloradans are very proud of the fact that they joined the statehood in 1876, just 100 years later and they are very proud of the history of first rodeo, gold rush and The Four Corners, the point where you can be in the four countries at the same time( Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico).

According to writing of touristic portals, Colorado has enjoyed the consistent growth since 2009, the year of recession. Only in 2017, there were more than 86 million visitors, domestic and international and it helped a lot the budget definition of this state and its shaping in whole American touristic market. This means that this hit of tourism has formed the 171,000 jobs and chances for young people to stay here and not to run into another states, searching for a better life. Colorado nailed the golden secret of success and has attracted not only Americans but also the foreign travellers, impressed with timeless charisma of this pearl fo Rocky Mountains.

Many friends of mine who live in Colorado suggested me to come in Colorado and simply do camping. It must be unforgettable if you start with Chapman Reservoir Campground, located near Yampa. WE are talking about peaceful nature that is kissing the vibrating colours  of fall, welcoming the chill wind and fresh thoughts. You are camping in Colorado to forget the problems, bad experiences and to find inspiration for a new life and expectations. There are people who are not happy about coming but they do like city adventures and good meal in some of many restaurants of Colorado. No problem, we have also something for you. Let’s say you are not so conventional person with high demands but rather a real globetrotter who likes meeting the culture from inside. The Hipster Wagon is maybe one of the best bakery on the wheels and it could be found in the small eastern town of Limon. The another choice is definitely a restaurant with Mexican cuisine, known to be delicious and piquant. I would like to suggest El Azteca Mexican Restaurant in La Junta town. You wont regret.

From  The Chocolate Lab in Denver Colax Avenue, through the New Colorado Ice Cream Factory to the Antlers Cafe and Bar in Yampa, you can be completely provided for all your senses. The amazing colours, scents and tastes that will keep you pleased, relaxed while you are testing the good whine and staring at the unique Colorado sunset.

The perfect gastronomy is just one side of the Colorado face. What about the adrenaline, history and urban legends that plot the mystical portray of this American state? Some days ago I read that there is an annul migration of male tarantulas in La Junta, Colorado.  What does it mean? The little creatures are starting their trekking tour at the end of August every year, across the Highway 109, searching for their ideal female mate. Isn’t that cute and awkward at the same moment ? I believe it is an interesting and thrilling setting for documentary, writing an article or just observing the dance of nature.  Beside the spiders, there is one more thing you need to be careful when you are on the  Colorado road.  The CDC has warned about the danger from Kissing Bug, the Triatominae parasite that infects people with Chagas disease.  When you are on camping or any kind of outdoor activities, just be aware of this information and check all rock structures before you set up your tent.

Colorado is very famous for countless hiking options but also to have the highest suspension bridge in the United States. Have you heard about the Royal Gorge Bridge?  It is one of a kind:”The 18-foot-wide bridge is made from 1,292 wooden planks, which are surprisingly strong and have held up well, despite its 90-year history.”

From Parrot Sanctuary to the Wolf Rescue Centre, Colorado is taking care of the animal world. The people that live in Colorado are aware of their responsibility to cultivate the feelings for animal fellows and to protect the wildlife.  I have a map on my table and I pin my  tourist targets in Colorado. First is, with no doubt, the Canyon City and then follow Glenwood Springs, Boulder, Aspen and Pikes Peak.  Wherever you go, you will find Colorado at its best and its people that have extraordinary personality, friendly attitude and smiles. They are not afraid of winter, they love barbecue and exploring the beautiful Earth. They have been born and raised as Coloradians,  lovers of nature, wildlife, outdoor actions and brave inspirations to set their life goals and to reach them.  I like all my friends from Colorado because they told me so many times that I am one of them, enough courageous to embrace the world and enjoy discovering it, enough crazy to believe that I can change the bad things I see and to keep on defending the good one. Righteous like Coloradians, like my soul home, Colorado.



  1. What a beautiful article, Sarah ! As always, all your travel articles are galvanizing !

    I have traveled extensively within the U.S.A. from coast to coast. However, never have I been to or driven through Colorado ! Your description of it is so colorful and enticing !

    As with all your previous travel-related articles, you make the reader feel like visiting that state ! Thank you, Sarah, for writing such excellent and optimistic articles !


  2. Sarah’s delightful and informative article induced me to ponder the prehistoric periods of Colorado: as the last Ice Age receded, the topography of the region changed, dramatically. This ushered in a more hospitable environment for humans to exist within.

    The Archaic Period commenced c. 5000 BCE. The ancient bison had become extinct (as did most megafauna), and humans became reliant on smaller game (e.g. deer, antelope, rabbits and foraging for root vegetables, berries, etc.).

    The tribal devices became larger, with greater reliance on tools to grind food and changes in weapons for hunting; such as notched projectile points. They used plant fibers to make cordage, nets or traps to catch small animals and baskets to gather food.

    Humans moved seasonally to hunt and gather at winter/summer sites. They lived in rock shelters; such as south-facing shelters that were warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and open air campsites.

    The regional archaic peoples roamed the plains and the mountains; although, hunting and gathering sufficient food to feed the band of people was more difficult in the higher altitude ecological climates.

    During the late-Archaic period (c. 200-500 CE), corn was introduced into the diet and pottery-making became an occupation for storing and carrying food.

    The eastern edge of The Rocky Mountains was a major migration route that was important to the spread of early peoples throughout The Americas. The Ancient Pueblo peoples lived in the valleys and mesas of The Colorado Plateau. The Ute Nation inhabited the mountain valleys of The Southern Rocky Mountains and The Western Rocky Mountains.

    The Apache and the Comanche inhabited eastern and south-eastern parts of the region. These would become the last indigenous peoples to resist the US-military incursions on their traditional tribal lands.


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