“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen”



I am sure that my article wont help a lot the profits of industry of commercial  fitness but the purpose of my writing is focused on the benefits of people and not corporations. This further means that I really do not care if some professional brand of gyms worldwide is loosing or getting more money but I do care how people feel about their wellness and the complete physical and mental state.

In the busy world we all live in, doing sport is almost like a part of good or desired life style. It seems that being fit is not anymore seen as the respect for our health but as a ticket into the club of new generations of good looking people. Unfortunately, the modern society has failed to understand that physical activity is one and crucial element of stable health and not just a trend. We do not need to do sport only because it is IN to do it. The sport must be the part of our life, of our own identity and our attempt to take care of our body, because it is our temple and not a grave.

There are different categories of people and their interest in trainings. Some will practice collective sports and some are more interested in individual activities. Lets say that gym could be for everyone a good choice because it offers the best workout we need. The dose of  daily fitness is something we can achieve very easy in local gym and if we do it regularly and in prospected way, the results will follow.  The very important question is : do we really have to go to commercial gym or we can set up the home gym and enjoy the outcome? There are so many benefits of both but I would anaylze also the disadvantages that come out too. As a person who made that step and realised my own home gym, I think I am able o speak out and to give some creative ideas and also to warn about some potential problems that may come down the road.

The Pros and Cons of our own Gym Studio vs. Membership Gyms could be explained one after another because they are very well related to each others.  Seriously, there are many writers who have already argued about this topics and have claimed that there is no better thing as home workout but here we will see what we will miss in home workout and what we will miss in paid membership at local gym? The basic reason for discussing the both options is time, the precious time of our life. If we keep in mind the demands of nowadays jobs and long working hours, the additional time for local gym that is often  crowded seems like a madness.  We shouldn’t forget that the time for gym is always before or after work and it means full parking, waiting for an equipment in studio to be available and wasting hours to get the plan processed. If we are realistic about it, we should know that just a thought about driving in rush hour, searching for a free parking place and waiting for your turn in gym is enough to make us not so much motivated.  The big problem with commercial  gyms is that they have their own logic of earning money. They offer very plain membership package to get interest of mass. That is a far away from any professional overview or strategy which comes only after including the personal trainer in engagement.  Michael and Susanne are paying family membership in their local gym and they loose so much time waiting for a use of fitness machine that they very rare make it to the end the whole program because the time is gone, they need to pick up their kids.  The Johnsons have decided to invest in their own home studio,  instead of paying hundreds of dollars for useless membership in gyms overloaded with people who use special offers.

First of all,  we have to know that home gym needs some time and lot of money to be set up as the local gym, that is usually dealing with professional sport equipment.  The second,  we need a place for a home gym. The majority of people with rented apartments or small houses can’t really afford one room only for a fitness but it is also not impossible.  That is so called space organisation and if we ask ourselves,  what we really see us a priority, we maybe lucky enough to create a perfect fitness corner. I like to advice people to search up for rooms that are useful only once in year, for example, a guest room. Remember my words, if you want your own fitness studio, you must be willing sacrifice something, commodity of having a guest room in this case and putting your guest to sleep in a living room.  Now, when we have a space that could be arranged into the perfect home gym, we need to think about the financial background of providing all we need, at least all we need for a beginning.

There are different suggestions of fitness machine for home gym purpose. It depends on what we want to achieve and what is our training goal. As a person who combines cardio and strength workout, I have my own experience about buying the equipment units and my own significant list of MUST HAVE machines for home fitness. The cardio workout is very relevant for warming up and it could be done through activity at some of the following elements: a treadmill, an elliptical machine, an air bike or a punching bag.  We should not ignore the fact that some instructors recommend the use of a rowing machine or a full body vibration platform, but it is also a matter of financial means.  There is no such a big place at home for all machines and also not a budget, if we talk about ordinary people with ordinary economical support. Even in this case, the primer investment could be a real pain but after some time, the home fitness will be grounded and won’t costs us much.  If you decided to make your own home gym, you should know that you don’t need all machines but those you will find interesting for you and useful.

My tip is definitely: a treadmill and a punching bug. The running is a great workout and it helps burning fat and keep you fit and healthy. It is very important to invest a bit more in treadmill because as cheaper it is, as faster it will be broken and useless for your exercise.  Some websites suggest Life Span TR1200i Folding Treadmill, that is about 1000$ but I am very happy with my ProForm. The NordicTrack Commercial  is also very well accepted for home workout.  Regarding the punching bag, you can perform cardio boxing and cardio kickboxing. The both are awesome for a whole workout. According to Business Insider, the best choice is Outslayer 8olb Punching bag, available on Amazon  for 115$. I must say that I have never been a fan of a stationary bike because I find way more interesting enjoying the outdoor cycling and of course, not e-bike support for a real training. There are those who love vertical climber or an elliptical trainer but I prefer choosing fitness trampoline over all of them. The jumper fitness is a new blast for an amazing and funny cardio part of workout. The rebounding or jumping on trampoline will make you like a free child that loves life. If you add to it a Zumba music, you are on the top of the world. The ten minute of rebounding, based on the writings of experts for sport, is effective as 30 minutes of jogging and way more thrilling and exciting.  My trampoline of a day is ISE Fitness Trampoline, 90$ but I am still testing it.



When we come to the lifting weights and strength potential, we need to provide a weight-lifting bench. That is base for all and let you lifting the weights the way you want. Amazon has one known as Iron-master Super bench Adjustable for 318$ but if you take the whole power stations for home studio, you may save some money.  Personally, I am not a big supporter of all in one machines, but this Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym seems to be good for people who have problem with space and it gives the whole range of exercises. The only problem us that costs over 1.600$. Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym could be a better and cheaper choice for 900$ but with less options.  Then, you need also Pull up bar, dumbbells, exercise mat a jump route, ab wheel, pushup stands and a strong will to defeat your weakness and turn it into power, mental and physical.

One fitness lover (Gray Matter Lifting)  has even calculated the estimated costs between choice of home or commercial gym. Here is what he thinks:”In one year alone we are spending $1850 on a commercial gym. Compared to $2600 for your own gym. You need to make it about 1.3 years to break even with the gym laid out above, and then its all a positive return on investment from there. Each year after you are pocketing a sizeable amount of cash.I think if you have the space, and the dedication to work from home, finding the initial investment capital (even if you start with a pilot process) can be an incredible step in the right direction for your pocket book.”

The home fitness studio is never-ending story  because you will always find something new to add to your own gym.  The most difficult part is to decide to create it, invest in space and equipment but later, you will modify it always, all over again, adjusting it to your own routine, capability and fitness goals.  It shouldn’t be just a place for sport, it should be your own sanctuary, decorated properly with the touch of your own authenticity. It shouldn’t be  perfect but it should be yours. I included plants and motivational quotes on the walls for a better atmosphere but I also know people who have painted walls and who have even plants hanging from the ceiling. It is up to you and your own feelings about your temple of love, devotion and hard workout. It is a secret place of good vibes, excellent mood and positive thoughts. You cant even compare it with commercial gyms because it belongs to you and it creates the new you, the amazing YOU.




  1. Sarah’s inspirational and informative article brought to mind ‘ زورخانه ’(i.e. zurkhaneh – house of strength); the original progenitors of the concept of the gymnasium from Mesopotamia, c. 1000 BCE. They were designed to encourage physiological salubriousness via specific exercises and amateur sport (e.g. wrestling). It continues today…

    It infuses certain aspects and attributes of pre-Islamic Persian culture (e.g. Zoroastrianism), and is undertaken in a domed-structure denoted as ‘The House of Strength’. It is open to both males and females, from young ages. The sessions consist of ritual gymnastics that end with combat practice (e.g. wrestling).

    The original purpose of these institutions was to train men and women as warriors, and instill within them with a sense of pride in oneself and in society. Unfortunately, Islamic extremists forbade girls/women from participating for many centuries, but this changed in the 20th century; although, theocratic rule deprived them again, after the so-called Iranian Revolution in 1979.

    Eventually, the Iranian religious leaders accepted that the zurkhaneh could be used as a propaganda device, and it is one reason why Iranians (i.e. men and women) began to win many Olympic wrestling medals, from the 1990s onwards.

    One of the precepts of zurkhaneh is ‘Learn modesty, if you desire knowledge’. In other words, learn from your fellows, respect them and cultivate yourself through your body and mind, equally.


  2. What an inspirational article and what an excellent topic, Sarah !

    After reading your article, I just want to work out even more often and even more vigorously, as the quote on your article says “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” !
    I also love the other quote that says ” The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen” ! Both of these quotes were perfectly selected by you, Sarah, as they are so inspirational and so galvanizing !

    I concur with you as to the home gym and its benefits. One major deterrent for many people is, as you mentioned herein, the additional drive to the gym and back at the end of an already-exhausting workday ! The same applies to people who prefer to go in the early morning before going to work, as it chips all that time into their morning before they even go to work ! Hence, the appeal, at least for me, to have my own home gym so that I can save all that time traveling to and from the gym.

    I would also like to add one more note, which is the fact that one tends to get sick more often, especially during the flu season, at the gym. The time saved by having your home gym is priceless and may be used for additional exercise time, or other important activities, or even rest !

    Thank you so much, Sarah, for being so positive and inspirational ! A perfect article all around ! God bless you !


  3. I just could not depart your web site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard information a person provide for your visitors? Is gonna be back often in order to check up on new posts


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