Should I say that I don’t believe in magic? I guess it is very important statement since the purpose of my article is to follow the recent unusual happenings in the shadow of one cosmopolitan city like Singapore is. My curiosity has been born after I have watched the movie “Blood Child”. Someone would think it is just a horror movie with no touch of reality but actually, there is something in the movie that has moved me into the direction of deeper studying of supernatural Thai cult in Singapore.

I have never been into magic issue and its potential influence on people’s daily lives. For me, it must be some logical explanation and even if we don’t see it at the moment, we have to keep looking and trying to offer the reasonable solution. What is so lucrative and sinister about black Thai magic in Singapore? First of all, Thai occult itself seems very exotic and mystical and worth of writing. If we add to it the panic fear of modern people in Singapore from being cursed or involved into the Thai black magic, we must admit that the topic is inviting and thrilling.

The history of black magic in this region is ancient and has embraced the generations and societies, like a melting pot for different fears and hopes. Those people can be educated, rich or highly intelligent but their souls have never stopped craving for comforting from the world of magic. There where is a good magic supposed to be, it is always a bit of place for an evil one:”Black magic in Southeast Asia has a more nefarious intent and is often fuelled by all that glitters. Lust for power and control – these are the evil twin desires that drive people to the doors of a dukun, bomoh or ‘master’.The measure of a man is his use of power. People don’t like to talk about the darker side of magic in the region; in fact, those who dabble in black magic guard their identities zealously. After all, these are people who often want harm and woe to befall others, so they hide in the shadows“There will always be people who want quick money without having to work for it. They believe strongly in mystical and spiritual powers, so they are drawn to black magic, ‘white magic’ practitioners work hard to dispel the maledictions brought on by the black magic masters.”

The worst situation with Thai black magic is definitely in Thailand, the culture that is deep stuck with supernatural energies. The people over there believe in ghosts, dark forces and they think they can control them for their own benefits. It doesn’t surprise that majority of primitive ideas are directly imported in Singapore from Thailand and Malaysia.

It is not easy to even start analysing the problem of black magic in the mentioned area since the residents are closed and suspicious. Some believe they are able to deal with black magic challenges and many are actually afraid that they will be named as the next and they will never be blessed again. Everyone has a right on own talisman but it has to have a positive background and not such a brainless attempts to make profit selling the amulets that consists of illegal parts of animals. Abuse of animals and black markets of animal organs for the purpose of Thai magic is such a big problem in the whole Asia, that is cursed by lack of compassion for animal fellows. How we can understand this ? We can start with introduction into the story of TIA GONG TAU(中降头), the case of active Black Magic. The term is common to all cultural groups in South East Asia and it symbolises the impact of black forces. It is a kind of interesting to note that GONG TAU originates from  the mixture of Poison Magic Skills (Gu-Shu) of Yunnan China and Indian Witchcraft that has been adopted in South East Asia. Those variations of Thai black magic could seem very similar or almost the same, but they are slightly different under the surface, adjusted to the local culture and its needs.

The Thai  sorcerers have a task to research the regional witchcraft and its combination so they can stop the effects of black magic and to give help to those who ask for it. The country strike is always through the available and specially combined amulets but as far as I know, it must be all checked because many shops are illegal and based on lucrative interests. The Singapore is fighting against such a kind of shops that make people lunatics and experiment on them through many methods.  According to one legal practicer of good Thai magic, the bad people abuse the magic for their purposes and they challenge the Gods. He has an ordinary shop full of regular amulets and he suggested that people should pick up the standard amulets that depends 30% on God´s blessings and 70% on your own good work. Unfortunately, some human beings find that too slowly and they want instant solution for their struggles so they order barangs, which are supposed to have their own spirit. In spite of mainstream talismans that live on building a good karma , the barangs are empowered with ghosts who want something in return.  The white magic followers will never cross the limits of their skills but the black magic followers are those who make the society spiritually sick.  It is a fact that some talismans are made from the ingredients of animals or dead human bodies but indeed they are those which could be defined as barangs or symbols of witchcraft:”Singapore’s Human Organ Transplant Act forbids the trade in organs and blood, which is punishable with a fine of S$10,000 (US$7,340) and 12 months in jail. But the trade in ´corpse oil´  is a legal grey area, not expressly mentioned in the act.”

There are many Westerners who claimed they were victims of Thai black magic. They experience the mysterious voices in heads, almost like schizophrenia symptoms, but the medicine is powerless to cure them. What it could be ? I still can’t accept that we are dealing with devil´s playground. I firmly believe that everywhere is a greed and human interest to use and abuse something for his own benefits or to harm others.  If you go to Thai black master, you are intended to hurt someone or to do something what is abnormal. Those people choose this way because they are afraid of legal consequences of their deeds so they hide in the darkness and try to act invisible. It may be the brain thing, the accidence that their black thing works but indeed they make their own karma wrong and they will rip what they deserve, at the end of the day. It is confirmed that there is no free lunch in life and every ghost will ask to be paid, sooner or later. You don’t need to believe in God or Devil to know that good deeds will be cherished and evil deeds will be punished, when the time comes.

Many Singaporean who I managed to talk to are sure that there is something supernatural about Thai magic. The spirits never sleep. Thats true. If you do something what is wrong, you won’t sleep too because your heart will protest against it. Deep inside, every human being that plays sinister is aware that is not correct. Sometimes, our own spirit may be the one that wants revenge, death or pain to give to others and we accuse the dark forces, phantoms of the religion or demons of the cult. I guess it is to embarrassing for the whole civilisation to admit that human being is enough scary, with or without Thai magic.




  1. What an interesting article, Sarah !

    It’s very surprising that, in this day and age, people are still so gullible so as to believe in such things ! We have to admit that such credulity is not just endemic to the eastern cultures, as it is also part of the western cultures. A germane example is that of some people in the U.S. recounting their stories of abduction by aliens !

    Seriously, people have to stop watching those silly movies and then believing in them as if they were true ! It’s one thing to watch movies, enjoy them, and realize that they are fictional, but it’s a totally different story, if people start believing those fictional movies !

    I totally concur with your closing argument, Sarah, where you describe the black magic as people’s own conscience and how it reacts to negative and evil thoughts !

    Thank you, Sarah, for your intriguing story and your riveting writing style !


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